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Interesting argument about the BigBizBlockchain by objective analysts with no financial stake in any of it, at all, really.

So Marc Andreessen reckons the blockchain without bitcoin plan won't work.
At least I guess that's what he means.
Someone then asks him whether he's saying a blockchain is a bad idea, to which he replies you can't have a blockchain without a currency.
Strikes me this is quite a statement. Putting aside the fact his original comment was vague and made no sense, hasn't he just described exactly what is wrong with Bitcoin?
In reality, the blockchain was always the good idea, and Bitcoin is just a pointless byproduct, that in this case a bunch of scavengers have taken to collecting and trying to argue has a value.
It's like collecting pigeon shit from underneath a statue.
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Bitcoin enthusiasts, however, continue to illustrate why there is too much focus on the currency's day-to-day value. Marc Andreessen, who can claim the title as bitcoin's top proponent, fired off a series of tweets Monday afternoon about bitcoin’s recent cliff dive and said the currency's critics miss the larger picture. I think we all know who Gavin is, but for those of you who may not, Gavin is one of the Bitcoin Core original developers. Regardless of where you stand on the blocksize debate, to underestimate the value of Gavin’s words is a mistake I do not intend on making. 3. Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) Meanwhile, bitcoin has lost 75% of its value in the last year, and at a price of about $209 per BTC, is down to a little over 18% of its all-time high, $1,145, which it hit in November 2013 1/ another @pmarca tweetstorm #bitcoin slow bitcoin core development is a good thing. 2/ #bitcoin software changes to the bitcoin core protocol should be made slowly. 7/ #bitcoinislikecash Cash is printed on worthless paper but people give it value, bitcoin is in worthless data but ppl give it value. Bitcoin shares this network effect property with the telephone system, the web, and popular Internet services like eBay and Facebook. In fact, Bitcoin is a four-sided network effect. There are four constituencies that participate in expanding the value of Bitcoin as a consequence of their own self-interested participation.

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