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Sports Betting Exchange on the Blockchain

Bookie is the world's first decentralized betting exchange. A decentralized application - or DApp - for the desktop, Bookie is built on the Peerplays blockchain, and all betting is done with Bitcoin.


ZeroEdge is a cryptocurrency for online gambling. ZeroEdge.Bet is a unique blockchain based online gambling platform with 0% house edge casino games, commission-free sports betting exchange and an open-source platform for building and operating customised games for anyone who wish to have their own online casino.

BetBTC | Only Username / Password requested on Registration. Bitcoin Sports Betting Exchange

From now on you can register and place your bets on BetBTC just with a single username / password.
We won't require anymore email nor confirmation.
Anonymity is 100% guaranteed.
Have a good week BetBTC
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Bookie's 2nd AMA with PBSA's Head of Operations - Ask Me Anything!

Edit: OK folks, all done now. Thanks for everyone who asked questions or just checked in to have a read. Laters!
Edit: AMA starting now... Hello everyone!

Hello again Reddit,
This is Toby Lynas, Head of Operations at PBSA. We’re launching our bet-with-play-money/ win-real-Bitcoin sports betting exchange (previously referred to as Bookie Public Beta) very soon.
Have questions about BookiePro?
Ask Me Anything!
Welcome to the second BookiePro AMA! A few items to keep in mind when asking questions:
Here is a link the first AMA.
About BookiePro
BookiePro is a decentralized sports betting exchange built on the Peerplays blockchain. Users bet with play tokens called BitFun, but can win real Bitcoin prizes!
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exbetio has been created

Subreddit for users of the Bitcoin sports betting exchange
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Bookie's 2nd AMA with PBSA's Head of Operations - Ask Me Anything!

Edit: OK folks, all done now. Thanks for everyone who asked questions or just checked in to have a read. Laters!
Edit: AMA starting now... Hello everyone!
Hello again Reddit,
This is Toby Lynas, Head of Operations at PBSA. We’re launching our bet-with-play-money/ win-real-Bitcoin sports betting exchange (previously referred to as Bookie Public Beta) very soon.
Have questions about BookiePro?
Ask Me Anything!
Welcome to the second BookiePro AMA! A few items to keep in mind when asking questions:
This is a Bookie AMA, so please keep the questions related to the BookiePro app, development, sports betting, and similar. The AMA will take place Thursday, May 24, 2018, from 9 am Atlantic Standard Time until 11 am AST. We’ll do our best to answer everyone within that time frame! Your patience is appreciated. We understand some of you may have questions about Peerplays or PPY tokens, but we want to keep the focus on BookiePro. Thanks for your understanding! Here is a link the first AMA.
About BookiePro
BookiePro is a decentralized sports betting exchange built on the Peerplays blockchain. Users bet with play tokens called BitFun, but can win real Bitcoin prizes!
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So I decided to quit

My alco-story in a bullet: I used to drink. Then I had 4,5 years of sobriety but eventually relapsed. It felt so good to get drunk with an almost zero amount of alcohol at the start. It took 5 years since that day and now I've become a ruin of a man, again. I get completely blazed for a week or more. At worst it took me two months once. I got dumped out of a plane before the departure once for being drunk, bought another one and the next day I got drunk while waiting and missed it. I've also lost a lot of money for sports betting, stock exchange, bitcoin and online poker. That's some examples of my miserable life. This year I was trying to limit the consumption. Guess I don't have to tell whether it worked out well. Recently I've become a young father and my wife... she gets through quite well, doesn't hate me and want me out of home, so I don't want to ruin everything eventually. She snores though so we sleep separately when we can and it was one of the reasons I got addicted again. Often I don't remember what happened last week at all. I spend a lot of time at home fortunately. But still tell a lot of shit to my fri- or family through the internet and then have to apologize another day.

Sober three days now. I've decided, and I feel really motivated like never before, to quit again. Looking for any advice to keep myself sober. Also I wrote it here because I just felt like, even no one is ever going to read this. I don't have many friends, at least not some real friends, rather people who know me and write me once a year and make me feel nervous. My family is only, like, would like me to stop obviously, but they do the opposite, sometimes make jokes about my drinking, while I brag about being sober for 10 days. I thought of some medicament/supplement for the start. Is there something worth the money? I take magnesium, 5-htp, D3 now. I work out a little bit when I'm not drunk and taking cold showers only. I'm eating keto, even it boosts the hangovers actually. So I'm living extra healthy at times and totally unhealthy another time. I hope I can skip the AA. I've made it once without it. It's severer this time. I will just have a few changes, some supplements, or something else. I'm 100% devoted to quit it
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Online gambling legislation and regulation. Starting your own gambling product.

Online gambling legislation and regulation. Starting your own gambling product.

Mobile gambling
If you plan to develop an app with the ability to deposit and withdraw real money, then such a product automatically falls into the category of gambling and you will need to license your business for successful operation.
Mobile and Web Based Apps
So let’s talk about the different kinds of online gambling apps available on web and mobile. We’ll be covering both free-play gaming apps and real money casino app games you can find for iOS, Android devices and web browsers.
Mobile gambling is more common for poker, casino, bingo, and skill games. They have advantages in terms of a low barrier to enter the market, instant liquidity, product knowledge, and marketing expertise, minimal infrastructure costs, and the ability to bring a brand to the market quickly. Consequently, this form of gambling does not sit neatly with jurisdictional boundaries. Multiple gambling opportunities are available, including betting on various events and markets, in a relatively simple format. Gambling products can also be integrated into betting on television shows or virtual racing and sports games as well as offering lotteries, bingo, poker and casino games.
Most Popular Gambling Apps
Sports betting, casino, poker and lotteries are the most popular forms of online gambling. However, other forms are available too. These include the following: Bingo, slot machines, different card games, roulette and other game of chance. One of the best things about online gambling and betting apps is the number of choices you have.

Sports Betting

Betting means making or accepting a bet on the outcome of a race, competition, or other event or process, the likelihood of anything occurring or not occurring, or whether anything is or is not true. Today most sports betting is done via mobile-friendly sites and apps.
Today most sports betting is done via mobile-friendly sites and apps.
The introduction of live betting for sports like soccer and tennis means that bettors who are sitting inside stadiums watching games can now pick up their mobile devices and find real-time betting value with the best sports gambling apps. This has really unlocked a door to the future of sports gambling and the popularity of online gambling apps.


Many sites offer free poker, where no real money is wagered, although in some cases players can accumulate credits that can be exchanged for prizes. This is the case why people are going to play for real money. There is an ongoing debate over whether poker should be classified as a game of chance or skill. The parameters of legal poker playing are still unclear and differ between jurisdictions. Since you are not gambling with money, I’m pretty sure under the law it’s just a video game for now.


Blackjack is the game of choice to many high-rollers and do you know why? Because blackjack is a challenging, logic and skill-based game where your thinking, strategy, and calculations determine the outcome of the game.


Bingo is one of the most popular and socially accepted games in the world. Bingo is a traditional form of gambling that has seen considerable innovation in recent years. It is also the only form of gambling recognized in the Gambling Act that does not have a specific statutory definition, the Act providing simply that “bingo” means “any version of that game, irrespective of by what name it is described”. Bingo must be played as an equal chance game. For game to be classed as “bingo” it must meet the Act’s definition of “equal chance gaming” (as opposed to casino gaming). Thus, it: must not involve playing or staking against a bank, and must be a game in which the chances are equally favorable to all participants in the sense that each ticket or chance has the same probability of success as any other.
Licensed bingo is a well-regulated and socially responsible form of gambling that takes place in a safe environment. Many sites offer multiple forms of bingo with different features, types of games, and costs of play. These sites often cater specifically for women and some research suggests that they may appeal to markets who would not typically engage in traditional forms of gambling.


Slot machine is one of the most beloved game among the gambling community and it has been a part of the industry for a long time. They provide fun and entertainment and their simplicity allows gamers to start playing at once. This can play out in different ways depending on the machine you’re playing. For instance, there’s Pick a Fortune, a five-reel, 20 line game that puts players right in the studio of a television game show, including the potential to play a Deal or No Deal-style bonus round. A super trend over the past few years is mobile-friendly slot games. These apps and websites were developed to enable players to enjoy their favorite games on their smartphones at any time. Another dominant slot trend is licensed branded slots that are based on popular movies, television, and musicians.
Virtual Money vs Real Money
Let’s find out the difference between social gambling and real money gambling, as well as the differences between gambling through apps and gambling through a web browser. It can be quite confusing trawling through all the casinos, slots, and lotteries available, both through your mobile web browser as well as through mobile app stores, in the form of downloadable apps.

Virtual money

The main difference between virtual money and real money gambling is that the in-game virtual currency in social games and gambling-type games is used only like credits that are not paid out as winnings or anything given to player in cash, making these games exempt from gambling regulations.
Virtual money is loaded on user game accounts via in-app purchases in mobile applications or the game balance funding from a card via web based applications.

