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A couple of beginner questions...

Hey all,
I have been doing some light reading on crypto and had a few questions I was hoping the Reddixperts could answer.
Is a different one required for each coin and each exchange you use?
My understanding of HOW a wallet functions isnt great when I see alot of different options like paper, digital, ledger etc.
What is really the best wallet option?
How to I backup and keep my wallets secure?
As I understand I cant just buy Bitcoin or other alt coins through my bank easily. I need an actual exchange to convert my CAD into my desired currency.
Being that I live in Canada, which exchange is the most trustworthy/reliable?
Do all exchanges that convert Fiat into crypto require ID verfication with passport(Digatrad) and/or credit checks(quadrix)?
After I convert my fiat into crypto, and I want to start trading a coin that isnt listed on my home exchange, do I have transfer from my home exchange wallet to the new one? Or can I use the same wallet for every exchange?
I am just trying to get a better understanding of the fundamentals before diving in.
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At the moment they seem to have wire option disabled which would be ideal to transfer larger amounts without fee. But keep in mind the biggest advantage of interac is that funds are transferred immediately, so you can do multiple $2000 transactions (one per day) and have something like almost 14k sent in 7 days at 1.5% fee A company with legal problems; a mysterious death; missing customer funds. The QuadrigaCX story could have come straight from the pen of a hack Hollywood writer. Well now, the internet’s faithful crypto-investigators, claim to have found evidence of transactions initiated from the supposedly ‘lost’ cold wallets.The Litecoin wallets, at least. He said Cotten was a key player in Vancouver's vibrant bitcoin community. 'A ray of sunshine' In 2013, Cotten launched Vancouver-registered Quadriga just three years after graduation from York Sarcone’s vanish puzzle called “Quadrix” is designed according to the ‘Golden Number Rules’. Thanks to the balanced dimensions of its pieces, this puzzle acquires some intriguing magical properties! Quadriga, Canada’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, said it’s unable to gain access to $145 million of bitcoin and other digital assets after Gerald Cotten, its 30-year old CEO and co-founder

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