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Bitcoins and Litecoins at all time high! Want to cash out now? We are buying at BTC-E rate with zero fees. You will receive funds within 12h. We pay via EgoPay, MoneyGram, OKpay, Payoneer, PayPal, PaySafeCard, PerfectMoney, Skrill (MoneyBookers), UKcash, WesternUnion. Minimum US$ 1.

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EgoPay Integrated - You Can Now Fund USD to Your IBWT Account (x-over from r/bitcoin)

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Cryptsy now offers more options for Bitcoin/USD trading to Canadian Customers. Debitway, Vogogo, egoPay, BTC-e Codes no DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW fees!

Cryptsy now offers more options for Bitcoin/USD trading to Canadian customers. Debitway, Vogogo, egoPay, BTC-e Codes. No DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW fees! In fact currently there are no fees for any USD deposit, or withdraw for any customers. We have more options coming soon for US customers as well.
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BitYes.com - A New USD/BTC Trading Platform

On the one-year anniversary of Huobi, we are pleased to announce the launch of BitYes.com, an international exchange platform for trading bitcoin, litecoin, and U.S. dollars. BitYes is the latest addition to the growing family of Huobi products and services, which also includes BitVC, a digital currency derivatives and investment platform, and Quickwallet, a 2-of-2 multi-signature BTC/LTC wallet.
In order provide the best possible service and most secure legal environment, BitYes is registered to Bit International Financial Services Limited, a Hong Kong-registered subsidiary of Huobi. BitYes has collaborated closely with Perkins Coie and other leading law firms to ensure regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions.
BitYes was created and is operated by Huobi, with its extensive technical resources and wealth of experience. Some of Huobi's recent accomplishments:
BitYes will have 24/7 English customer support available through multiple convenient channels, including official public accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to respond to any questions and receive feedback. A VIP system will be introduced to provide additional services required by high-value users.
BitYes fees will be aligned with industry standards:
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Best way to deposit on bitfinex from Australia?

I am in Australia and have a verified account on bitfinex, and am having difficulty finding a way to transfer funds to the exchange. Every forex dealer I have contacted runs a mile as soon as I mention bitcoin in my reasons for wanting to transfer funds. Does anyone know a way to get around this?
I could just lie on my forex account application, but I am worried this might have ramifications down the track. Egopay looks expensive and unappealing but a good report could change my mind. Ideally I'm looking for a forex dealer who will allow me to send a bank wire to the bitfinex account in taiwan.
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PaidVerts Review and Guide

PaidVerts is the only PTC program that issues ads worth Dollars. You can see the proof here, these are my latest 5Ads view.
Program Highlights:
• PaidVerts is Part Revenue share, part PTC (Paid to Click) program. Earn by viewing and interacting with ads.
• You can get ads with value up to $1, $5, $10, etc
• FREE members can start out earning $0.2/day
• Many payment Processor (Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay, Solid Trust Pay, etc), also Bitcoin is just added.
• Withdraw to any processor you like (whether or not you deposited using that processor)
This is how it works (Free members can earn as well)
Each server day you'll receive 16 x 25BAP ads, 400BAP in total. Each bonus ad point will deliver $0.0005 worth of 'bonus ads' to your account asap. That mean you can earn $0.2 everyday. In addition to the free ways to earn Bonus Ad Point, you can also earn Bonus Ad Points by purchasing adpack. Every $1.00 of Bulk Advertising you purchase will add 3100 BAP to your account, 3100BAP are worth of $1.55 (minus 5% referral commission - to the admin, or your up line).
The ads are distributed according to your BAP level, this amount varies by day, but close to these below so you can get an idea. Some days are less, and some days pay much more.
BAP Group $ Per User
1600 to 12000 ... $0.1742182514
1200 to 24000 ... $0.2180013689
24000 to 48000 . $0.4245122986
48k to 96k ........ $0.8465116279
96k to 180k ...... $1.4241001565
180k to 360k .... $1.7813199105
360k to 720k .... $2.687007874
720k to 1.5m .... $4.8063380282
1.5m to 3m ...... $14.5833333333
3m to 6m ......... $28.4375
6m to 20m ....... $40.0833333333
20m and above . $154.7
Example : If you currently have 380k BAP, so you fall in the 360k to 720k group. On this day you would have received ads worth $2.687 (it's 2.2% of your investment in order to get 380k BAP).
As a free user, you receive free 200-400 BAP everyday, via Bonus Ad Point Ads, which worth $0.1-$0.2 (pretty high compare to others PTC site).
Note: Use this strategy if you want to go free all the way, but I recommend that you would want to invest the first $1, this would be much better.
For people who wants to invest some money:
Probably the easiest strategy is to simply get to a BAP level you choose (using the BAP distribution chart above) and make sure you always have enough BAP to stay at that level and withdraw the rest. For example: You are happy being in the 3m – 6m BAP group, earning on average $28 per day. All you need to do is make sure you always have at least 3m BAP in your account and withdraw the rest. You don’t need to have any more than that unless you are building your BAP to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether you have 3m or 5,999,99999 BAP – you get the same amount daily either way.
Tips to earn more with PaidVerts:
-You want BAP. As much as possible. The higher the BAP level you are, the higher the dollar amount of ads you will receive. On average, in order to get ads worth $1+, you should have around 50k to 100K of BAP ($16 – $32 worth of ad packs).
-Purchase Ads. Each dollar’s worth earns you $1.55 in addition to 50 visits to your website.
-Buy the $0.05 recycler pro upgrade from the “My Account” page. This will give you priority recycled ads totaling $1. The exciting thing here is that you can repeat it as many time as you want, right after the $1 is delivered to you.
Feel free to pm me if you have any question, and join if you are interested.
This is my Referral link
and non-Ref.
If you joined as my Ref, I will send you 10% of your first Ad purchase (that is the ref commission I would receive from you), just pm me and include your PaidVerts username.
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No exchanges accepting USD?