Real money gambling

Real money gambling via your mobile device is only allowed in countries where laws have been passed that allow for this type of gambling online, or there are no laws in place that prevent it. The payment systems are the legal way of services payment in the gambling app, performing as the intermediary between the gambling facility and the client. With their help, users replenish deposits and withdraw funds to personal accounts in financial institutions. If the application uses the payment system of a well-known brand, that gives players additional confidence in the resource. Nowadays, there is a wide range of payment systems, some of which operate all over the world, other systems are oriented towards the citizens of one or several countries. A number of services accept money of different world currencies, while others allow currency transactions of one state only.
What is an Online Gambling Licensing
The internet has a global audience, there’s no single piece of legislation that covers the legality of online gambling for the entire world. Mobile gambling doesn’t typically accept customers from every single country in the world. It often focuses on certain specific regions.
Instead, most countries have their own local laws that deal with the relevant legal and regulatory issues.
Ultimately, questions of legality all go back to the location of the casino or where the website operates out of. In closed regulatory systems, such as Italy, France, and the Netherlands, licenses, and advertising rights are limited to domestic providers, which must be located within their country’s geographical boundaries and these are only permitted to offer some types of products. Some jurisdictions, for example, Norway, Sweden, and Canada legalize and regulate online gambling, but this is limited to a single site that is owned by the government. Under such an approach, the government becomes the operator and regulator and all revenues are returned to the government.
Remote gambling is generally permitted. That means that an operator that is licensed may provide gambling services to citizens in the country via all forms of remote communication (and using equipment that may be located in the country or abroad). Equally, a remote operator may be licensed to offer gambling services to citizens in any jurisdiction in the world using equipment located in the country. The law provides that, for each type of gambling (betting, gaming, and participating in a lottery), there will be two forms of license available: remote and non-remote forms (land-based). If you provide facilities for remote gambling, online or through other means, and advertise to consumers you will need a license from the licensing jurisdictions or local licensing authorities. Before an online gambling site signs up its first customer, before it accepts its first bet before the first card is dealt, it must be licensed by a recognized governmental entity.
Certain regions in the world have specific legislation in place that allows them to license and regulate companies that operate online gambling sites or provide industry services (such as the supply of gaming software). These regions are referred to as online gambling jurisdictions or licensing jurisdictions.
Depending on what type of entertainment you are going to implement in your internet establishment, you will have to apply for the corresponding permissions. Online gambling laws in Europe vary from one country to the next. The industry is well regulated in some countries and less so in others. There are several online gambling jurisdictions located in Europe. Some of these are members of the European Union (EU), and thus subject to the various rules and regulations of that body, while others are independent. Each of these jurisdictions has an authority that’s responsible for approving gambling sites for licenses that enable them to offer their services legally. They also regulate their licensees.
Countries that Provide Gambling Licensing
Today there are lots of licensing jurisdictions located all over the world and offering different terms for their customers. Depending on the country, licenses can be local, international (distributed in several countries), have a different set of documents for registration, costs of registration and further support, various operating conditions and other special details.

Which gambling license is both internationally recognized?

The government of Ireland offers casino operators, software, and service providers in the gambling industry, with a gambling license that allows gambling operators to conduct business related to casino, lotto, and other gaming-related activities. Ireland Gambling License is one of the most popular license for online casinos worldwide. Ireland has long been recognized as one of the preferred locations for Online Gambling operators to base their operations. This success has been due to a combination of factors, such as a progressive legislative system, political stability, first-rate telecommunications facilities, and a well established financial services industry. A wide range of gambling sites operates out of Ireland including sports betting, casino sites, poker, bingo, and more.
In stark contrast, the UK is the largest regulated market for online gambling in the world, and corporations are already comfortable exploiting the intersections of gambling and gaming, betting in-play, social gaming, Bitcoin, financial trading and spread betting, betting exchanges, e-sports and, most profitably, mobile gambling. 40% and 60% of online gambling in the UK took place in Gibraltar.

International licensing

Europe is home to the following online gambling jurisdictions: Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta. Malta is currently the country that is most accommodating to gambling companies, and the license offers whitelisted online gambling in sports and casino games in many European territories. But takes an extreme amount of time in paperwork and background checks. Also, you pay 5% of all your gross profit to the EU.
Among countries offering gambling licensing services, the attention should be paid to Curaçao jurisdiction, which is considered to be one of the most promising for the online gaming business.
Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (also known as Curaçao eGaming) is both a regulator and a licensor, and its licensing works worldwide except Curaçao itself, USA, France and Netherlands. Using Curacao as an example, let us examine in detail the process of obtaining a license, the necessary documents and expenses.
How to get a License on Curaçao
  • Documents necessary for company registration:
  • criminal record;
  • passport scans;
  • bank account confirmation;
  • documents proving payments for utility services.
After the company is registered, an operator can apply for the license providing the following documents:
  • a document certifying the right of domain possession;
  • description of games planned to be used in the project;
  • a list indicating countries of potential operation;
  • illustration of server locations to be used in the project;
  • a copy of the agreement with a software provider.
Gambling license cost:
  • Bank account opening $1000
  • Company registration $3600
  • Company management per year $3600
  • Application processing fee $1000
  • License fee per year $4800
  • Equipment/software fee starting from $1500
  • Server maintenance per year $6000
Apart from that pay for technical support and maintenance every year. The entire license issuing process takes between 2-4 weeks. Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) also has the power to review a license and, if it finds that an operator has breached a license condition, has the power to impose a range of sanctions including revocation of the license.
Apple and Google Gambling Rules
You’ll be surprised at the limited number of real money gambling app options available on the AppStore and Google Play Store. Most real money casino gaming is done through gambler’s mobile web browsers and not through mobile gambling apps that you’ll find for iPhone and Android phones. Apple allows online gambling applications in a few forms, and not just in places where it is explicitly permitted. They do not allow any payments through the applications – those have to be done on the websites. Apple has far stricter developer guidelines for iOS apps than Google does for Android apps, so it’s fine to assume that whatever you choose to download from iTunes is usually safe, secure, and meets a certain standard.
Any real money casino in the iTunes app is required to have proper licensing and permissions before Apple will approve the app for use or downloads. While Google Play is technically regulated, it is much more loose in what can be hosted.

Apple Store

Gambling, gaming, and lotteries can be tricky to manage and tend to be one of the most-regulated offerings on the App Store. Apple has rules for apps that support real money wagering, including sports betting and poker. Those apps and lotteries must have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the App is used, must be geo-restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store, and Apple rate even simulated gambling apps as appropriate only for users 17-years-old and up.

Play Store

Google keeps the reigns tight. To be able to successfully upload apps to the Google Play store, developers need to have a valid license for the specific countries they are targeting and comply with their regulations. The app must be free to download and must prevent under-age users from gambling in the app. As a final precaution, all gambling apps are required to display prominent information regarding responsible gambling practices. This brings its policy in line with the Apple App Store.
Countries where gambling is illegal
It is also important to remember that while gambling is growing rapidly in many places, in others it is totally or partially prohibited. As well as in the majority of the US, sports betting is illegal in India, Pakistan, and China, three of the largest gambling markets in the world. Most countries have rules against gambling. Almost all Islamic countries prohibit gambling of every kind, but many turn a blind eye to online gambling or simply do not have regulations in place for this grey area.
In the United Arab Emirates, however, any kind of gambling is prosecuted. National lotteries are the only legal forms of wagering on the Asian country’s mainland. Cambodia, North Korea strictly forbids online and offline gambling amongst its own citizens but allows tourists to participate in these activities.
Qatar is the strictest country of all when it comes to gambling laws. All forms of gambling activities are considered illegal, and even sports betting is not permissible.
Starting your own gambling product
Numerous online casino platforms in the market offer fantastic casino games like bingo, poker, roulette, and many more.
If you have an idea, but don’t know where to start, we advise you begin with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to pilot your proof of concept for investors. MVP spotlights your core features and lets your investors know there are bigger and better things to come.
For MVP you do not need a large team, just a few people are enough to create a fully functioning prototype. In the case of successful numbers of your prototype, the further development of a full-fledged product will require more team, resources and time, however you will be sure that your development and your costs will pay off.
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Notable Black People in the Bitcoin Community

Notable Black People in the Bitcoin Community
We are now in an era where most people on the street have heard of Bitcoin and understand the very basics of what a cryptocurrency is. However, when many people think about users of Bitcoin, there’s a stereotypical person who comes to mind. As the Black Lives Matter movement begins to take hold and sweep the nation demanding change, many people of color are quick to discount Bitcoin, but the reality is, there are many notable black Americans who abundantly use and support the currency as well as advocate that Bitcoin is for everyone.

Bitcoin is for Everyone

When discussing Bitcoin in general, many people believe it’s only for those anti-government libertarians who want to engage in illegal activities, but there’s simply no truth in that statement. Bitcoin is simply a money transfer system backed by a public ledger and quantifiable technology. Have you ever used a pre-paid card? A payday loan? Or a currency exchange booth? Chances are, you have, and if so—well Bitcoin has the potential to offer a cheaper version of all of these currency services if used to its full potential. Shawn Wilkinson, the founder of Storj (a cloud storage service) advocates its massive potential especially in online microloans. He thinks that cryptocurrency as a whole has a lot of power to change the way even the most impoverished communities use money, regardless of race.

Edwardo Jackson

Edwardo Jackson is perhaps one of the most notable black Bitcoin enthusiasts out there. In fact, he is so passionate about the currency, he currently runs a blog called Blacks in Bitcoin. Jackson is a Las Vegas resident and professional poker player, but found his love of Bitcoin while he was a writer for Upworthy in 2013. Jackson believes Bitcoin is still in the early adoption phase and thinks that now is most definitely the time for anyone who is thinking of getting into it to buy in. Currently, Jackson has developed his own blockchain based technology known as CD3D which is a decentralized app-based token which you can use in a game where instead of betting on sports, or the outcomes of elections, you vote on actors and actresses and win money based on their box office performance. This game is still under development and you can check the CinemaDraft websites for updates on when it may be opened for play. Jackson prides himself in his Bitcoin knowledge and wishes to educate everyone about it, so much so, he even hands out his personal phone number to anyone who asks so they can call him if they have questions.

Richard Sherman

You read that right, Richard Sherman, NFC Championship playing defensive back, is a Bitcoin fanatic! Sherman was born in Compton; California and it became clear early on he was destined to be a sports player. He achieved many high school records not only in football, but also as part of his school’s track team. Sherman received a scholarship to attend Stanford university where he played on their team from 2006-2010. In 2011, Sherman was signed by the Seattle Seahawks and played with the team for many years until 2018 when he signed a 39-million-dollar contract with the 49ers. He is very public about his love of cryptocurrency and his many investments in the technology field, so much so, he even takes Bitcoin for payment in his online store for all of his Seahawks and 49ers merchandise.

