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The CBDC Road to Practice-The Framework of LDF 2020

The CBDC Road to Practice-The Framework of LDF 2020
The CBDC Road To Practice——The Framework of LDF 2020
March 8, 2020 By JH( Lend0X Project Architect)
The Market Structure Analysis of CBDC
I. CBDC helps GDP growth
CBDC can be used as cash for commercial banks or as a medium for (government) bonds. The way in which assets are issued will have a huge impact on GDP growth. For commercial banks, the CBDC issued by the central bank is the source of assets. For customers, the products under the CBDC are the use of funds. Blockchain-based CBDC and bank account-based digital cash and banknotes are generally considered to have a huge difference in the contribution of GDP to quality, cost, and efficiency.
The Bank of England states in the 2019 study that the macroeconomic effects of issuing central bank digital currency (CBDC), the following three advantages of digital currency can increase interest-bearing central bank liabilities, and distributed ledgers can compete with bank deposits as a medium of exchange.
In the digital currency economy model 1. The model in the report matches the adjusted US currency issuance before the crisis, and we find that if the issuance of CBDC accounts for 30% of GDP, compared with government bonds, it may permanently increase GDP by 3%.
  1. Reduce real interest rates, reverse taxes and currency transaction costs.
  2. As a second monetary policy tool, countercyclical CBDC price or quantity rules can greatly improve the ability of the central bank to stabilize the business cycle.
II. The issuing system and payment structure of CBDC
The BIS research report pointed out that CBDC has many open questions, such as whether they should be retail or wholesale? Directly or indirectly to consumers? Account-based or token-based? Based on distributed ledgers, a centralized model or a hybrid model? How does CBDC pay across borders?
Of the three issuance systems (indirect, direct, and hybrid), CBDC can only be issued directly by the central bank. In The first type of indirect issuance structure,the CBDC is the indirect architecture ,and is done indirectly. ICBDC in the hands of consumers (such as the digital currency issued by the 4 largest state-owned commercial banks in DCEP) represents commercial banks (such as the 4 largest state-owned commercial banks) debt.
In the second type of direct and third type of mixed issuance structure, consumers are creditors of the central bank. In the direct CBDC model (type 2), the central bank processes all payments in real time and therefore maintains a record of all retail assets. The hybrid CBDC model is an intermediate solution where the consumer is a creditor of the central bank, but real-time payments are handled by the intermediary, and the central bank keeps copies of all retail
CBDCs in order to transfer them from one payment service provider to another in the event of a technical failure.
In terms of efficiency
Three payment architecture architectures allow account-based or token-based access. Although its DCEP digital currency is not a token in the blockchain, it is similar to the token in blockchain in key features such as non-double spending, anonymity, non-forgeability, security, transferability, separability, and programmability. Therefore, DCEP still belongs to the Token paradigm, not the account paradigm.
All four combinations are possible for any CBDC architecture (indirect, direct or hybrid) whatever the payment structure is based on the centralization or centralization mode, the account or token mode of blockchain smart contract account . But in different structures, central banks, commercial banks, and the private sector operate different parts of the infrastructure.
At present, the DCEP issuance structure adopts a two-tier structure, and its payment system——four major state-owned commercial
banks issuing four ICDBC tokens. Its technical architecture features are consistent with the first indirect distribution method. Because DCEP is positioned as digital cash (M0 cash) and the central bank's DCEP supports offline mobile payment, considering its huge payment transactions, a centralized account system for DCEP payment methods is essential. Offline Payment methods access to mobile wallets based on tokens are also essential for commercial banks.

LDF Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC Project Development
At present, the technical framework of the CBDC and the selection of infrastructure are divided into the R & D and cooperation of domestic application planning DCEP application scenarios; its overseas expansion goal supports the development of the “Belt and Road” digital asset ecosystem. DCEP adopts a double-layer system of commercial banks and central banks to adapt to the existing currency
systems of sovereign countries in the world. China, as a currency issuing country, has strong economic strength and basic conditions necessary for world currencies. At the same time, DCEP can also save the issued funds, calculate the inflation rate and other macroeconomic indicators more accurately, better curb illegal activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing, and facilitate foreign exchange circulation worldwide.
1. LDF——the combination of CBDC program and token economy
Only after answering questions such as the openness of CBDC currency itself, can we solve how the application of multiple blockchain industries such as LDF digital asset issuance platform, digital asset support bond platform, and lending and other CBDC currency "product traceability", "digital identity authentication", "judicial depository", "secure communication"and other basic applications, these LDFs are an important direction for exploring blockchain applications.
2.Select the most widely used blockchain technology as the basic platform
LDF introduced CBDC to use blockchain technology because it is the most mature landing foundation platform. It has the advantages of decentralization, openness, autonomy, anonymity, and tamper resistance. It can make the entire system information highly transparent, its data stability and the reliability is extremely high, which solves the point-to-point trust problem and can reduce transaction and operating costs. At present, the underlying technologies of mainstream digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT are all blockchain technologies. At the same time, the application scenarios of the blockchain not only include digital currency, but also include many fields such as "product traceability", "digital identity authentication", "judicial depository", "secure communication" and so on.
3.Interpretation of DCEP and selection of LDF blockchain technology architecture
·DCEP does not use a real blockchain like Libra, but may use a centralized ledger based on the UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) model, and it still belongs to the Token paradigm. This centralized ledger reflects the digital currency issuance and registration system maintained by the central bank. It does not need to run consensus algorithms and will not be subject to the performance bottleneck of the blockchain. The blockchain may be used for the definitive registration of digital currencies and occupy a subsidiary position.