Hai everyone at reddit, I come to you with a problem. I'm trying to set up an account at a Bitcoin exchange, But every site i'm going to like EGOpay (which works for wd/deposits with BTC-e) is telling me US is not supported, So i can't make accounts, Is there any sites that are working for US / USD? Any information can help, I'm trying to make my account today, So any information would be greatly appreciated!
I need an exchange that does both BTC and LTC (Bitcoin & LiteCoin)
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What are best, quickest USD to Btc websites?

I use Coinbase generally, but I don't like how long it takes to receive the bitcoin and think there may be some sites with less fees. I want to pay through my bank account (debit card), and I haven't found an exchange that will do that. It's all international transfers or EgoPay (which is a 5% fee), etc. Then I tried Bitstamp but you can't even make a deposit if you're in the US.
Basically, are there better options than Coinbase if I want to use my bank account/card to buy BTC or should I just keep it simple with Coinbase? I know CB isn't an exchange; could that make it better for layman like myself?
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Earn a little bit by auto-pilot.

Paidverts.com is a ptc kind of site. I know you people are not into time wasting with ptc. But this one can be made almost totally passive.
-Revenue share mixed with PTC, all revenue is distributed as adverts, you have to interact with them to get paid (you have 18 hours to click any ad assigned to your account) -Unique graphic, unique script and unique marketing plan -Ad campaing cost just 1$, it includes 50 visits to your website, 100 views 125x125 banner and 25 views for 728x90 banner -You get 10% referral commission for your referrals purchases and 5% from their paid clicks -Bank wire, western union, paypal, solidtrustpay, perfectmoney, egopay accepted, more to come soon. -You can withdraw your earnings to any payment processor you like, for example you deposit via stp and withdraw to paypal. -Any ad pack expire at 1.55$ of delivered ads (5% goes to upline) so you earn 47,5% -For 5 cents you can upgrade account and get more recycled ads (skipped by other users) -You can earn for free, just watch activation ad and wait for some paid ads -Transparency, a lot of stats, logs, and plans for the future
This project was crowd-funded by mytrafficvalue investors, so it’s run by experienced admin. If you have account on mtv, you can just login to your account, you don’t have to register again. Part of the money will be invested into mtv, and when investment close, profit will be shared to paidverts advertisers, so it won’t stall after few days of running!
tl;dr Stuff about site.
  1. Sign up here
  2. Check out this
  3. Download this
  4. Start it
  5. Profit. Ref link | Non ref
PS. It doesn't have any viruses, I use it myself, checked it many times.
Edit: Same bot can be used with BTC Clicks, its ptc site too, but you earn Bitcoins.
  1. Sign up here
  2. Check out this
  3. Download this
  4. Start it
  5. Profit. Ref link | Non ref
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PTC Evo launches in 11 hours, but something is fishy...