Reggie Middleton

Reggie Middleton is an American entrepreneur and CEO of Vertiseum. Middleton’s claim to fame began in the early 2000’s as a financial writer for the Huffington Post. In 2011, he left his job there to start his own company and blog, Boom Bust Blog. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin, citing that its ability to be quickly, and largely, transferred making it one of the best methods of currency currently on the market. He also advocates how safe and cheap it is to transfer Bitcoin as opposed to using cash or the banking system, which has many caveats and difficulties as well as rising costs. Just think, to make a transfer from one bank to the other you either need to withdraw cash and physical drive it from one bank to another to avoid massive fees. If fees don’t scare you, you can wire the money, but this still takes gas, time, and often times there are limits on the amount you can transfer. Bitcoin solves all of these problems. Middleton loves crypto currencies so much, he founded Vertiseum, an Ultracoin technology. Although the legalities of his ICO are currently under scrutiny, Middleton still stands behind his advocacy of cryptocurrencies and posts many YouTube videos educating the public on the many uses of them in everyday life.

Black Influencers to Follow

Want to learn more about Bitcoin before you dive right in? Understandable! There are many influencers of color who know a lot about the cryptocurrency world! Check out Dr. Boyce Watkins, a financial scholar who offers numerous courses in cryptocurrency for beginners as well as an internet club for investors. He also runs Financial Juneteenth, a cryptocurrency group specifically for black investors and it is currently one of the largest cryptocurrency-based communities on the internet, so make sure you pay it a visit!
Lamar Wilson is another notable influencer, widely known for building his own blockchain company Hijro, as well as a cryptocurrency wallet, back before it was even cool! He contributes abundantly to the Financial Juneteenth group listed above, as well as teaches a class about investing in cryptocurrencies on the Black Business School site.
Also follow Ian Balina, a man famous for his unique approach to ICO’s thanks to his analytics background and former employment at IBM. He currently leads a global cryptocurrency investor syndicate, and posts content on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Balina’s content is so revolutionary that he has been featured in numerous articles in many different magazines, most notably Forbes and Huffington Post.
If after following all of these people you are still a little lost when it comes to cryptocurrency, don’t worry! It’s a confusing field at first. Just remember that cryptocurrency is for everyone and it make take time to learn about the ins and outs of the high-level technology. There are many websites which offer free guides you can take advantage of to help you find your way. So, subscribe to a few of them, investigate your questions, and you’ll be a cryptocurrency pro in no time!
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Brave Browser: TRULY FASTER - The browser that rethinks the web

Brave Browser: TRULY FASTER - The browser that rethinks the web
The Brave browser is very new to the browser scene but they are seriously making a huge thing in the market. Not only promising and insanely fast speed beat out Chrome and Firefox but also security and privacy built in by default for the user. Is this all just hype, is it there is something to it and why most people switch to Brave.
For the record, Brave Rewards, BAT, Brave Ads & anything cryptocurrency related is DISABLED by default. This is a big misconception as these features are OPT IN and completely optional to the user.
The browser you currently using loaded with trackers, cookies and other data collection parasites that is constantly following you when you are browsing your browser. What if instead of being used, you were actually rewarded for your regular internet usage. What if you could limit your ads. Wouldn't it makes internet a better place. That's why i use Brave browser. Brave doesn't collect my browsing data in fact my data never leaves my device. Brave shields against Malware, Autoplaying videos, Phishing attempts, Fingerprinting and other malicious attempt to steal and exploit your sensitive information.

BRAVE Introduction

Brave is built on Chromium and is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster and a more stable way for all internet users to experienced the web.

Why BRAVE browser

Load pages 3x to 6x faster
Import and continue where you left off
Support your favourite sites with Brave Rewards
Experience unparalleled privacy and security.

BRAVE browser features

  • Ad blocking
  • Fingerprinting prevention*
  • Cookie control*
  • HTTPS upgrading*
  • Block scripts*
  • Per-site shield settings
  • Configurable global shield defaults
Brave Rewards
  • Earn by viewing private ads
  • Tip your favorite creators
  • Contribute monthly to sites
  • Auto-contribute to sites
  • Verify with Uphold and move funds in and out of your wallet
  • Become a verified creator and start earning BAT from tips, contributions and referrals
Tabs & Windows
  • Private Windows
  • Pinned Tabs*
  • Auto-unload*
  • Drag and drop*
  • Duplicate*
  • Close Options
  • Find on page
  • Print page
  • Clear browsing data
  • Built-in password manager
  • Form autofill
  • Control content access to full-screen presentation*
  • Control site access to autoplay media
  • Send “Do not track” with browsing requests
  • Choose default search engine
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for alternate search engines*
  • Option to use DuckDuckGo for private window search*
Extensions/Plugins Brave Desktop now supports most of the Chrome extensions in the chrome web store.
Address Bar
  • Add Bookmark
  • Autosuggest URLs
  • Search from address bar
  • Autosuggest search terms
  • Show/hide bookmarks toolbar*
  • Show secure or insecure site

How does Brave Rewards work?

  • Brave Browser users earn tokens by surfing the web.
  • They tip tokens to you, their favourite content creator.
  • You sign up as a verified content creator on Brave Rewards.
  • Collect your tips in the creators dashboard.
For more info:

Brave and Binance Partner to Bring Cryptocurrency Trading Directly Into the Browser

Binance widget integrated into the Brave browser puts cryptocurrency management and trading at users’ fingertips in first exchange-browser integration of its kind.
For more info:
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Bitcurate - Cryptocurrency predictive data intelligence platform
Introduction to Bitcurate LIVEFEED: 1-Stop Crypto Alert
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Making money with Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been one of the hottest trends in the finance sector, with the potential to completely transform business models in a number of sectors. Blockchain works similarly to a massive digital ledgespreadsheet, which is shared by all the members of a decentralized network. While blockchain technology is most frequently associated with confirming Bitcoin payments, it has evolved into a complete technology platform based on adapting decentralized ledgers for operations.
So, how does one make money with this new technology platform?
Just as many investors have taken advantage of the opportunity to stockpile gold in anticipation of the rising price, other investors are taking advantage of the opportunity to stockpile Bitcoin and a variety of other coins.
The transparency and security of blockchain technology makes it attractive for use in a variety of different cases far beyond cryptocurrencies. It can be used in everything from stock trading to ride-sharing to data security.
As we move to the mainstream corporations, global entities continue to embrace the technology underlying bitcoin but that many blockchain projects have moved beyond the theoretical or testing phase, to producing real transactions, costs savings and other benefits. There are multiple opportunities that leverage the core underlying technology platform, the digital currency and the significant productivity and process improvements that are resulting from it. Investing in these companies is likely to produce solid long term gains.
The improvements in speed and security could be revolutionary as transaction times and trade costs decrease. You could even use blockchain to track property ownership in less developed nations and prevent concert or sports ticket counterfeiting right here in the United States.
Specifically, there are the companies that make chips and hardware for crypto mining. There are publicly traded companies that engage in actual cryptocurrency mining. Miners are rewarded with crypto for performing this service and can then sell it on the open market for profit. The gains are then passed on to shareholders.
Blockchain is based on a decentralized network. As a result, cloud-based technology companies are in an ideal position to take advantage of the growth of blockchain. Cloud-based companies that provide blockchain services will be a strong bet for growth down the road.
Blockchain is poised to disrupt the payment processing industry. It could cut out middlemen – companies like Visa, Mastercard & AmEx – by processing transactions more efficiently. Look for the older players to either take advantage of blockchain and adapt – or find themselves in big trouble.
There are even penny stocks for cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin is definitely the most well-known digital currency, there are a variety of specialty coins that have emerged over the last 10 years. In additional to investing in coins, there are a number of young companies that are investing in Blockchain and are listed on the junior exchanges. These companies offer exciting opportunities for growth to investors.
Crowdfunding, Angel funding and investing in startups is certainly not a new concept. There has been a tremendous amount of interest in investing in startups built on blockchain technology. As Bitcoin has become increasingly popular and accepted by more mainstream businesses, the number of entrepreneurs interested in experimenting with the technology behind the cryptocurrency has skyrocketed. Yet, as is the case with any other new venture, such startups need funding.
Blockchain technology’s cost and speed efficiencies, along with its transparency and security, will likely lead many companies to adopt the technology. Getting in on blockchain stocks now is a great way to be in on the ground floor when the technology really takes off.
TraQiQ has begun the process of moving the core platform for supply chain to Blockchain. As the company moves to leverage the power of transactions on this platform, it is likely that the Digital Currency component will play a significant role in fulfilling these transactions.
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1xBet Company Overview

1xBet has become one of the most trusted brands over the years. The company was founded in 2007 and it is rapidly growing and evolving. An impressive range of bets on live sporting events, casino, a tremendous variety of slots and other games of chance are only some of the features that you will find on the website.
Today 1xBet is a global brand that has gained popularity and trust among customers. 1xBet operates under the Curacao license.
1xBet Benefits
1xBet has many advantages compared with other bookmakers. Here are just some of them:
It’s very easy to find what you are looking for. is regularly updated to provide customers with a user-friendly interface. The registration form is simple and offers up to 4 registration options. The green button is located in the upper-right corner of the page. The website features one-click registration, which makes it much simpler to register and start betting.
The website is multilingual (over 40 languages). Customers won’t miss important events, draws, and promotions, as up-to-date information is always available in the slider at the top of the page.
The stats center is great and allows customers to easily find all the necessary data for each player, teams or tournament.
Sports Betting
1xBet is already a leader bookmaker, but the 1xBet team is making every effort to make sure that 1xBet is the best on the market.
The 1xBet sportsbook includes over 1,000 exciting events across all kinds of sports, from football, tennis, basketball and hockey to less popular sports such as softball, biathlon and Gaelic football. The list also includes a huge number of eSports markets.
One more thing that makes 1xBet a unique bookmaker is Forex betting. A huge variety of markets is offered on every event. 1xBet professional analysts are carefully working on the choice of sports bets in order to provide odds very quickly.
1xBet offers various types of bonuses:
More information can be found on the 1xBet official website in the Promotions and Bonuses sections.
Deposits and Withdrawals
Players can top up their 1xBet account via some of the most popular e-payment systems:
VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, paysafecard, WebMoney, SOFORT, Giropay, InPay, Bitcoin, Skrill 1-tap, PerfectMoney, Trustly, NetellerGO, ecoVoucher.
Money is instantly credited to the player’s account. It should be noted that the 100% first deposit bonus will be credited to the customer’s account after the deposit has been made.
Withdrawals usually only take about 15 minutes and, if required, winnings can be withdrawn to the same bank account that was used to make the deposit. All personal data and funds are completely secure. The company uses advanced security protocols. Cryptocurrencies are included on the list of currencies accepted by 1xBet.
1xBet App
1xBet has developed a great mobile app that works on all devices running Android, IOS and Windows. The 1x-browser will help customers to access any website they like (for Android devices).
If you use Java devices — not to worry! There is a special app that will provide access to 1xBet on Java devices.
The “Contacts” section contains general queries and suggestions. Our chat service is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with our consultants. Customers can get instant access to the Live Chat by clicking the button in the bottom-right corner of every page.
A general query form is very simple and only requires filling in 3 fields — name, email address and your query — and our team will answer all questions within 24 hours. Customers can also contact us at one of the phone numbers provided.
The 1xBet team is always searching for new ways to improve the service we provide. We are dedicated to making sports betting easy and friendly even for inexperienced customers. Find success and earn with 1xBet!
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The way blockchain can change the sports betting market