·Users need to use DCEP wallet. The core of the wallet is a pair of public and private keys. The public key is also the address, where the digital certificate of RMB is stored. This digital certificate is not a token in the blockchain in the complete sense, but it is consistent with the Token in many key features, and it is based on 100% RMB reserve. Users can initiate transfer transactions between addresses through the wallet private key. The transfer transaction is recorded
directly in the centralized ledger by the central bank. In this way, DCEP implements account loose coupling and controlled anonymity.
·Although DCEP is a currency tool, the third-party payment is mainly a payment tool after "disconnecting directly", but there are many similarities between the two. If DCEP is good enough in terms of technical efficiency and business development, and from the perspective of users, third-party payments can bring the same experience after DCEP and "disconnect directly". Therefore, DCEP has a mutual substitution relationship with third-party payment in the application after “disconnecting directly”.
·DCEP will have a tightening effect on M2, and M2 tightening reflects the contraction of the banking system to a certain extent. Digital currency does not pay interest, and the People's Bank of China has no plan to completely replace cash with DCEP, so DCEP will not constitute a new monetary policy tool. DCEP has strong policy implications for central bank monitoring of capital flows, as well as anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing and anti-tax evasion. Therefore, the supervisory function of DCEP exceeds that of monetary policy.
·The impact of DCEP on RMB internationalization is mainly reflected in cross-border payments based on digital currencies. Although cross-border payments including DCEP, can promote RMB internationalization, cross-border payment is only a necessary condition for RMB internationalization, not a sufficient one. The internationalization of the RMB is inseparable from a series of institutional arrangements.
4.The effectiveness of digital currencies in the LDF framework
CBDC is positioned as digital cash or currency under the LDF framework, and the remaining various tokens, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins are treated as digital assets. The application platforms involved in LDF (asset mortgage bond platform, digital asset issuance platform, and lending). The underlying assets of LDF are part of the digital asset equity. The reason why LDF uses CBDC and stable currency as currency is due to ·LDF framework links three financial ecosystems ·CBDC has the characteristics of currency transaction, accounting unit and value storage have been verified
·Stablecoins can be used as a payment tool for token economic platforms, not currencies
The stable currency selected by LDF should effectively play the payment function of the currency, and meet the requirements of the following LDF framework: ·Must be universally accepted ·Must be easy to standardize in order to determine its value
Due to the characteristics of DvP (payment is settlement) based on blockchain technology, LDF's smart contracts have the characteristics of decentralized intermediaries, such as the function of asset account contracts partially replacing account settlement; the asset pool contract replacing SPV, and the cash flow contract replacing assets Payment intermediary The digital currency selected as an LDF that meets the above standards is very important for the effectiveness of the LDF framework. Otherwise, the platform built by the LDF framework will not be able to achieve the capabilities of distributed ledgers and DAO organizations.
LDF regulatory compliance
LDF chooses CBDC (DCEP) as the construction of digital asset transaction payment platform, which has the characteristics of DvP (asset payment is settlement). It supervises compliance with the selection of digital currencies that support smart contract accounts and trading platforms (anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing) has a decisive role.
DCEP takes the form of loosely coupled accounts to achieve controlled anonymity. The current electronic payment methods, such as bank cards and third-party payment platforms, all use the method of tightly coupling accounts, that is, funds must be transferred through real-name bank accounts. But With the improvement of people's awareness of information security, electronic payment cannot meet people's demand for anonymous payment. The digital currency of the central bank adopts the form of loosely coupled accounts, enabling asset transfers without the need for bank accounts, so as to achieve controllable anonymity.
Unlike Bitcoin's complete anonymity, the central bank has the right to obtain the transaction data within the legal scope, and the source
of digital currency can be traced through big data analysis, while other commercial banks and merchants cannot obtain relevant information. This mechanism, while protecting data security and citizen privacy, also enables illegal activities such as money laundering to be effectively supervised.
Association of LDF's DAO Autonomous Economic Model with CBDC
The direct DCB (such as DCEP) or LIBRA of the LDF token can quantify the value of DAO / DAE through a certain transformation and analysis, and predict its future long-term growth rate and the problems to be solved by the economic model, the solution path adopted, and the overall structure design, technological innovation, team composition, development vision and roadmap.
·The LDF economic model transplants the estimation model of the asset value of the general economic system to DAO 2.0 organization and market management, so as to establish a unified evaluation system for the value generated by the distributed autonomous economy (DAE). The endogenous economic growth model considers important parameters such as savings rate, population growth rate, and technological progress as endogenous variables. The long-term growth rate of the economy can be determined by the interior of the model. Moreover, the LDF economic model takes the number of tokens, nodes, and technical inputs of the distributed organization as similar parameters. The CBDC (such as DCEP) or LIBRA directly targeted by the token can quantify the value of DAO / DAE through certain transformation and analysis and predict its long-term growth rate in the future.
·In response to the special needs of transactions and asset on-chain in the blockchain field, the LDF economic model has developed a DAE (Decentralized Autonomous Economic) protocol group specifically designed to eliminate various pain points of decentralization in the blockchain field, and has developed corresponding LDF DAO DAPP, these agreements include: ·Issuance and trading of tokens based on smart contracts ·Distributed order submission and matching ·Transaction interest rate and mortgage method based on automatic discovery mechanism
Therefore, whether it is a community member, an investor, or a blockchain project developer that develops applications on the LDF economic model, it can use the distributed rules, consensus mechanisms, infrastructure, and smart contracts provided by it to achieve the following purposes:
·Encrypted token asset transaction and circulation based on community autonomy ·Issue of new LDF tokens ·Construction, collaboration, management, voting, and decision- making of specific encryption token communities
·Develop a smart contract system for the dual factors of community node rights and workload ·Customized incentive standards for nodes with different interests
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And with that, it’s a wrap. See you again soon. Cheers!
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Update on Bitcoin Private donation pool

