The Day The World Ended [Micro-Documentary]

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4. As for the 30 million plus Haggee Israel ass kissing rapture bunnies - these must be among the stupidest and most contmpitble on the planet. End result of terminal dumbing down TV induced stupor brain washing mind frucked. Thank you Les - this last aint gonna be good on your resume !! Hooray for the truth. Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:32:00 PM The Zionists have stolen the mental image of Israel and taken the greatest nation on the planet (The uSA) and made it their slave because they claim that image. Like so many obedient sheep, the people of the uSA, they obey because, now, we are the “USA”, an incorporation, different from the uSA that we all think we live it. While cold storage bitcoin will have dollar returns dependent on bitcoin’s USD price performance, its bitcoin returns will essentially be zero. Tantra Labs is trading to outperform bitcoin itself, giving the investor access to an entirely new way of earning bitcoin. The last of the Population’s Wealth and the Planet’s Resources are spent on an EXTRAVAGANT “Farewell” Political Party. The Population BELIEVES the promises made, wishes THEM well and off THEY go. Once the Para-Semites are out of sight, the Population returns to destroying Themselves, Each Other and the Planet. It’s the neighboring communities who are disgusted w jews, whose children are sick, lately having spread some virus, flu themselves, sparking forced vaccinations opportunity BY ZOG JEWS. When it comes to JEWS being forced to vaccinate, WE ARE ALL FOR IT. They want isolation, they GET ISOLATION, inject them all.

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Should You Buy a $75 eBay Coin Grab Bag? See What I Got!

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