Hello, community❗️ In this post, we would like to share with you some thoughts on how blockchain can change the sports betting market.
⚫️ Blockchain and bets are connected in a very natural way. From the point of view of organizing activities, you can use the blockchain to safely and reliably process the huge volumes of transactions that are required for the operation of the exchange.📌
⚫️ Blockchain allows you to perform all actions in P2P (peer-to-peer) mode. Of course, at first, the betting market was launched with the same promise — to “remove the intermediary”, but they never did. 🛠
⚫️ Blockchain allows the betting market to be truly automated and conduct provably honest and completely transparent transactions between two players directly.📈
⚫️ A high level of automation allows the market to keep a low level of commissions. In addition, this helps to avoid the problem faced by many successful traders, where the increase in commissions creates the feeling that the operator punishes the winners with a fine. 💣
⚫️ Attracting a new type of valuable customers who haven’t previously participated in traditional sports betting. The cryptocurrency community is dominated by young potential customers with a steady income from a significant increase in the value of bitcoin and other coins. These customers also value what the blockchain brings to the sports industry: anonymity, security, speed, and transparency. Cryptocurrencies provide operators and their affiliates with a fantastic opportunity to access this category of customers and offer them the appropriate product. 💵
⚫️ MyTVchain revolves around three main concepts (helping sports clubs finance their activities, giving back to them the value from their content and generating growth for sports clubs) which aim to change their revenue management to switch to a new era of value creation for sports communities. Our vision is to offer a private webTV for every sports club and former champions based on a freemium model and where sports clubs can add services to their viewers that can be purchased and where viewers earn tokens while watching videos.🏆
If interested, go see our website:
Stay tuned, as there’s more exciting content on the way! 🤗
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GAINS Announcements

Crypto News Summary- May 7
🔹 General News: — UFC partners with Chiliz to release digital fan tokens of fighters — Chinese Court rules Bitcoin as a legal property but not a currency — Cambridge University releases new tool for tracking global Bitcoin mining power — CFTC charges multiple firms for $15 million crypto and binary options scam
🔹 Coin Specific News: — Libra Association names HSBC chief legal officer Stuart Levey as CEO — Chromia (CHR) has won Binance community coin vote and will get listed on Binance — TON community launches free version of Telegram open Blockchain — Stellar Enterprise Fund invests $5M in Crypto App Abra ahead of Blockchain integration — Verasity (VRA) is expanding to major eSports games and will launch CS:GO tournaments and betting
🔹 Exchanges: — CoinShares unveils trading unit, says it traded over $3 billion in crypto during 2019 — OKEx will host initial exchange offering of NDN Link (NDN) on May 20 — Crypto exchange OSL to establish ‘digital asset powerhouse’ in Asia and US
🔹 Cool tech fact: Bitcoin price was $0.003 exactly 10 years ago in its first days of trading
💬 Quote of the day: "You don't get to the moon by climbing a tree." —Sam Hinkie
🔹 Brought to you by @GainsANN
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GAINS Announcements

Crypto News Summary- May 7
🔹 General News: — UFC partners with Chiliz to release digital fan tokens of fighters — Chinese Court rules Bitcoin as a legal property but not a currency — Cambridge University releases new tool for tracking global Bitcoin mining power — CFTC charges multiple firms for $15 million crypto and binary options scam
🔹 Coin Specific News: — Libra Association names HSBC chief legal officer Stuart Levey as CEO — Chromia (CHR) has won Binance community coin vote and will get listed on Binance — TON community launches free version of Telegram open Blockchain — Stellar Enterprise Fund invests $5M in Crypto App Abra ahead of Blockchain integration — Verasity (VRA) is expanding to major eSports games and will launch CS:GO tournaments and betting
🔹 Exchanges: — CoinShares unveils trading unit, says it traded over $3 billion in crypto during 2019 — OKEx will host initial exchange offering of NDN Link (NDN) on May 20 — Crypto exchange OSL to establish ‘digital asset powerhouse’ in Asia and US
🔹 Cool tech fact: Bitcoin price was $0.003 exactly 10 years ago in its first days of trading
💬 Quote of the day: "You don't get to the moon by climbing a tree." —Sam Hinkie
🔹 Brought to you by @GainsANN
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It's important news.

It's important news.
It's important news. The largest operator of sports betting stops servicing users in the Russian Federation. Today Betfair betting exchange has made an official mailing list about the lack of possibility to register users in Russia. The world market share in the Russian Federation in the game industry is 5.127%. Si14 Bet is in the process of applying for membership in SRO and obtaining the necessary licenses. Follow our news and stay up to date with the latest events in the world of gambling. #si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #bookies #bettingexchange #livebetting #oods #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #onlinesport #casino #gambling #investment #sportsbetting #million #luxurylife #bet #bettingsports #cash #sport #betting #bet #onlinebetting #bettingonline #bettingfootball #burnmagazine #ieo #investing #money #burnmagazine #luxury #everydayeverywhere #golang #ico #bitcoin #bettingonline #bettingfootball #bettingtip
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What is HYIP? Experience investing in HYIP

Hello newbie! Today, I will write some introduction about HYIP, this is the first article on my blog, it’s basic knowledge, anyone has joined some HYIP or investment program online will know about HYIP, but I want to leave this article to you — Beginner.
I hope this article will helpful have some basic knowledge about HYIP industry to win and get receive profit, let start and make money online with HYIP.

What is HYIP?

A high-yield investment program, also known as HYIP, which covers all programs, offline and online, that are used to invest money to receive a higher yield than you would normally get at a bank, from 5% to as much as 250% per month making it the top investment program. HYIPs accept investments that are as small as 10 USD and claims that they can provide high interest rates.
To generate a high return, HYIPs often involve investors’ money put into high-risk ventures, such as day-trading stocks or bonds, or sports betting. A Bitcoin HYIP can work the same, except with Bitcoin or another crypto as the investment currency

How do HIYPs work?

Starting off with an HYIP online is simple, since all you have to do is register with them and then deposit some money into your HYIP account using the payment processor that they outline. The profits are paid out to the same processor to streamline the process.
All transactions of HYIPs are done over the internet.
HYIPs use E- Currency in their transactions because it offers the most convenient payment system. E- Currency suits best HYIPs because it has a feature that allows easy withdrawal of money making it a good option for completing online transactions. Moreover, E- Currency is accepted all over the globe. Another factor that addresses the need of HYIP investors.

What do HYIPs do to make a profit?

The main sources of incomes in HYIP Programs are:
However, very few HYIP projects use Investor’s money to use real business as I listed above. Instead, they use the latter’s money to pay the previous person (Ponzi model), using funds to pay for marketing activities to expand the popularity of the project, attracting participants.
If you want to grow your HYIP business online then you need the most trustworthy HYIP website first. And the best quality HYIP template can give the real taste. 'Besthyiptemplate' is the most suitable place for HYIP template design and scripts. Our template design is the most helpful and high-quality product among all templates.

website :
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FLETA Collaborates With Other Projects

FLETA Collaborates With Other Projects
Decentralized blockchain projects are gaining more and more popularity each day as the world realizes the potential of this blockchain technology. FLETA has decided to cooperate with other projects to drive the adoption of blockchain technology, facilitate technological innovations, and expand its network. In this article, we will introduce FLETA and other blockchain projects collaborating with us.


FLETA is a blockchain platform for decentralized applications aimed at solving some of the blockchain’s biggest hurdles. They have made advances to solve the scalability issues, but still keeping the blockchain fast and decentralized through a unique consensus algorithm known as Proof-of-Formulation.
Formulators are the key to FLETA’s technology. They are the block generators who mine and create new blocks. The mining process is configured in such a fair way that every formulator will get a chance to generate a block. This prevents conflicts and abuse because every miner is equal.
Generated blocks are confirmed and signed in real-time by Observer Nodes. They are responsible for securing the network, preventing DDOS attacks, and making forks impossible. Forks cannot happen on FLETA because 3 out of 5 Observers are required to sign and confirm the block. The first block with 3 signatures is the only valid one.
Proof-of-Formulation has been tested and verified in real-life scenarios. It is capable of achieving 14,000 transactions but remains highly secure due to the exclusive connection between Formulators and node Observers.

Matic Network

The Matic Network hopes to improve the scalability of Ethereum, by using PoS side chains, but without losing the critical elements of decentralization.
Matic’s multiple side chains possibly scale to millions of transactions each second in the future. The transaction fees are inexpensive, and its Plasma framework results in new blocks being generated in less than 2 seconds. It makes Matic a well-suited platform for micropayments.
FLETA is using Matic’s Plasma framework solutions on its Mainnet. FLETA has an auto-swap feature between the FLETA ERC-20 token and its native FLETA coin. The two projects have cooperated to improve the Deposit & Withdrawal options on FLETA and making them more decentralized.