The Bitcoin Private donation pool collected 28,800 ZCL prior to the March 2nd BTCP mainnet launch. The donations continue to be effectively managed in rough accordance with the composition laid out in our whitepaper. Here is a transparent update on the numbers regarding the donations.
~12900 ZCL were converted to approximately 166 BTC throughout the month of February
~1800 ZCL have been spent
~91 BTC have been spent
~14100 BTCP was obtained via the fork from ZCL/BTC we had at the time
~3500 ZCL was converted to 650 BTCP recently
~1400 BTCP have been spent
Here are the percentage breakdown of spent funds:
Exchanges & exchange related fees: 67%
Dev: 14%
Marketing: 9%
Administrative: 10%
Current remaining amounts:
BTCP: ~13500
BTC: ~75
ZCL: ~10650
We also continue to receive donations from various stakeholders of the community, including mining pools & community members. We thank you for your continued support.
As we continue to leverage these donations as much as possible to build towards a stronger Bitcoin Private ecosystem, we are aiming for ways to make the open source contribution team further self-sustaining via products and services to be built using Bitcoin Private. This will continue to play a key role in our long-term planning moving forward.
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Memes Gear - duprlmxsfctyzqmwxs - Meme Merch.

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The intelligent investors guide to cryptocurrency: Part 5 - *Growth, Tribalism, Utility and Cryptocurrency:*