Here is what it says next to the login fields on the site: "We detect that our site have alot of clone account. So we decided that members must pay 1$ to activate account.
Don't worry, 2$ will be in your purchase balance when your account is active before Beta testing and 1$ if you active after Beta testing.
We use Perfect Money for activating account. When our site run officially there will be many payment gate such as: Perfect Money, Paypal, Payza, Egopay and Bitcoin.
Hope everyone can have a great income with PTC Evo.
Admin David"
I think it's safe to say this isn't looking great. The site has promise considering its ideas, but I'm worried now. Requiring a deposit of any kind to access the site is rarely a good sign. I clicked activate just to see where it would take me and it looks like the only way to do this is through Perfect Money, which I and many others have been wary of using. What are your thoughts on this? https://ptcevo.com/login
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having problem to buy virtacoin

u can buy bitcoin with paypal payza egopay etc via WWW.virwox.com for more information pls visit www.99bitcoin.com buy and exchange to virtacoin via BTC2VTA to avord more trasation feels if u have problem to open a paypal accunt content me I can help. compliment of the season
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A complete idiot's guide to buying litecoin in the UK?

Sorry if this has been asked a million times a day - I have read previous posts in this sub trying to learn about the process - but some of the ELI5 posts use jargon that I'm not familiar with and I'm still a bit confused about some things.
Basically, I'm trying buy £500+ worth of litecoins in the UK for the long term. This is how far I understand it:
Now is the confusion:
Then there is the confusion I have about wallets:
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Cheapest Way To Buy BTC With USD

What is the cheapest way to buy 100,000 USD worth of bitcoin?
Is it Coinbase? (1% purchase fee)
Cost to buy $100,000 BTC = 100,000 * 0.01 = $1,000 (1%)
Is it Bitstamp? (~$30 bank wire transfer fee + 0.1% deposit fee + 0.2% trade fee)
Cost to buy $100,000 BTC = 30 + 100,000 * 0.001 + 100,000 * 0.999 * 0.002 = $329.8 (0.33%)
Is it Localbitcoins? (~5%+ premium over market price)
Cost to buy $100,000 BTC = 100,000 * 0.05 = $5,000 (5%)
Is it BitYes via EgoPay? (~$30 bank wire transfer fee + $12 EgoPay deposit fee + zero BitYes deposit or trading fees)
Cost to buy $100,000 BTC = 30 + 12 = $42 (0.042%)
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Simplest, and fastest way to buy bitcoin?

tl;dr What's the simplest way to buy a bitcoin / litecoin ?
I'm new to bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies, I've been learning about everything related to bitcoin in the past couple of weeks, trading, mining and what not.
So this past weekend I decided to buy my first bitcoin, and I signed up to multiple websites that offer buying and selling coins but only through an electronic payment system, btc-e accepts okpay and egopay which in turn can only be funded if you verify yourself by sending them a photo id and prood of residency etc.. which I am not comfortable doing at all, since this is the first time I hear of these payment systems.
I have looked into other sites like mtgox.com and vaultofsatosh.com, and apparently they all requirethe same verificiation methods. Apparently buying a bitcoin or a litecoin is not that easy.
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LakeBTC: Deposits via EgoPay is Currently Unavailable

Dear Users,
It's been reported that EgoPay freezes funds and disables API. Thanks to our top risk management practices, LakeBTC was not, and will not be affected by this incident.
Security, liquidity, and fairness are the attributes that make LakeBTC stand out of the crowd, and security comes first. We take security very seriously and invest heavily in technology, risk management, internal controls, firewalls, processes, and compliance to safeguard customers' assets. We do everything in our power to fight online fraud/bitcoin theft, contain market risks, credit risks, operation risks, and policy risks.
As a precautionary action, deposits via EgoPay is currently suspended until further notice. Users may continue to use bank wire and Ripple network for deposits and withdrawals.
Thank you for choosing LakeBTC.com!
LakeBTC Team
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CNY/USD Currency Exchange With BitYes: Circumvent Government Capital Controls