TomoChain is a blockchain platform that uses a Proof-of-Stake Voting Consensus to combat scalability. It is based on a network of 150 Masternodes. This technology allows a network throughput of 2,000 transactions per second and a 2 seconds blocktime.
TomoChain can be used by developers to build their own DApps. Also, by taking advantage of the TomoX Protocol, they can launch a decentralized exchange. The TomoP Protocol is a privacy feature allowing anonymous transactions. When enabled, it conceals information about the transacting parties, used addresses, and transaction amounts.
FLETA and TomoChain have signed a technical agreement that foresees the use of the TomoZ Protocol that allows fees to be paid with different tokens. FLETA will be creating a FLETA Token that can provide broader use cases within the TomoChain ecosystem.


Neo is an open-source blockchain platform that uses smart contracts to digitize assets. The ownership of physical items from the real world can be registered, traded, and transferred via the Neo blockchain. Neo is a strong development platform that supports multiple coding languages and has an experienced development community.
FLETA and Neo have signed a strategic partnership, which entails the use of NeoVM on FLETA’s Mainnet. NeoVM is a lightweight and scalable virtual machine for smart-contract development. With its cross-platform compatibility, FLETA will significantly benefit from it.
Once deployed, FLETA and Neo will cooperate on several projects. The first planned one is a blockchain-based Real World Data-based Clinical Research Data Registry Platform for the medical industry. The project aims to activate medical data research and help researchers efficiently use the data.


Wanchain is a cross-chain compatible infrastructure that seeks to connect the world of decentralized finance into one interoperable ecosystem. Different blockchain systems are incompatible with each other, and they operate on their own. The answer to this is creating wrapped tokens of the original assets and incorporating them on the Wanchain platform.
It allows the coins to be used in ways that weren’t possible before. For example, a wrapped Bitcoin token can be used in an Ethereum smart contract to take advantage of the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be easily exchanged back to real Bitcoin by using Wanchain technology.
Wanchain is based on the codebase of Ethereum, but it uses a PoS consensus algorithm. The project has established a partnership with FLETA. With this understanding, both companies expect further to improve interoperability and the performance of their systems.


WINk is a gaming platform offering Live Casino Games, virtual sports, Slots, and E-gaming. WINk was previously known as TronBet, and it is located on the TRON Mainnet.
The platform supports several different tokens: TRX, Dice, USDT, BTT, and of course, WIN token. Besides being a gaming community, WINk also features a staking option. By staking WIN tokens, users get the chance to earn daily staking rewards from the platform’s profits.
WINk plans to integrate with Wallet Street, the social data platform of FLETA. Wallet Street allows stakeholders to communicate and create online communities. The two platforms will start a joint marketing campaign. Wallet Street allows its users to build their own buildings based on the number of coins they own. These structures become visible on a virtual map on Wallet Street. A WINk building will be constructed on Wallet Street’s map to advertise WINk project and its token.


Cooperation is essential for the crypto industry as it opens new possibilities. The sharing of information and knowledge is beneficial to success. Entering new markets allows companies to expand their user base. A broader reach increases use cases for blockchain technology and achieve the ultimate goal: massive adoption. FLETA has realized the importance of strong partnerships, and during 2020, their services will be taken to a whole new stage.
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I can't stop my self? 18 and a life full of nothing but addictions and despair

Hello.. posting here because I don't know what to do anymore. This first week of March has already felt like months of hell and I want to know how to get out of this hole. I have never said anything about this to anyone as I am embarrassed by it and would rather not deal with any extra judgement that may be received.

I believe that my problem started at the age of 15 - I had just discovered bitcoin and decided to play $50 which I had received as a gift - after transferring everything and doing the exchanges, I ended up with around $20 to play with online. I lost it.. and I felt like utter shit for 2 days - I was a 16 year old who had lost $50 I had received as a gift. A week goes by and I feel better, and I had recently started a job at a fast food chain so I was making 100-200 a week. A few weeks went by playing $50 each week, until a miracle happened - I had turned $50 through a variety of different websites using martingale (I know, stupid indeed but by some odd change I had managed to make a huge amount) into around $200,000 AUD at the time (worth much more now in bitcoin rates). This was the day after Christmas of 2017 I believe - I withdrew the money and went to sleep finally after a long night of gambling (I had withdrew and redeposited into multiple different websites multiple times through the night constantly telling myself I'd stop soon.. so I did, at 200,000 - or so I thought). I woke up the next morning and instantly put it all back in - I did some very stupid bets (they got very large, I did not realize just how quickly a bet can go from $10 to $20,000) and ended up with $0 - well, this was the end of it. Or so I thought. After a day of beating my self up, I kept quite - went back to school, didn't say anything to anyone - of course, it might have been noticeable how miserable I was. Fast track a few weeks later, I started stealing. Yes, I know - I regret every decision I made and I have always felt guilty for what I did - I was midway into 16 at the time and spent every school night on my iPad making around three to four hundred dollars through different schemes which I always put back into the websites. Not once did i get close to repeating what I had made during the big win - I always thought, next one. But the next one was never it. Eventually, I started betting during school every few days and some mates caught on and started playing with me - small amounts, but we had fun gambling together during classes. It was when I was the only one playing all day and all night by myself that I realized I may have had a problem - but no, I could stop at any time I said to my self. This was the first stage.

What happened next, was I turned 18 and discovered sports betting. After a few thousand dollars in losses, I stopped myself from that and found my new preferred method of gambling - online casinos (not bitcoin, but aud) - I would spend every day playing on a new casino trying to beat the odds and not once did I do it. I did make a few big wins, but never pulled out and always (and i repeat, always, no matter how much I pulled out, I ended up losing all the profits and more the next day) lost. A few weeks into being 18, I discovered my worst enemy - the poker machines. I was new to all of this - me and a few friends went into a pub and saw a couple of machines - we were curious and each chucked in a few dollars. After we all lost our money, they all wanted to leave but I was different - I was the only one who put in more. I had no idea what the machines were or how to play them but I ended up spending an hour playing a few dollars - it was boring to me. I didn't understand it - "how could anyone be addicted to these piece of shit machines?" I thought. Fast forward a few weeks and I started going more often - I would play larger amounts and win larger amounts - it was getting more exciting (and would still get more, the more I learned about features and different machines.) After getting arrested and losing my license for a year around the time of my exams (two separate incidents which happened very closely to each other) I ended up with over $5,000 in fines to pay (court fine, impound fee, etc). I had a plan to pay them all off in a few months time. But at this time, I was falling in love with the poker machines. My family kept questioning where I was until 4am every morning, my girlfriend was constantly asking what I was doing - I always had an answer. This was my issue. I am a compulsive liar and have no problem lying about anything to anyone - it happens easily. My plan to pay off my fines did not happen. Couple months passed and I had spent almost every dollar at the pokies going every night hoping to make enough to pay off my fines - I spent all my paychecks and if I hadn't, I would have had enough to pay them off and not have this massive headache. I had to take out a loan. I took out a loan for double what I owed last week (around $10,000) - and this is where the real issue began. I had lied about my fines to everyone - my family, friends, etc. I told them I owed nothing more than $2,000 and that my loan was no more than $3,000. With this in mind, I had the mindset that the surplus of $5,000 was disposable - so what did I do? I went to Crown. The big place where it all happens. 3 days of playing and I made a few thousand dollars - i was up. But I was not happy with where I was. I started to skip university to go to Crown and in the span of 2 days, lost more than $8,000 which I had from the loan and all my extra savings/paychecks. One would think that these events would help me to stop - but no, this further worsened my problems. Since I was 16 I have had a problem with drugs (I would do a range of drugs, usually at school or at night when I wouldn't have to deal with my family, and spend the days messing around). Around a few weeks ago I had developed an addiction to cocaine (I say this as I am about to snort another key at 4am with uni work due in 8 hours). For the past 2 weeks I have spent the beginning and end of every day at a venue in an attempt to make back my very first massive win - but this has become more of an issue as my once a week cocaine habit had become daily (every couple of hours, which became every hour, which became every 30 minutes of playing) so while I was playing, I always always snorting before, during and after which made me very, very, compulsive - I had made many large wins which any smart person would have cashed out but to me - it was never enough. No matter how many massive features or wins I had (which attracted the attention of many onlookers) it was never enough for me. One more spin, I would always say as I drained my last few hundred down the drain.

Now I'm here, 3 hours after losing my last thousand dollars and last bag of cocaine, in bed at 4am contemplating whether to start my uni work due in a few hours or to just sleep and hope for the best, thinking of ways to fuel my addictions for the next few days knowing I should stop.

But that's the thing - I can't stop. I know I should. I want to. But I can't. My urge to do these things is stronger than my will to stop - "you should stop" becomes "you can stop when you want, but why stop now? it feels so good and you'll win eventually" - I know if I talk to someone it won't help me because I'm stubborn and will relapse very shortly so I am posting this here in hopes that maybe someone can relate or to find out if anyone can provide any advice as I am very lost and have no idea what to do anymore and I'm absolutely sick of it. I'm hiding my drug and gambling addiction from family, friends, my girlfriend - it is so obvious and everyone is suspicious but I am still lying to hide it. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm done.