Introductions: I'm joskye. A cryptocurrency investor and particl holder.
Growth, Tribalism, Utility and Cryptocurrency:
You know the biggest benefit of decentralization is the introduction of automated, verifiable trustlessness into processes where a trusted 3rd party was previously required.
The whole point is that in removing the administrative need for a third party, you save time (via automated verification) and expense (to compensate the third party for their time).
Perhaps a bigger idea, an expansion of this is that governance can be decentralized and the layers that exist between decision makers from decisions being made is narrowed.
Yet it is funny that we are so tribalistic when it comes to the promotion of our and strategies and platforms that can achieve these aims.
One great irony of the cryptocurrency universe is that because the value of our speculative investments (our cryptocurrency tokens) is in so many ways dependent on adoption, we often think and conclude that this must come at the expense of success or growth in other projects including seemingly direct competitors in our space.
We often intrinsically feel or act or behave in a manner to suggest that cryptocurrency is a closed loop system; a narrow universe, a small box where there is no growth only shuffling of money from one asset to another.
And yet a quick glance at the marketcap for all cryptocurrencies combined shows that this is not the case. That cryptocurrency market cap has grown considerably; I'd argue at an exponential rate.
For example, the price of Bitcoin and it's associated market cap has grown massively through 2016 and 2017 even though it's total share of crypto-market cap has fallen considerably.
The market cap of Bitcoin in January 2016 was $6.5 billion. As of July 2017 the market cap is $45 billion!
Meanwhile in this time the total market cap of all cryptocurrency has grown from $7 billion to $90 billion
And to make this important the share of market cap of Bitcoin has fallen from 90% to 47%!
So what's the point of this?
Given that accessibility to cryptocurrencies is constantly improving and is the major bottleneck to new waves of investors and traders coming on board I would argue that we have a lot of growth still to come.
And yet when I browse the dailies on ethtrader, bitcoinmarkets, btc, why do I see so many posters slagging off other crypto projects, even one's that may contribute or benefit the ecosystem of technologies they have holdings in?
Granted a lot of the times I see genuine criticism of projects or technologies that are highlighted, often genuine scams are brought to my attention and legitimate causes for concern in some tokens are raised with eloquently delivered and balanced arguments to defend the posters point of view.
Often though I simply see down vote brigades or nasty comments for posters who mention their tokens (likewise I often see people post their predictions of which tokens will pump without explaining why).
The worst instance though is when I see the board and development teams of other projects actively spread misinformation and promote and actively perpetuate a climate of mistrust or harbor an openly derogatory attitude towards other projects.
For example very recently I received an unsolicited direct message into my reddit account from a user I've had no previous communications with asking me to donate my Ether to a particular ICO whose project I won't name. Suffice to say I found it very insulting that this message and the articles it had linked to were saying derogatory and deliberately mis-informative things about projects that represent potential competitors in their field of product services.
Similarly I've read accusations that the teams actively devote resources to paying people to troll and discredit promoters of potential rival projects (that's just sad people) and top level representatives of large established cryptocurrencies openly speak lies or attempt to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about projects they may see as rivals.
Unfortunately all these actions are in bad faith and speak to the poor integrity of these individuals and depending on their level of involvement may reflect poorly on their preferred project as well.
When I consider the amount of growth that has occurred in and been the dominant theme of cryptocurrency these last 4 years, I realize that this level of tribalism speaks to the small mindedness of others, to the intellectual laziness of others and to the total ignorance of the macro-economic factors and historic contexts that have taught us that with any paradigm shifting idea (in this case distributed ledger technology and it's role in furthering the decentralization of services) that there will be many winners and that it is the projects that bring utility and adoption to these ideas that will be the biggest winners.
Adopting a holistic, synergistic, utilitarian approach to cryptocurrencies in the end is what will lead to mass adoption, mass growth and genuine non-speculative use of distributed ledger technology which will benefit the majority of early adopters maximally.
Taking a maximalist approach or the idea that there can be only one distributed ledger technology or blockchain to rule them all is a fallacy. Believing that a given niche of applications (currency, smart contracts, marketplaces, DSN's etc) can only be occupied appropriately and adequately by only one product is the fallacy of maximalism. As we have seen historically for any given field of governance or technology, where money is to be made there is always at least 2 or 3 distinct competitors each occupying their own sub-niche and serving their own dedicated audience.
Tribalism is fine if it doesn't stop you thinking about the bigger picture or assessing it broadly. Tribalism can give you a sense of worth, a sense of belonging, community, accomplishment and standing the more respected and representative you are of the tribe you associate to. It should not however get in the way of an objective assessment or commentary of other tribes and the technologies, cultures and ideas they represent.
In the worst instance tribalism represents the self interested and preservative behavior of an individual to protect their own assets and tribe to the detriment of the ecosystem as a whole. I see that all too often in cryptocurrency and even though it is an understandable part of human nature, in investments I see it as a red flag when such attitudes and behaviors are directed by top level executives or marketing managers for specific products, industries or technologies.
To me such behavior reeks of insecurity when the criticisms relayed are done emotionally not rationally, when the critique lacks substance and is delivered in a manner designed to intentionally divide and denigrate. For such a young ecosystem as cryptocurrency, such behavior is short sighted. It demonstrates a complete lack of macroeconomic insight from these sorts of preachers.
In reality cryptocurrencies can grow synergistically (i.e. together in a manner that is helpful towards each other) and they can grow both independently and interdependently of each other.
A look back at growth in detail confirms this. Now lets look at how encouraging utility can be both harmonious with tribalism and diversity whilst encouraging growth.
We want the technologies we are invested in to be successful because we know if they are, their value will grow as will the value of our proportionate stake in this. To this end I encourage you to talk about your holdings. There is nothing wrong with being tribalistic about your own holdings as long as you are respectful, inquisitive, objective and appropriately critical of alternatives. I discuss various things to look for in my ongoing intelligent investors guide to cryptocurrency series but among them I value non-speculative utility highly.
I believe if your holdings bring non-speculative utility to this field and ideally encourages non-speculative fiat spending (i.e. people spending their dollars, pounds etc for services provided by blockchain technologies) then they will have the road map to long term success potentially laid out for them.
Furthermore sometimes having several iterations of a technology type is actually beneficial to the technology itself and the ecosystem as a whole.
For example open fund asset management platforms such Melonport, Iconomi and TaaS should not be thought of as competing with each other. They should be thought of as three different projects with three different resource pools, three separate marketing budgets with three separate ways of promoting their product to the same global audience. If anything even though they provide the same end-point of service (index funds and managed portfolios for cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets) they are effectively acting as fail safes for each other; should one not succeed the competitors will have an opportunity to study why and adapt accordingly and hopefully for future success.