Use Bitcoin to convert USD to CNY
Below is an explanation of how to convert USD to CNY using Huobi, BitYes, and EgoPay while avoiding exchange rate risk. The following example uses $20,000 as the amount to be converted and assumes BTC/USD price 350 and BTC/CNY price 2150 (0.1628 USD/CNY exchange rate) at the time of conversion.
  1. Deposit USD to EgoPay. ($12 EgoPay fee) EgoPay USD balance = $20,000 - $12 = $19,988
  2. Deposit USD from EgoPay to BitYes. (zero fee in promotion period) BitYes USD balance = $19,988
  3. Deposit 30 BTC to Huobi. (to be used for borrowing to eliminate exchange rate risk)
  4. Use USD on BitYes to buy X BTC. (zero fee in promotion period) BitYes BTC balance = $19,988 / $350 = 57.11 BTC
  5. Borrow X BTC from Huobi and sell. (0.1% interest fee per day) Huobi BTC balance = 30 + 57.11 – 57.11 = 30 BTC Huobi BTC loan = 57.11 * (1 + 0.001 interest fee) = 57.17 BTC Huobi CNY balance = 57.11 * 2150 = 122,786 CNY
  6. Withdraw BTC from BitYes and deposit to Huobi. BitYes BTC balance = 57.11 - 57.11 = 0 BTC Huobi BTC balance = 30 + 57.11 = 87.11 BTC
  7. Pay back X BTC loan to Huobi. Huobi BTC balance = 87.11 - 57.17 = 29.94 BTC
  8. Withdraw from Huobi to your China bank account. (0.3% Huobi withdrawal fee) CNY bank account balance = 122,786 * (1 - 0.003 withdrawal fee) = 122,418 CNY
$20,000 / 122,418 CNY = 0.1634 effective USD/CNY exchange rate (0.37% worse than 0.1628 actual exchange rate)
Use Bitcoin to convert CNY to USD
Below is an explanation of how to convert CNY to USD using Huobi, BitYes, and EgoPay. The following example uses 200,000 CNY as the amount to be converted and assumes BTC/USD price 350 and BTC/CNY price 2150 (0.1628 USD/CNY exchange rate) at the time of conversion.
  1. Deposit CNY to Huobi. (10 CNY bank fee) Huobi CNY balance = 200,000 - 10 = 199,990 CNY
  2. Use CNY to buy BTC on Huobi. (zero fee) Huobi BTC balance = 199,990 / 2150 = 93.02
  3. Withdraw BTC from Huobi and deposit to BitYes. Huobi BTC balance = 93.02 - 93.02 = 0 BTC BitYes BTC balance = 0 + 93.02 = 93.02 BTC
  4. Sell BTC on on BitYes. (0.2% fee) BitYes USD balance = 93.02 * 350 * (1 – 0.002) = $32,491.89
  5. Withdraw USD from BitYes to bank account via wire transfer. (0.1% fee) USD bank account balance = 32,491.89 * (1 - 0.001) = $32,459.39
$32,459.39 / 200,000 CNY = 0.1623 effective USD/CNY exchange rate (0.31% worse than 0.1628 actual exchange rate)
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Virtacoin is on the way to become second cryptocoin along with Bitcoin be accepted use for worldwide payment.

May be you have ever heared about one cryptocoin is Virtacoin (VTA), but i still want to tell you again :
“ VirtaCoin was launched on July 1, 2014 on its official website at www.virtacoin.com by VirtaPay (a former virtual currency and online payment website) in order to give its over 02 millions members access to virtual funds or VP$ that they were accumulating since September 2010. In late December 2013 it was announced by VirtaPay that they would be converting their entire system into a cryptocurrency similarly to the popular Bitcoin, thus 6 months later VirtaCoin was born. For more information on the history of VirtaCoin click here.”
Virtacoin is distributed uniform to all people on the world for 04 years, Virtacoin has not a significant amount of VTA controlled by a small group of owners. Virtacoin will not give rise to the same problems BitCoin is facing : market manipulation and instable prices. Virtacoin will be "People's Coin" should aim for STABILITY and STEADY growth and keep the speculators at bay. VTA communication are growing the VTA market in such a way, that people who buy VirtaCoin can rely on its value to never go down. There are hundreds of 'altcoins' and all other crypto coins are focussed on quick profits through speculation. Virtacoin takes the road less travelled - focussing on growth through mouth-to-mouth promotion. That is a slow process in the beginning but it will pick up pace exponentially as time goes by. THIS IS DIFFERENCE OF VIRTACOIN COMPARE WITH ALL OTHER ALTCOIN.
More specially, Virtacoin has not central developer group (because launch history of Virtacoin), now Virtacoin has over 2.5 MILLIONS OWNERS on the world, this number is LARGER THAN MANY TIME OWNERS AMOUNT OF ANY OTHER ALTCOIN on the market and all member are working hardly to make marketplace VTA, become the coin be accepted to use as currency for payment, spend and buy sell product, commodity, services, etc… like as Bitcoin, THIS IS NO ALTCOIN HAS.
The purpose of Virtacoin communication is develop Virtacoin become second cryptocoin along with Bitcoin be accepted use for wolrdwide payment.
Virtacoin have enough base to success. There are 06 exchangers for VTA:
and buy/sell directly VTA with USD via Paypal, Skrill, Egopay at http://virtapaymall.com/stripe/virtacoin-promotion-fund/
I want to suggest to your service use VTA as your payment method like as BTC. Please listen my invitation, Virtacoin has very great potential ! Thanks! If you need more information about Virtacoin, please see at these below link :
Office website: http://www.virtacoin.com/
Online wallet: http://virtacoinwallet.eu/
Blog about development for VTA : http://www.mousetraptraffic.com/blog
Projects for Virtacoin: http://www.virtashare.virtacoinmall.com/wp/?page_id=7
Game for virtacoin: http://virtacrypto.virtacoinmall.com/ and http://virtadice.virtacoinmall.com/welcome
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CRXZone.com - GLobal Crypto Order book exchange and merchant gateway on one platform