Thank you if you managed to read this far and I hope that you can provide any advice at all about what to do to cut these addictions - I'm so fed up with this life already.
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Get Ticketing -- A Sleeping Giant

Here is an article by an author named Adnan about why Get Ticketing will explode:
Below is the same article copied and pasted for those who are too lazy to click the link. However, I recommend reading the article from the link instead as it has a lot of graphs, links, and pictures that gives a much fuller picture.
"GET protocol — the sleeping blockchain giant
Bear with me as I try to explain why the GET token is currently the most bullish crypto token in the space. The price surge will be driven by adoption and not just mere speculation. And adoption is already there but will only now start to gain huge momentum!
By the time you have read this blog you will come to see how most other crypto projects lose value in your eyes when you compare it to a project with amazing fundamentals, a project that doesn’t need an “altseason”, driven by mere mindless speculation, to give you nice returns!
Most people in the crypto space have never heard of the GET protocol. This is on one side suprising because there are 191.329 wallet holders to be exact. This means that 191.329 people have used the GET protocol, mostly without even knowing it!
The focus has always been on building a product that works and where there is demand for. Where other projects have focused and spent their funds on marketing in the crypto space (meaning luring in new investors) GET has neglected that part a bit.
Instead they focused their funds on building a waterproof system and acquiring clients who will use the protocol (venues, artists, governments, …). The effect of this is that the price hasn’t been affected by speculation.
The list of artists who use GET-fueled tickets is endless and I have honestly lost sight of everyone who uses it. But to give you an example of adoption, here is a list of some of the artists who sell GET-fueled tickets:
What is the GET protocol and what does it do?
The GET Protocol offers a blockchain-based smart ticketing solution that can be used by everybody who needs to issue admission tickets in an honest and transparent way. The goal of GET protocol is to become the worldwide ticketing standard.
To put it in simple terms: the ticketing industry is plagued by dishonest players. Not only ticket fraud but also scalping are an enormous problem in the industry. Once a ticket sale starts bots buy up the tickets and later sell them for enormous profits.
Fans are sidelined and are forced to buy tickets of their idols for a much higher price. The scalpers, not adding any value in the process, make tons of money at the expense of artists, fans, venues, event organizers, … and everybody who makes the event industry what it is.
This is where GET offers a solution proven to work
The tickets issued on the GET protocol are registered on your phone. This means that only the person in possession of the phone also owns the ticket. Every ticket is unique and is based on a QR code that updates itself and rotates to prevent fraud and scalping.
The tickets are all registered on the blockchain as a mean of transparency and accountability. This means that fans can check ticket authenticity whenever they want. This is also where the GET token comes in play but more on that later…
GET is currently the best adopted microcap
This is a bold statement but it’s not difficult to prove. Whereas other crypto “companies” confuse their investors with a lot of technical words that the average Joe doesn’t even understand and show off with meaningless partnerships, GET is actually changing the ticketing world for the better!
At the moment of writing there are 4 ticketing companies that are completely integrated in the GET protocol, and together have sold many GET-fueled tickets!
These companies currently run on the GET protocol:
Integrating an existing ticketing company is a low investment move (only the GET token is needed) that offers traditional ticketing companies several benefits. That is why I expect many ticketing companies to integrate and GET to scale quickly.
The supply
Some people are scared by the big difference in the circulating supply and the total supply. This is an unneccessary fear. The GET supply is made up of 3 portions:
This means that the circulating supply as it is now can only, ever, lightly increase for the purpose of growth. With the buybacks and burns being large enough the circulating supply will instead keep decreasing at a swift tempo.
GET in times of COVID19
In May Dutch group Di-Rect sold thousands of tickets for an online concert. They used GET’s technology to use a dynamic price setting. This means that fans were given the option to pay whatever they wanted for a ticket. Whoever paid €20 or more had the chance to win a lottery and be present at the concert.
Once the concert starts, whoever bought a ticket, will be able to watch the streamed concert on GUTS’ app. This is yet another proof of the advantages a digital ticket offers. As this was a big succes, the expectation is that more and more artists will make use of GET’s technology.
On 27/05 Dennis van Aarssen, The Voice Of Holland 2019 winner, announced that he will also do a livestreamed performance of classic covers and original music on June 7th. All tickets will be issued through the GET protocol.
GET also offers several advantages in different areas in the fights against COVID19. The right of access being linked to your mobile makes it possible for potential clients to monitor the number of visitors in real time all the time, to apply an automated seating selection which consideres an appropriate distance between all visitors, queue control, booking of timeslots for museums, shops, parks, beaches, … so overcrowding can be avoided.
When an event gets cancelled, whereas with paper tickets it’s sometimes impossible to track who owns the ticket at the current time, with GET’s technology the event organizer can, with one click, choose to make a refund to the current ticket owner, to communicate with him, to postpone the event, …
What more to expect in the (near) future?
There are so many amazing things to come in the very near future so I’ll only focus on a few of them:
Seeing the adoption the GET protocol has, the solution they bring and the enormous potential they have in conquering the ticketing industry, they have been asked by Kakao to join their blockchain “Klaytn”. So GET is an initial service partner of the Klaytn blockchain.
“Kakao’s global public blockchain project Klaytn is an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that brings user-friendly blockchain experience to millions.”
The choice for choosing to be an Initial Service Provider of Klaytn is based on two aspects. The first aspect is the fact that Klaytn’s blockchain infrastructure is fully business and integration focused, more than any other blockchain in the market.
This results in huge improvements in areas as cost-efficiency, scalability, and data reliability. The second aspect is fueled by the potential of being part of the Klaytn ecosystem.
Kakao is a giant in South Korea. GET will bring its adoption to Kakao’s blockchain and Kakao, with its giant network, in return will open many doors in South Korea. A win-win for everyone involved!
In 2017 Kakao had more than 220 millions users on their messaging and content platform. The last few years the company has been rapidly expanding in other industry verticals.
GET fueled tickets sold for K-pop stars
As mentioned earlier: South Korean ticketing company getTicket will run fully on the GET protocol. They have already deals in line to sell tickets for K-pop stars in their country.
K-pop legend Mr. Won-Kwan Jung, as someone who has a lot of connections in the K-pop world, has joined the GET protocol as an advisor. He is an iconic figure and innovator in the world of K-Pop, owing to the fact that he was one of the three original members of SoBangCha, (or ‘Firetruck’ in English) which is regarded as the first K-Pop group to exist in the world.
In a survey conducted in 17 countries in 2019, around 37.5 percent of respondents stated that the genre K-pop was “very popular” in their country. The survey found that the popularity of K-pop reaches far beyond South Korean borders.
The fact that their idols will be selling GET-fueled tickets hasn’t reached the Korean audience yet. It is still a “public secret”. The news will be released in a directed marketing campaign later this year. You better believe that once the Koreans find out that they’ll be buying GET like hot cupcakes!
Tickets for museums and beaches to be in line with COVID19 restriction measures
With the Corona virus still not wiped out but more under control, many countries are lifting restrictions. This needs to be done in a safe and controlled manner. This means avoiding overcrowding. GET’s technology can and will surely help here.
GET’s system can do all that is needed now for a safe experience. Whether it’s booking a timeslot for the beach, for a museum,… or even for a shop from your home. The system lets the client monitor everything in real time. Someone can that way for example choose to go when there is less crowd. This all while fully respecting the user’s privacy.
The GET sales team has been busier than ever, being in contact with governments, museums, … and the dev team is constantly creating custom made smart ticketing solutions for new costumers. I’m sure we can expect some major announcements in this area soon!
Top tier exchange listings & marketing in the crypto space
The team has confirmed that listing on a top tier exchange has already been agreed. They’re just waiting for the right time to announce it, fitting in their marketing campaign. Besides that, a fiat on ramp exchange will list GET in a short timeframe.
Many projects invested most of their funds in exchange listings and fake volume, creating artifical demand. These exchange listings are almost always accompanied by paying for a market maker. Once the funds dry up (and we have seen this with many projects) delisting becomes a reality and the funds end up being spent in vain.
GET’s exchange listing and marketing campaign aren’t a means to pump the price but have the goal of creating liquidity for the end users (mainly ticketing companies) who will need to acquire a lot of GET from the open market in the short future.
Expansion in several other countries
GET’s business developer Sander:
"I am reached out by ticketing parties all around the world on a daily basis. The main challenge is to vet these parties. The goal of GET Protocol is to be the worldwide standard of digital admission rights and to get there we need to stay extremely lean and flexible in order to scale well.
In that sense we need to be 100% convinced the parties we partner up in this phase have a very high potential of becoming a big player in their respective geographies. From the onboardings we currently experience, we learn to speed up onboarding processes upcoming year."
And when asked how many tickets he expects to be sold in the near future and how many ticketing companies he expects to run on the GET protocol in 5 years time:
"Along the journey, we here at GET and GUTS learned quite a few things. One of them is avoiding to publicly announce ticket sale estimates as the chances are that we shoot ourselves in the foot with that. If we don’t meet our estimates, life sucks and the community will let us know which is fine and rightful, but to be honest for GET nothing to win.
If we meet our goal, it is okay but even then some people members manage to say they hoped for even better. In that sense, whatever we do, we can’t do well enough on that front, so I am reluctant about giving specific numbers (and I don’t have a crystal sphere either!).
That being said, regarding the amount of ticketing companies in 2025, I expect many, in many countries. It’s a matter of time that we can easier offer our products in a whitelabeled manner. Only this week we got requests for more information about our services from Germany, Paraguay, Mexico, UK and Italy and Australia.
This certainly doesn’t always mean a ticketing company could lead out of such a request, but the interest is certainly there. If we keep on doing what we do now, I believe we can boost ticketeers and event organizers around the world pretty soon and let them issue fully digital and blockchain registered tickets, all processed by GET Protocol. If more ticketing companies are onboarded, the amount of ticket sales processed by the protocol will grow exponentially."
Knowing how GET’s team has always been very careful with their promises, I take such statements very seriously. If the past has taught me anything: they’re probably making an understatement. So expect GET to spread its wings in many regions around the world and take the ticketing world by a storm!
Staking & nodes
GET’s blockchain developer Kasper Keunen has announced that a staking model is being developed. This means that you’ll be able to stake your GET. In return a portion of the ticketing fee will be rewarded to those stakers and nodes. So see it as a passive income. You sit down, relax and see it grow exponentionally as GET conquers the ticketing world :)
The end goal is to be an open source protocol
The endgoal of the GET protocol is to become open source. There will be a governance model where changes to the protocol will be determined by GET token holders. That’s why I expect ticketing companies to acquire a lot of GET in time as their revenue relies on the direction of the protocol.
GET will have a role as governance for the project as a whole. Such a role for the token is the most natural in a fully open-sourced environment of the protocol(currently not the case, yet).
As then governance by stakeholders (ticketing companies) with a serious stake in the game as their ticketing revenue relies on the direction/quality of the code to be on point.
As of yet, we do not really assign too much fundamental value to this role for the token (we barely mentioned it actually) as it is still a bit early for it to have serious merit.
So pushing that value of the token now would be a bit false advertising. As we onboard more and more ticketing companies we will develop the governance of the token role more and more!
Why the GET token is set to explode
Now that I’ve covered what the GET protocol is and where it’s going, it’s time to dig deeper in the token. And I have to say that I’ve never been more bullish on anything in my life. This for the simple reason that usage will drive the price to insanely high levels (where speculation isn’t even needed).
As mentioned above: to have full transparency and accountability (both missing links to make the ticket industry fraud- and scalpfree) all tickets sold are registered on blockchain.
You can compare GET to a gas that is needed to fuel the protocol (every state change of the ticket needs to be registered — for which GET is needed). So for every ticket sold GET is bought back from the open market and burned forever.
GET’s valuation in the (near) future
Bear in mind that this is my own expectation, based on big changes in supply and demand that I will try to explain below. Also keep in mind that I’m not a financial advisor and nothing is guaranteed in the crypto space!
But I will try to explain why I personally believe that GET will be trading at 10€ per token and more in the near future.
As time goes on and more tickets are sold, the demand for GET will keep increasing while the supply will keep decreasing. You don’t need to have a PhD in economics to understand what this will do to the price!
What kind of demand/buybacks can we expect?
As explained above: for every ticket sold at least €0,28 worth of GET is needed by the ticketing companies. Most of this GET is bought back from the exchanges (the money to do this is included in the ticket fee).
Some GET is supplied by the “user growth fund”. This is a fund created to give potential new customers a discount. This is done by subsidizing them a portion of their need for GET so these new customers don’t need to pay the full price immediately. Bear in mind that as time goes by this fund will dry up and all the GET that is needed will from that moment on be bought from the exchanges.
Since the buybacks are based on the amount of tickets issued by the protocol, to calculate what kind of buybacks we can expect in the future we need to look at the ticket sales. As mentioned before there are 4 ticketing companies using the protocol right now (GUTS, ITIX, TecTix and getTicket). Below I will make an estimation of what to expect from them.
GUTS has sold over 400k tickets. From just the deals already signed, over a million tickets would have been sold in 2020. Due to Covid19 most events had to be posponed (not cancelled). In the meanwhile the GUTS sales team hasn’t been idle and has atracted many more customers.
This means that the 1 million tickets number is probably even on the low side. But let’s say a minimum of 1 million tickets will be sold the first year where all events will be allowed again. This means that at least €280.000 worth of GET will be needed in that year.
ITIX sells 2 million tickets a year on average. Once fully integrated they will thus need at least €560.000 worth of GET on a yearly basis.
TecTix, as a new ticketing company, it’s hard to predict what kind of numbers they’ll be running at the start. But given the expertise of the TecTix team I think 200.000 tickets is a safe bet to start with. That would put us on at last €56.000 worth of GET needed/year.
And finally getTicket, a ticketing company based in South Korea. In their case it’s also difficult to make a prediction because they’re new and we have no previous data to rely on.
But judging from the comments made by the team that “everything is bigger in Korea” and that they’ll be selling stadium concerts for K-pop stars (just one concerts can mean over 100.000 tickets sold) I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be selling at least 1 million tickets/year. That would bring their need for GET to at least €280.000 a year.
So if we put this together the 4 ticketing companies will need over € 1 million worth of GET on a yearly basis. Bear in mind that more ticketing companies will keep joining and the existing ticketing companies will keep growing, taking away marketshare from ticketing companies that can’t offer all of the advantages mentioned before.
Based on all of this I, pesonally, would say that €5 million/year in GET buybacks by 2023 is not an unreasonable prediction.
What can we expect from GET’s supply?
Demand for a token means nothing if the supply is unlimited. The best example of the importance of the supply is the recent Bitcoin halvening that got everyone excited.
Before the halvening around 1800 BTC were mined every day. Let’s say that at current prices this was around $16 million worth of BTC per day. The miners obviously have to sell a large portion of this to cover their costs. So even if there are no other sellers, a large number of BTC has to be bought from the market every day just to keep status quo of the current price.
Halvening basically means that the speed at which the supply increases will be halved (900 BTC mined on a daily basis instead of 1800). The supply of BTC will still continue to increase, only at a slower tempo.
Scarcity should be the ultimate goal when investing in utility tokens.
With GET’s utility token things are different: every GET bought by a ticketing company will be burned. Contrary to BTC the supply of GET will thus continue to decrease as time goes on, removing the stacks of those eager to sell.
This is not a dig at Bitcoin by the way as I’m a fan. Just highlighting the advantage an adopted utility token with good tokenomics has over “the king”.
I hope you now understand my expectation that the price will explode. Many holders will obviously not be willing to sell at current prices with such an increasing demand.
As the price is determined by many factors and we don’t know what the price will do exactly, it’s not possible to pin down the exact supply in the future. We do know that it will keep decreasing at a swift tempo unless the price goes parabolic.
Finding the equilibrum for the price
The demand for GET will keep increasing through adoption and the supply decreasing as the used GET are destroyed forever
The equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity occur where the supply and demand curves cross. The equilibrium occurs where the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied. If the demand increases and the supply decreases then the price will rise until it finds a new equilibrium.
Putting a correct marketcap valuation on a crypto project is an extremely difficult task. With traditional companies we can for example rely on the revenue, profit, dividend payments, … to estimate what the company is/should be worth.
In most countries a 5% rental yield is considered a good investment. Of course it’s not fully comparable as these buybacks don’t automatically put money on your account. But they do increase the price and destroy the supply. So I think it’s in a way reasonable to extrapolate this 5% yield to our case.
Having explained why I expect atleast €5 million in yearly buybacks by 2023, that would mean the marketcap should be around €100 million (5% = the buyback of €5 million multiplied by 20).
The current circulating supply of GET is around 13,5 million. The expectation is that the burning mechanism will destroy more than half of that by 2023 (this takes into account an increasing price of the GET token). So let’s round it up to 5 million GET remaining.
A marketcap of €100 million with a supply of 5 million GET would mean a price of €20/GET. This would be an increase of 6566.67%.
Of course these numbers are not set in stone and merely a prediction but if you’ve been reading this blog you have come to understand why I am extremely bullish on the GET token.
I have completely taken the speculation factor or an “altseason” or “fomo” out of the equation and only focused on a price increase driven by an increasing demand and decreasing supply! So the focus is on an organic price growth.
Another great thing about holding a token with mass adoption and guaranteed buybacks is that I don’t have to worry about the price. As the buybacks are a guaranteed thing, the lower the price of GET the more GET is bought back and destroyed forever. So even a price decrease, as contradictory as it may sound, is bullish for longterm holders!
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latest call...running diary