Conversely the success of one fund management platform will bring more fiat into the cryptocurrency ecosystem which will should then cause an average rise of the price of individual cryptocurrency tokens which means the value of other fund management platforms should also rise in value. Thus several iterations of the service can be beneficial to the ecosystem both in failure and success.
Another example is decentralized marketplaces. There are 3 major projects can come to mind; Particl (PART), Syscoin (Sys) and OpenBazaar. They all aim to bring utility to cryptocurrency by providing a means through which real world physical goods and services can be purchased and distributed solely through the use of cryptocurrency tokens. OpenBazaar currently accepts Bitcoin, Syscoin conducts it's transactions via it's native SYS token but also accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Zcash (ZEC), whilst Particl will use integrated shapeshift to automatically convert all shapeshift compatible tokens (currently 67 as of writing) into the native PART token for transacting on the network.
I also believe the inbuilt anonymity features of the PART token (CT, Ring CT enabling optional anonymisation of public transactions) and it's marketplace (availability of private listings which can only be accessed through knowledge of the private key, a trustless 3rd party free escrow system referred to as "MAD escrow") will provide additional incentives to transact specifically through the Particl network. I also believe that since PARTICL is verified through proof of stake with a percentage of transaction fee's going towards those verifying the Particl via staking will provide community driven incentives to promote the network which do not exist in OpenBazaar or exist as strongly in Syscoin (whose token appreciation correlation to increasing use effect I feel is diluted through the option to avoid transacting via the SYS token altogether).
That said OpenBazaar is already established and has a working decentralized marketplace where you can actively trade. Similarly Syscoin has already released it's public beta in 2016 and includes anonymity via zcash payments. In contrast Particl has yet to release their proposed platform in Beta and this is where the main point of criticism lays; that it won't be done. Acknowledging that Syscoin has a polished presentation, a history of development and is forming corporate partnerships (e.g. Microsoft Azure for deployment of the Syscoin API) and representation are strengths that bring legitimacy to the cryptocurrency ecosystem which will ease the minds of potential consumers both corporate and private.
I believe that marketplaces that accept multiple cryptocurrencies will bring utility and important, non-speculative intrinsic value to the cryptocurrencies they utilize. This non-speculative instrinsic value is essential and vital to the long term growth and acceptance of those supported cryptocurrencies.
Decentralized marketplaces (particularly those with anonymity) can further democratize trade and make the exchange of goods more accessible to people regardless of regional restrictions due to local governance. This is an additional benefit of such projects in the (still largely unexplored) cryptocurrency ecosystem which will help drive growth of the entire cryptocurrency market cap as a whole.
Systems like those in Particl and Syscoin can provide significant value to BTC, ZEC and a host of other cryptocurrencies indirectly and as such if you have any interest in seeing cryptocurrency as a whole succeed in replacing or sitting aside traditional fiat mechanisms you should be supportive of them.
Each decentralised marketplace will cater to different demographics of the global community, have different promotional strategies, different partnerships and ultimately different areas of reach and adoption. Their very existence and development is good for the cryptocurrency ecosystem and helps us to remain tribalistic (which is really a way of preserving mental focus) and supportive of the cryptocurrencies and token technologies we are interested in whilst giving them grounds to indirectly grow.
The third example I want to look at today is smart switch/contract platforms: The rapid success of Ethereum (ETH) has inspired the development of multiple other distributed ledgers aiming improve or solve problems identified in current solutions (namely speed, scalability and governance). Some of these technologies provide a unique approach to smart switch/contract execution or network verification e.g. IOTA, LISK, ANS and EoS whilst some aim to fix existing problems from the ground up e.g. NEM and TEZOS. Although the cynic in me is inclined to say that some of these projects represent cash grabs rather than genuinely intentioned attempts to improve on an existing product or idea, they ultimately bring greater attention to this space.
I suspect that although there will be one large player the the smart contract field and that although presently it appears to be Ethereum, this does not mean that several other systems will not find their audience, niche or adoption. To this end their is room for organic growth and adoption in these technologies; even though rabid fans and corporate/technical representatives of their platform will be inclined to say their platform is the best or the only one that matters, on a global outlook that will simply not be true; solutions will continue to evolve and the demographic, adoption and consumption patterns will continue to change leading to periodic shifts in dominance.
Perhaps more importantly each product will have different teams composed of different individuals; each individual will have their own composite psyche and thus their own unique approach to the same underlying common problems concerning product growth, development, promotion and adoption. These individuals will also have their own limitations and depending on the overall team skill set and the interpersonal factors that favor success will hopefully override the limitations on an individual level that can err towards failure. What is important though is that each team attracts people and provided the organization is there to utilize their skills and experience properly, then the product they work on will gain traction, advocacy and adoption with resultant growth and success. Ultimately it is these interpersonal factors and ability to understand and attract an audience that determine the success of a project in the long term.
Different products providing the same type of service can reach different demographics in different parts of the world and even if only one succeeds, it still means that access to the entire cryptocurrency market has been improved which means more money flowing in which means the price of assets you hold is likely to go up. Why? Because the increased number of new entrants means someone is more likely to buy something you hold.
And remember if one fails, the others can still succeed. Selective, intelligent diversification within a product type is a useful strategy to hedge for maximal gains whilst minimizing risks.
1. Market capitalizations of all cryptocurrencies: https://coinmarketcap.com/charts/ 2. Market capitalization of gold: http://onlygold.com/Info/All-The-Gold-In-The-World.asp 3. Open Bazaar (website): https://www.openbazaar.org/ 4. Syscoin (website): http://syscoin.org/ 5. Syscoin whitepaper: http://whitepaper.syscoin.org/ 6. Particl (website): https://particl.io/ 7. Particl whitepaper: https://github.com/particl/whitepapeblob/mastedecentralized-private-marketplace-draft-0.1.pdf 
Further articles in this series:
"The intelligent investors guide to cryptocurrency"
Part 0 -
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
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Part 7a -
"The intelligent investors guide to Particl -"
Full disclosure/Disclaimer: At time of original writing I had long positions in Ethereum (ETH), Particl (PART), ICONOMI (ICN), Augur (REP), Factom (FCT), Swarm City (SWT), Renos (RNS), Wetrust (TRST). All the opinions expressed are my own. I cannot guarantee gains; losses are sustainable; do your own financial research and make your decisions responsibly. All prices and values given are as of time of first writing (4th-May-2017).
Second disclaimer: Please do not buy Shadowcash (SDC), the project has been abandoned by it's developers who have moved on to the Particl Project (PART) (www.particl.io). The PARTICL crowd fund and SDC 1:1 token swap completed April 15th. You can still exchange SDC for PART but only if it was acquired prior to 15th April 2017 see: https://particl.news/a-community-driven-initiative-e26724100c3a for more information.
Addendum: Article updated 23-11-2017 to edit references to SDC (changed to Particl where relevant to reflect updated status) and clean up formatting.
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Why Snowball, Why Now?

