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ChunkHost's Bitcoin Revenue in 2014

ChunkHost's Bitcoin Revenue in 2014 submitted by moon_drone to BetterBitcoin [link] [comments]

ChunkHost's Bitcoin Revenue in 2014

ChunkHost's Bitcoin Revenue in 2014 submitted by chunkhost to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Rebilling Bitcoiners - What we've found at ChunkHost.

Rebilling Bitcoiners - What we've found at ChunkHost. submitted by chunkhost to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

ChunkHost VPS now accepts bitcoin... for the next 24 hours if you sign up with BTC you get double credit!

I'm Josh Jones of Shirtoshi, BitMadness, BitcoinBuilder, and co-founder of DreamHost. My newish little VPS host is called ChunkHost, (http://www.chunkhost.com/) and we now accept Bitcoin (in which case you're anonymous, since we only need an email address)!
We've also re-jiggered all our plans so it's just $9/mo no matter the size (1GB - 8GB), there's just a one-time hardware purchase fee for bigger servers (we only pay once for the hardware, why should you pay monthly forever?)!
Anyway, for the next 24 hours (well, until midnight the 28th Pacific Time) if you sign up and make your first payment with bitcoin, we'll give you double account credit! We always give a 5% discount for paying with bitcoin, but now it's like a 55% discount! Which makes it overall a pretty great deal.
Oh yeah, our new servers are all RAID 10 SSD drives and we're in the peer one datacenter in Los Angeles! We run Xen for our virtualization so your server can't be affected by other customers in any way.
Enjoy! And please add any comments, questions, etc.. here.
Thanks, josh!
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ChunkHost: Pay for a year (in bitcoin) and get double the RAM!

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ChunkHost SSD VPS hosting offering double credit for all BTC payments for Bitcoin Black Friday!

We did this once before when we first started accepting bitcoin, and in honor of Bitcoin Black Friday (and BTC $1,000!), we're doing it again:
Any payments you make on your account in bitcoin today (Pacific Time.. so actually it starts in 2 hours) will give you double credit (on top of the always 5% discount you get for paying in bitcoin)!
In case you're not familiar with us, we're an awesome VPS host that only offers all-SSD machines with all upgrades just a ONE-TIME fee! Once you've "bought" any extra ram/disk/CPU/BW, the hosting is always just $9/mo!
Our plans pretty much beat the pants off anybody and we've been growing very fast the last two months, thanks mostly to bitcoin!
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ChunkHost gets 30% of November revenue from BitCoin payments!

ChunkHost gets 30% of November revenue from BitCoin payments! submitted by chunkhost to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Chunkhost now requires one to pay yearly (not monthly) if using bitcoin vs paypal

Sigh, I am longtime chunkhost customer using the vps for testing, when i went to topup account with bitcoin it said i had to pay yearly not monthly if i wish to use bitcoin
I clicked ok and of course an error message appears when trying to pay with bitcoin
Anyways f&*k them, went to digital ocean and had a vps running in under a minute.
I think its the height of stupidity what they have done.
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Bitcoin XT nodes being DDOSed?

We run chunkhost.com and a couple of days ago received a DDOS attack against one of our customers (as we sometimes do). Upon investigation, the customer explained he had been using the server as a bitcoin node for the backend for a bitcoin ATM for over a year with no issue. He just recently switched to XT to show support for BIP 101, and was summarily attacked!
Has anybody else seen this running XT?
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Bitcoin hosting

I want to know if anyone has used a web host that accepts BTC. If you have, what service do you like and recommend?
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I'm tired of BitVPS support being unresponsive. Can anyone recommend a PROFESSIONAL VPS host that accepts Bitcoin?

So I've been a customer of BitVPS for several years now. I was probably one of their first. At first, their service was great, and I've never really had a problem with the reliability of their servers.. But WHEN there's an issue, it's next to impossible to reach anyone who can do anything about it. They don't monitor their ticket queues and only on rare occasion are they actually available through IRC, and those seem to be the only published methods to reach anyone.
So I'd like to know if anyone can make any recommendations for a VPS service that accepts Bitcoin which actually has professional support staff backing it. I'm ready to move.
Update: Thanks for all the suggestions. I wound up choosing Chunkhost. I sent them a test email to support out of the blue late at night and got a response from a real human within 10 minutes. Combine that with the 2x spec boost by pre-paying and the SDD disks, and I couldn't think of any reason not to..
BitVPS support finally showed up in IRC this evening.. So 4+ days after I reported the issue.. And apparently I'm not the only one with this issue.. It was pretty wide-spread and a lot of other customers were fuming as well by then. But they didn't notice for 4 days???? And they still haven't solved the issue, they've just acknowledged it. I'd be surprised if they stay in business after this fiasco. You've got to WORK to be that BAD at your job.
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AWS based vps with bitcoin? US-East

Anyone know how one can buy an VPS hosted on amazon cloud (aws directly or reseller?) at the US-East location with bitcoin?
Are there any re-sellers accepting bitcoin?
Background requirement: Coinbase suggests using AWS US-East location for faster api access
p.s: Yes I know of Vultr, Chunkhost and Bithost.io none are running on amazon cloud
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Here at ChunkHost, we don't consider ourselves a Bitcoin company any more than we're a Visa or PayPal company. We just provide the chunkiest VPSes on the market at great prices, with awesome support, Josh's crazy sense of humor , and all the other perks our customers have come... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. 32. ChunkHost VPS now accepts bitcoin... for the next 24 hours if you sign up with BTC you get double credit! In fact, Chunkhost was the first web hosting company to ever accept Bitcoin, way back in 2012, and we've never stopped. What's more, when you pay with Bitcoin, we knock 5% off the price of your VPS. Paying Yearly Paying Monthly Nate Daiger, a co-owner of ChunkHost, said that a hacker had managed to persuade a SendGrid employee to change his company’s account information over the phone, took over ChunkHost’s account and reset passwords for two of its Bitcoin-related clients in an apparent attempt to steal Bitcoin wallets. The legitimate address is "[email protected]" The attackers then changed the passwords for the bitcoin-related Chunk Host accounts, Daiger said.

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