Quick thoughts as I listened in real time. Only half way through, will come back and finish later.
Classic stuff. If you create a video...with the right copy...they will come.
  1. CME Bitcoin day 1 Chris explains he would have buried that story on presumed "low volume" in his expert opinion. This from the same man who highlights CWH's and the ongoing SEC investigation in recent SEC rule review documentation. I mean, talk about something that should be buried. He really does think he is going to beat the SEC and be part of some new rule set.
  2. Maine Governor veto of legalized god. The moral argument is the worst, they are making it safer through transparency. People in Maine don't book off shore? There are what? 17+ states already in. What is he going to do when the wire act goes?
  3. Alper anything to say? Nope, just wanted to know what state. Probably smart to not fuel Chris' rants about anything not ASM.
  4. Neil takes the stage....silence....nothing to add. Thank's Neil, dynamite as always!
  5. Chris figures the road to regulation is non-regulation.
  6. 20 years later and nothing like ASM exists in the world. Oh, wait...
  7. chris rambling about the "tech"? Is he talking about the actual software or math of market? Tech feel 20 years old IMO and the math has been broken (see $10B market cap coming next week).
  8. Note on tech; ASM tech is literally an open order book exchange. There are literally a million of them which look and feel better from both a UX and UI perspective. For someone who says he knows so much about crypto pull any exchange and the "tech" is better than ASM.
  9. No Action Letter? Are we to believe the No action will not be effected by the SEC investigation or Judge calling it a Ponzi?
  10. Chris now going rogue against the establishment and regulatory process.
  11. Chris debates, should have kept ASM in Costa Rica? Pura Vida!
  12. 25 Trademarks? ummmmm, money well spent?
  13. Chris calls for the first order for the order book! We need a customer!
  14. Chris positions ASM to ask for forgiveness and not permission. Regulation be damned! America!!
  15. Chris is a cord cutter! Long live youtube!
  16. Random thought, Chris doesn't seem to ever speak to the actual market and news of sports or the speed at which teams, leagues and brands are moving in and around the "gaming" space. Not just "betting". seems a major blind spot and makes him sound very off market for someone who is CEO of a sports stock market.
  17. Chris says to now create videos to bring in the team fans so they can be the advocates to the teams. Seems like a great strategy that will work very quickly. Nothing like fans cold calling on ASM's behalf because of a video they saw. Social media, tho!!
  18. See point 16, how is he so oblivious to what is happening in 2020 in sports?? Cowboys office on a Tuesday??
  19. Clipper Darrel reference -- DRINK!!
  20. Chris is an expert at affiliate metrics. Don't even try anything else.
  21. Here come the Packers and Stock talk...casual fans know this and will jump on.
  22. Here comes Alper! He hates the GB example...this should be interesting...
  23. Alper seems to argue GB is more buy and hold (souvenir) vs trading, which is what ASM wants. A sound argument against the GB narrative. Will see what Chris says...
  24. Chris only wants to use it as a way to associate the team/public ownership.
  25. Alper brings up the fact that you don't own the actual team and only the cash flow is from the the platform itself. Interesting, he seems to believe in the math. (publicly)
  26. Chris wants new words on how to speak to fans.
  27. Question; With $5M spent, has an actual marketing team or branding team ever been brought in?? Listening to Chris talk about a video he wants to produce is insanity. Holy shit.
  28. Alper, another good point. Its the market, stupid! haha
  29. Chris really getting exposed. He's literally the guy at the dart board.
  30. Alper hates GB. Hates videos.
  31. Chris arguing the video push. Think the big take away is a clear issue with Chris wanting to wear every hat in ASM. Why is he now a video producer and marketer? This highlights the major issue ASM has had. Chris' hands in places they shouldn't be.
  32. Good copy in our video will get all sports fans to come to ASM. And automated leads.
  34. Alper defends the need for a compelling call to action and says the video idea is basically ridiculous. basically common sense (meant as compliment).
  35. Chris' response "my goodness", he wants his chance to make a video because "other videos" have gained traction.
  36. Chris defends if there is a "video" fans will love concept of trading shares so much they will email biz dev teams. because the video (that chris makes) is amazing. He hasn't had "a hand in it" yet. Steven fucking Spielberg.
  37. As chris speaks it goes back to chris' lack of insight to the sports world post papa. he sounds like he's speaking in 2016
  38. Bernie reference - DRINK!
  39. Zach reference - DRINK!
  40. Chris arguing "build it and they will come" or email teams. not sure
  41. Alper arguing the reality of what they are trying to sell fans because on ASM doesn't give ownership and in the actual stock market people actually own a piece of the company and still choose to do nothing to help that company. Clearly articulating why a video isn't going to drive thousands of fans to email the teams. Chris really has lost it, he only sees one way. Beautiful to watch.
  42. Neil jumps in...should be good. "We should build a product, market, then get users". He must have missed Chris talking about the "tech".
  43. Neil says there is no product. Says learning market is shit.
  44. Go Neil go! Says there is NO MONEY.
  45. Neil, "Show me the money"
  46. Chris says ASM needs an actual deal with every team!!! woah....that sounds unlikely. says teams won't touch it. UNLESS, smaller teams get in.
  47. Bernie reference - DRINK!
  48. Zach reference - DRINK!
  49. Chris says Bernie won't touch it as is.
  50. Chris admits market as is is worthless without teams/leagues. Can't go to real money.
  52. Chris didn't know about licensing. Luck. Why non-profit umbrella allows use of logos (or so they think now...)
  53. Kinda of confused. Earlier in call Chris was all about regulation be damned. Now he is discussing risk in going forward with a real money market as is.
  54. turning on a real market is a risk chris won't take for fear of using logos? why not simply use colors? fair use?
  55. Alper discussing what they need to show leagues/teams = product market fit. not proof of concept.
  56. Alper argues they need scale to have any chance at growing. chicken and egg (leagues vs fans first)
  57. Chris wants to refine how to get the "word out" on ASM.
  58. Neil is back! He wants the market open with real money!
  59. Chris outlines the risks. I'm still missing why not simply go to the leagues and get licensing agreements to do this. Sort of like selling hats and t-shirts. Letting this drag out has been a death sentence.
  60. Chris says leagues won't touch ASM.
  61. Chris won't defend path to go real money with big 4.
  62. I thought chris was resigning in 2020, that would solve that?
  63. Hello to all the new listeners. What new listeners? I guess the people giving donations?