Why Snowball, Why Now?

Investing in Cryptocurrency
Some say that cryptocurrency is the most disruptive financial instrument to hit the capital markets in the last decade. Not since the mortgage-backed securities derivatives of a decade ago has anything caused so much conversation, controversy, and hype, or created so many financial winners and losers. Despite the latest downturn, many savvy investment experts suggest that there’s a strong case for adding an allocation of cryptocurrency to a traditional investment portfolio.
Research has shown that cryptocurrency has no correlation with stock and bond markets, so it offers an extra layer of diversification to an otherwise well-balanced portfolio strategy. A recent study by Yale suggests that up to 6% of one’s portfolio should be invested in cryptocurrency because it has no exposure to the factors that affect most common stock market, macroeconomic, currency, or commodity values. Another study suggested that a 5% allocation of Bitcoin in a traditional portfolio mix of 60% stocks and 40% bonds more than doubled the returns of the portfolio over a four-year period, while reducing the maximum drawdown of the portfolio in the same period, with only a minor impact on total volatility.
However, while the merits of cryptocurrency investing are positive, for retail investors looking to get exposure to the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, the investment options are extremely limited. In addition, the burden of formulating the proper investment strategy rests solely on the back of the individual investor. When changing just a single variable, such as cryptocurrency selection, can have a staggering impact on the gain or loss of the portfolio, the expertise of the investor is crucial, and few retail investors are likely to have it.
Cryptocurrency investing is not for the faint of heart. This year alone, from the peak of the market in January through the first week of September, the industry has shed nearly 80% of its market capitalization. In addition, crypto investing can also be quite an ordeal. Though over the course of the last year there have been over 1,000 new and promising cryptocurrency projects launched and listed on the world’s exchanges, the mechanism for investing remains cumbersome and restrictive. Those who wish to access the crypto markets are left with a single platform for investing — the cryptocurrency exchange. Investors are required to determine by themselves which coins to buy, when they should enter the market, which exchange(s) they use, which kinds of wallets they will need to obtain, and how to configure their stop losses.
Because of this, there exists a massive global market of retail investors (those that invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) who currently have no exposure to cryptocurrency or blockchain markets. Around the world, there is estimated to be a pool of over 1 billion potential investors representing some $69 trillion in equity value that is going largely untapped. They desperately need a simplified approach to “smart” investing — one that is akin to the growing trend toward index investing, but is not limited to only the very wealthy “accredited” investors to whom index investing is currently available.
Snowball is determined to fill this void. By democratizing professional crypto investment knowledge through what it calls its “Smart Crypto Investment Automation (SCIA)” platform, Snowball provides simplified access for everyone to a curated selection of regulatory-compliant cryptocurrency indices.

Why Indices and Not Individual Coins?
Before most investors move into a new market, there’s a warm-up period that involves understanding a particular asset class and how it might fit into your financial picture. With cryptocurrencies and blockchain instruments, there are additional layers of complexity, including the notion of cryptography, miners, blockchains, tokens, hashing and proofs. For the uninitiated, there’s a great degree of unfamiliarity and complexity associated with cryptocurrencies, and yet the everyday investor is expected to jump onto an exchange and start trading, even if they’ve never traded anything in their entire life.
Hand picking cryptocurrency investments is a challenge. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, and even the oldest are still really in their infancy stage. In addition, the selection process for token listings varies widely between exchanges and is currently not well regulated. Selecting winners from losers or trying to time the market has proven to be incredibly difficult. A study by Bitwise spotlighted the value of diversification because of the extreme variability in the returns of even the top ten coins.

