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[Steam] Winter Sale- Hidden Gems II; The Eleventh Hour

Personal Note: If you found any other hidden gems, or just have something to say, say it in the comments! It's the eleventh hour and people can actually hear you now!

Inspired somewhat by the recent post of Hidden Gems, I found that it's largely become completely congested. As such, I'll coalesce a lot of the deals posted by the guys there here, instead. I'll add others in case I find any of them in the original thread.
Personal Favorites
Puzzle Games found by crabbit
Random picks by ND1Razor
Unusual Games found by thelazyreader2015
RPGs loved by thelazyreader2015
Games Thrice Reposted by ParanoidAndroid1309
strikan33 posts the base list
With some other titles, Art4dinner recommends:
Gramis Silently slides:
A small list by thinkforaminute
Story rich, atmospheric game dragged into the light by BabyMustache
Less than a quid by Dux0r
A list of openish world RPGS from thelazyreader2015
Wishlist and personal favorites from gpt999
Misc Recommendations
With the large quantity of the old deals posted, I'd love to see any other hidden gems there might be out there. I'll post the two major things from the previous thread (The massive posts on Coop games and the massive post on games less than three dollars) below, and I'll post any other collections or mild reccomendations I find above.
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[ADWD/GAME] Some criticism of the story of the Telltale Game of Thrones game

For some time now I have been slowly writing a critique of the story and lore presented in Telltale's Game of Thrones, and I thought I'd share it here, partly for some discussion in the long wait for The Winds of WinteSeason 7, and also because I ran into the character limit on Steam and needed somewhere post the rest of my review!
Please not that I've only focused on the story of the game, and how it fits in with the wider A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones world, but I will just say that the engine is still awful, the game stutters through all seven hells when changing scenes, and the illusion of choice is more apparent than ever before. Anyway, let's get to the meat of any Telltale game - the story.
Also, it helps to read this in Mr Plinkett's voice.
House Forrester - They are what I'd call a forth-rung House (like how House Tollett is sworn to House Royce is sworn to House Arryn is sworn to House Baratheon, House Forrester is sworn to House Glover is sworn to House Stark is sworn to House Baratheon). Then why does this incredibly minor House have sole ownership to the ability to construct the defensive equivalent of Valyrian Steel swords? According to the game, this incredibly rare and valuable resource apparently only grows in two places south of the Wall (both places conveniently obey the contours of the political regions of two minor forth-rung Houses), and House Forrester are the only ones who can work it - why then aren't they richer than the Lannisters, or the Starks, or at very least the Whitehills? If there was a minor House that uncovered the art of re-forging Valyrian Steel they would make enough money to buy and sell the Iron Bank of Braavos. Why is this House so seemingly poor? Is the only reason they are so poor despite their huge deposit of natural resources due to the need to shoehorn in a sense of urgency and foreboding into the plot? Every problem this House runs into throughout the course of the game could be solved if they reached their hand into Ironrath's treasury (which should be overflowing due to the demand of the products of the miracle wood that grows only in their backyard) and hired a sellsword company. Also, why aren't they rushing to the defence of House Glover? This game takes place at the tail end of season three, and throughout season four of the show. During this entire time House Glover's seat of Deapwood Motte is under the control of the invading Ironborn. Why aren't we helping to free our liege lords? More to the point, why haven't the Ironborn invaded Ironrath, considering how valuable Ironwood is?
House Whitehill - My biggest gripe with this House is that when you take their location and their religion into account they make zero sense. Ask yourself this: how did a House, sworn to the Boltons, situated north of Winterfell, end up following the Faith of the Seven, the religion of the south? Telltale's decision with House Whitehill just baffles me. The only thing we knew about House Whitehill before this game is that they followed the Faith of the Seven, and every decision Telltale made with them doesn't take this one fact into account. I liked the design of their seat, Highpoint, and I felt it really fit their status, but House Whitehill would make much more sense being sworn to House Manderly (a powerful third rung House in the North that follows the Faith of the Seven, and has numerous vassal forth-rung Houses sworn to it), and having nothing at all to do with this game.
Also, where does this House make their money? It's repeatedly pointed out how House Whitehill can't work Ironwood, so it's not like they're trading that valuable resource - how then are they able to afford hundreds of Sellswords when House Forrester (which is literally surrounded by valuable natural resources only they can use) cannot also do the same?
If I had the ability to alter only minor things within this game, I would remove House Whitehill. Have a rival House, by all means, but make it one of the other Houses sworn to House Glover (e.g. House Branch, House Bole, or House Woods - all of which were introduced in the same sentence in 'A Dance with Dragons' alongside House Forrester). This would also handily explain why House Glover couldn't interfere in defence of the Forresters - they didn't want to pick sides in a skirmish between their vassals. It would also help to make the spread of Ironwood trees more believable, as it would be one large patch of Ironwood trees within the Wolfswood, as opposed to two separate patches spread out on opposite sides of the North. This in turn helps make the fight for resources more believable, whereas the Forrester vs. Whitehill feud displayed in the game is the equivalent of a border dispute between Alaska and Florida.
House Glenmore - And thus Telltale stops tr