Chris admits the real money market using big 4 is dead and done. Basically says the current market is worthless and that people are trading for "fun" effectively because there is no real money behind it.
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MyBookie Review: What’s Your Experience Reddit?

I’ve been into sports betting for a good few months now and am pleased to say that I’m making a few hundred dollars off it each month. I live in Florida and I have to say that sports betting is just something that I enjoy doing. I’m not addicted, I haven’t accrued any debts (I’m actually in profit) and it’s not affecting my life. The winnings pay for little things like a few odd jobs on the house that needed doing.
Anyway, I used a few different sites when I first started out to test them all out and I’ve pretty much settled on MyBookie. From what I’ve seen on Reddit, there are a lot of people in the U.S. who aren’t sure what sports book to use, and there are also those who criticise MyBookie for being a low level site. I personally like it and decided to write this little MyBookie review to potentially help you out.
Welcome bonus?
You get. It’s a 50% match bonus and you can deposit as much as $1,000 and thus get $500 free. Minimum deposit is $100 if you want to grab it though. Rollover requirements increase the bigger your deposit is
Very good for underdogs. Perhaps not as good as Bovada (which I also use) but still good. they are square too
Initial limits are a bit low, they post lines a tad slowly too but all the major events are covered and if you’re just a casual bettor and a casual fan, you can’t really go wrong here.
Live betting?
Yes, it’s available. Juice is pretty good too and gets bigger for the smaller sports.
Withdrawal fees
Steep. Wire transfer is something like $35 (can’t say what it is exactly at time of writing as I haven’t done a wire transfer for a while but it WAS really high)
Bitcoin is free (I use Bitcoin) and you can convert it to cash via a BitPay card. You barely lose anything on the market exchange
Also worth mentioning that you’ll probably have to upload a valid ID photo before you can withdraw anything. Bit of a pain in the butt but you’ll get there :)
Instant, no fees for cards and eWallets but a bit slower for Bitcoin
Bitcoin accepted?
Is MyBookie Legal (Is MyBookie Legit?)?
100% in the U.S.
Is MyBookie safe?
Customer service
Solid. A call back request is really cool!
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Reasons Why You Should Invest and use KingCasino.

It is a licensed online cryptocurrency casino which is registered with over a thousand high quality games to choose from, offering players with numerous options to play! Never has online casino games been more diverse and enjoyable! Play BlackJack, Poker, and bet on numerous sports easily using your smartphone or personal computer!
KingCasino is easy to access with user-friendly mobile applications available to android and iOs users.
KingCasino unifies two major markets; the cryptocurrency market and the online casino world together while providing KCT (KinCasino token) holders with the opportunity to become shareholders.
You can Earn rewards for playing your favourite games while also benefiting from a highly lucrative affiliate program which offers up to 45% revenue share!
KingCasino offers Support for numerous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, KCT, Charcoin, Tether making deposits and withdrawals seamless and hitch-free!
Profit sharing which enables KCT holders to receive dividends on a quarterly basis!
Continuous demand model facilitated by the KCT token burn which burns 5% of wagered KCT every quarter. This invariably decreases available supply and potentially leads to an appreciation in the value of KCT.
Unlike numerous tokens within the cryptocurrency space which are basically utility tokens, KCT are security tokens, essentially providing holders with more value! Numerous partnerships with reputable names within the blockchain space and the casino world.
Smart investors have already started investing in KCT with p2pb2b and LaToken being some of the reputable names! If leading exchanges within the cryptocurrency space have keyed into KingCasino, it is indicative of the potential they beleive it offers to both the cryptocurrency and casino markets!
It might interest you to know that, kingcasino has already recorded huge subscription in its ongoing tokensale on P2PB2B and Latoken with over 20 million dollars worth of tokens sold.
More information you can find on these links:
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Review Sports Betting //Bonus Free Fauset - YouTube BitCoin Meets Sports Betting... and Auctions! - YouTube Join and receive a m฿ 20 Risk-Free Bet! - Review How To Earn Bitcoin From College Bowl Games and Other Sports Bitcoin, Betting and Gambling How Digital Currency Works with The Oracle

Bitcoin betting Beside specialized crypto bookmaker, also more and more of the traditional bookmaker start to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency within their betting ecosystem. Bitcoin is on the way to become the preferred sports betting currency, because of its safety, the fast transactions and its low fees. Listed below are our top choice for Bitcoin Sports Betting. These are sportsbooks built specifically for use with Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. While our top choices on our homepage also accept Bitcoin, these dedicated Bitcoin sportsbooks usually only require an email address to create an account, providing more anonymity. Using bitcoins for betting on sports is a lot easier than you think. It’s why most sportsbooks now accept it and sometimes even offer larger bonuses for customers who commit to crypto sports betting over using traditional fiat currency. The basics of bitcoin betting are quickly becoming second nature for both sportsbooks and the players that use them. BetBTC – BetBTC is a first licensed online sports betting exchange that specialize in bitcoin betting.BetBTC doesn’t have betting limits.BetBTC The Dedicated Bitcoin Sports Betting Exchange.Back & Lay Betting Betfair Alternative.Minimum Stake on the Sports Exchange was lowered to just BTC0.000001. Bitcoin faucet is a webpage that gives out users a very small amount of Bitcoins every few Sportsbook Review asks users with feedback on bitcoin betting exchange Fairlay to write to [email protected] Fairlay is a prediction market peer-to-peer exchange which charges no

[index] [2650] [14022] [14475] [23307] [9584] [21559] [24239] [6289] [1013] [19034]

Review Sports Betting //Bonus Free Fauset - YouTube

Review Bitcoin Sports Betting Site Bonus Free Fauset прогнозынафутбол, прогнозы, бк, некаппер, кац as ... Bitcoin, Betting and Gambling How Digital Currency Works with The Oracle ... Learn more about sports betting for free on my site. Free daily picks as well on all pro sports: ... Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook Tour of Bitcoin Betting Site - Duration: 2:18. SBR Sports Picks 1,339 views. ... Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin Sports Book Review 2020 - Duration: 5:35. Action Backers 357 ... Sports Network BTC - Grow Your BTC - 365 Days a Year. * Sports Betting + Cryptocurrency = Winning Big * No more trying to time the market. * No more informat... The exchange price of a Coin may change significantly and you may be unable to transact Coins or money at the anticipated rate or price. ... Sports Betting Dwayne Golden BitCoin how to trade ...

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