Active vs. Passively Managed Indices
There is plenty of evidence that actively-managed portfolios underperform. From a technical feasibility perspective, Snowball’s approach to index investing is relatively straightforward, with a set, hold, and rebalance approach. This eliminates the infrastructure requirements of building a complex set of algorithms and trading strategies. Indices are also very easy to replicate, since the published portfolio composition is not expected to change, allowing Snowball the ability to build its own infrastructure and mirror the top crypto funds within its own platform.
Snowball also sees that actively-managed funds charge fees that are likely detrimental to total performance, and often do not succeed in generating market alpha. In fact, active fund management can actually magnify the value slump seen with certain cryptocurrencies.
Nobel laureate Eugene Fama and Kenneth French performed a study which concluded that a portfolio of low-cost index funds is likely to perform about as well as a portfolio of the top 3% of actively managed funds, and better than the other 97%. Although cryptocurrency markets are thought to be less efficient, less regulated, and may benefit from more active management, so for the results have been contradictory or at least revealed the potential magnifications of the actions of the cryptocurrency markets.
The indices Snowball prefers follow a fixed methodology that involves purchasing a basket of underlying assets without any “active” management or trading other than periodic rebalancing. Most of the work is in creating the initial composition of the index, including the performance of research, analysis, back-testing, and the application of the experience and knowledge of the team.
However, not all indices are created equal, and that’s why Snowball is dedicated to eliminating the confusion and reducing the individual due diligence required to evaluate all the available choices. Snowball uses a powerful portfolio selection methodology and then shows you popular funds based of your investment goals.

Additional Benefits of Passively Managed Indices
Taxes: Because these indices are occasionally rebalanced rather than actively managed, there will likely be fewer taxable events. Snowball will document all trades for simplified and convenient tax reporting.
Fees: By investing in passively managed indices, the overhead of research teams, quantitative analysts, and traders is eliminated, as are the trading fees that result from the buying and selling of positions. We anticipate that this will translate into reduced fees for the investor.
Risk: Indexes are generally comprised of multiple cryptocurrencies, so as we’ve discussed above, a combination of cryptocurrencies provides diversification and should reduce the risks of investing in any individual currency.

Why Snowball?
Snowball constantly observes the cryptocurrency market, looking for new entrants into the index space. The team performs the necessary fund evaluation and selection process to bring new indices onto its platform. These carefully-made decisions are based on a combination of factors including the fund’s strategy, regulatory compliance, independent certifications, and minimum assets under management.
When recommending possible fund investment choices, Snowball carefully takes into account each investor’s objectives, time horizon, and aversion to risk. Its platform also allows for each investor to screen the various options, enabling a greater level of control and selection for more experienced investors who desire that. It will also feature industry-leading comparison tools, and will provide detailed information on each and every fund.
The Snowball platform then provides investors the ability to use fiat money to fund their portfolio by linking their bank account directly to their Snowball account. US dollar wire transfers are also supported. Lastly, Snowball is very proud of its intuitive, user-friendly interface. While feature rich, it is still simple and straightforward to use and navigate, employing the latest in user experience design. So don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the fast-growing community of Smart Crypto Investment Automation (SCIA) users!

About Snowball
Snowball is the first Smart Crypto Investment Automation (SCIA) platform that enables access to professionally curated portfolios, empowering everyone to invest like accredited investors.

Here are some useful links for you to explore:
Snowball Website
Snowball Twitter
Snowball Telegram
Snowball Instagram
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/R/eading Cardano science papers #mytake

Hi guys. Eystein from Cardanowatchdogs here. I wanted to try to look into some of the scientific background of Cardano and with my own words describe why I think these are important for the community and potential users to be aware of.
My contribution today to direct attention to the article by Duncan and Edsko on Formal specifications for a Cardano Wallet. They look at what Wallets do and they do it because (as from the article) "To build reliable software we must have reasonable and precise answers to these questions and our definitions must cover all cases and points in time, even the unusual cases. " My own question when reading this is - If a government or corporation was to look at a Blockchain technology with or without the rigor of a formal specification what do you think they would choose if otherwise equal?
In any case I hope we can spark some discussion on these scientific articles if others in the community are up for it. If I get some response I will dig more into the article tomorrow :)
I also compiled a list that I will maybe go through and I encourage others in the community to discuss, share, and engage others in the discussion of the Scientific research done by IOHK on Cardano as this deserves credit not only for Cardano but for furthering the blockchain field. So far published on IOHK website (I skipped one article on ETC - and I am sure many more papers are in the pipeline!)
- A Treasury System for Cryptocurrencies: Enabling Better Collaborative Intelligence (says January 2019 but it also says Zhang et al. 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#S7KC2KGJ
- Ouroboros Crypsinous: Privacy-Preserving Proof-of-Stake (5th January 2019) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#6GMWJQT3
- Proof-of-Stake Sidechains (October 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#NAW7PLBT
- Linear Consistency for Proof-of-Stake Blockchains (1 November 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#9QSJ6GNL
- Ouroboros-BFT: A Simple Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus Protocol (30 October 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#L5IHCV53
- Account Management and Stake Pools in Proof of Stake Ledgers (august 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#PJG2H7TQ
- Marlowe: financial contracts on blockchain? (August 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#2WHKDRA8
- Ghosts of Departed Proofs (Functional Pearl) (August 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#TM3U6TZR
- Formal specification for a Cardano wallet (16 July 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#MRB2B2EE
- Reward Sharing Schemes for Stake Pools (30 July 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#VFIE24Y3
- Ouroboros Genesis: Composable Proof-of-Stake Blockchains with Dynamic Availability (3 May 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#4B9B4QQD
- Composable Proof-of-Stake Blockchains with Dynamic Availability (26 April 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#AQZE2XCV
- Stake-Bleeding Attacks on Proof-of-Stake Blockchains (5 march 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#EZ85U6CM
- ROYALE: A Framework for Universally Composable Card Games with Financial Rewards and Penalties Enforcemen (February 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#MPEKMMQP
- Parallel Chains: Improving Throughput and Latency of Blockchain Protocols via Parallel Composition (19 November 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#ZGBVIIJE
- MARS: Monetized Ad-hoc Routing System (A Position Paper) (2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#AEPEJRQX
- Multi-mode Cryptocurrency Systems (2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#JK9TXSHG
- Number of confirmation blocks for Bitcoin and GHOST consensus protocols on networks with delayed message delivery (2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#ZMSF2ZB5- 21 - Bringing Down the Complexity: Fast Composable Protocols for Card Games Without Secret State (2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#4565HRRA- Ouroboros Praos: An adaptively-secure, semi-synchronous proof-of-stake blockchain (14. November 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#XJ6MHFXX- Formal Specification of the Plutus Core Language v1.0 (RC5.4) (oktober 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#JT5XKNBP- Kaleidoscope: An Efficient Poker Protocol with Payment Distribution and Penalty Enforcement (September 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#P684RSHV- Ouroboros: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocol (21 august 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#9BKRHCSI- An Ontology for Smart Contracts (3. July 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#QCNR6SCZ- SCRAPE: Scalable Randomness Attested by Public Entities (June 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#UHIMH3DV- TwinsCoin: A Cryptocurrency via Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake (3. July 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#EUWAPTAX- Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work (31. May 2018) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#67CHCNP8- Improving Authenticated Dynamic Dictionaries, with Applications to Cryptocurrencies (2. april 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#PIZ7V323- Scripting smart contracts for distributed ledger technology (10. February 2017) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#J8N6AMPU- A review of the Dash Governance System (31 oktober 2016) https://iohk.io/research/papers/#NSJ554WR

For anyone interested I am myself interested in a legal DSL for Cardano. Here is a discussion on that:https://forum.cardano.org/t/bitlaw-a-legal-system-with-a-dsl-for-cardano-governance/18887

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OOGarden - GRE Aufbauhilfe für WPC Composite Pools Rubber Pool Deck Surfacing - Do It Yourself Viking Fiberglass Pool Installation Bitcoin Generator Pool 2020 Payment Proof Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Problems and Solutions

Apr 26, 2019 - #1 Bitcoin & Litecoin Mining Pool | PPLNS Payouts | 0 Fees!! Connect Your Miner Now!! | #Bitcoin #Litecoin #JoinFREE #EarnMoreBitcoin #myBTCcoin. See more ideas about Bitcoin, Mining pool, What is bitcoin mining. Bitcoin Mining Heats Up: High Difficulty Adjustment, Pool Consolidation, Less Concentration in China It’s been approximately 37 days since the notorious Bitcoin reward halving that took place on Down about 70 percent from its December high after sliding for a fourth straight day on Friday, Bitcoin is getting ever-closer to matching the Nasdaq Composite Index’s 78 percent peak-to-trough Since news.Bitcoin.com’s last market update three days ago, the entire cryptoconomy of 5,000+ coins has lost $52 billion so far. Nasdaq Composite lost 392 points, NYSE Composite lost 615 Enter pool mining, which offers a higher percentage chance of winning a block reward. A pool can consist of many types of miners, contributing their hashrate. When the pool is large enough, there is a higher chance of solving a block. The reward is then distributed proportionately among participants.

[index] [15506] [20805] [30201] [17692] [22949] [6564] [6760] [16667] [23567] [19964]

OOGarden - GRE Aufbauhilfe für WPC Composite Pools

Join a Bitcoin Pool. In this Walkthrough you'll see me explain/demo how to join the Slush Bitcoin Pool. This is 2 of a 3-part Walkthrough on Bitcoin Mining. You can watch the full length, "Bitcoin ... The most common fiberglass pool problems and solutions 1. Mismatched repairs on some colored gelcoats (solution: solid-color gelcoats) 2. Spider cracks in the gelcoat (solution: a great ... Building a deck around my swimming pool - Duration: 4:37. On The Road with John 4,488 views. ... How To Choose The Right Composite Deck Board - Duration: 6:10. Fiberon Composite Decking 65,495 ... Start mining bitcoin bitcoin cash or bitcoin satoshi vision+ other cryptocurrencies by using viabtc mining pool viabtc is one of the best bitcoin mining pools out their+ all the built-in-features ... Fiberglass Pool Installation (DRONE FOOTAGE) - Duration: 5:52. Hinkle Hardscapes 2,393 views. 5:52. Custom Pool, LLC - Setting a Leisure: Riviera Fiberglass Shell (GoPro Karma Drone ...

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