recently launched a Crypto currency (bitcoin and litecoin) exchange registered and operated in singapore catering for global customers through Bank transfer and other digital currency payment systems.
Merchant Payment gateway (BETA TEST PHASE) to have a one stop solution of everyone needs.
Here is a summarized details of our exchange features -
Robust system built over the months with high security and very user friendly reports and navigation. Work still going on to add more features.
*** 50 % trading fee till November 2014. ***
Trading Multiple Pair Bitcoin ( BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/SGD, BTC/LTC) and Litecoin ( LTC/USD, LTC/EUR, LTC/SGD)
Fiat Deposit and Withdrawal via Banks - SGD, USD , EUR
Deposit and Withdrawal via Digital currencies like Okpay, Egopay, Perfect money etc.
Customer Support 7 days a week through phone and ticket system .
Volume based fee maximum 0.10 % and as low as 0.06 %.
NO additional processing charges for Fiat Deposit and Withdrawals .
Special terms for Market makers who can bring volume trading to exchange.
** Trading API for customers who want to setup automatic trading. **
Multiple Level of Security including the Google Authenticator.
User friendly interface , Multiple trading oriented reports trend indicator for each pair, volume, lowest price on the market, highest price on the market, market trade history etc.
Our Director Pawan Kumar will speak on the topic Adoption of crypto currencies and technology in the Asia region - http://cryptomoneyexpo.com/expos/inv2/ - Get your free tickets for the First ever web crypto expo
Recently our CEO Speak to Jon of Coindesk about the exchange, full article can be read at http://www.coindesk.com/crxzone-targets-singapore-market-bitcoin-litecoin-trading/
Intellect Market Pte. Ltd.

22-16 , 10 Anson Road,

International Plaza, Singapore, 079903 Telephone Support - +65-62204548 ( GMT - 2.00 AM - 2.00 PM Singapore time 10 AM - 10 PM )
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Localbitcoins for online OTC buying & selling

Most of the discussion around here revolves around MtGox, Bitstamp, etc. However, there is a healthy OTC market for Bitcoins, and for those of us who aren't interested in market timing this might be a good option. I have tested the waters with Localbitcoins but never actually completed a trade. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with Localbitcoins, especially in the USA, and especially utilizing online payment systems such as EgoPay OKPay, and/or Perfectmoney. My thought is to use one of these services to fund a prepaid debit card with which to spend my bitcoin-fiat in the "real world."
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Is there an alternative for americans to buy litecoin rather than through bitcoin

I recently bought several bitcoins through coinbase but that's not going to process until the weekend. I've been trying sites left and right to purchase litecoin with USD, but none of the services will let Americans deposit USD because the services like OKpay, egopay, etc. won't accept money from the US. I want to buy into litecoin now, so that's why I can't really wait for the bitcoin to process.
So, any alternatives? Excluding litecoinlocal.
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A Wedding Expo in Indonesia Accept Bitcoin

A Largest Wedding Expo in Surabaya, will be held on:
Date: 14 until 17 August 2014 Location: Pakuwon Trade Center Address: Jalan Puncak Indah Lontar no. 2, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Time: 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM
This wedding expo will be attended by 240 merchants.
Thanks to payment processor TukarCash.com, all 240 merchant on this wedding expo will accept bitcoin and many other e-currency such as Perfect Money, Egopay, PayPal, Webmoney, Skrill and Neteller.
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The Bitcoin Funding Jungle

After reading over bitcoin.org, I have spent the better part of 5 hours trying to buy some Bitcoins. I have accounts at MtGox, LibertyBit and CoinMKT. For the life of me, I can not figure out what these people need me to do to fund the damn account. MtGox tells me they have too much business, LibertyBit seems to be out of business and CoinMKT dumped me off at some place called Egopay which does not support my country (USA). This can not be as difficult as it seems- can anyone chime in and give me the one, two and three of exactly how this is supposed to work?
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Cómo cargar Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, VoIP y más Watch Live! How to Fund EgoPay by Credit Card BITCOIN The Future of Money  Euro Money Change - Instant exchange bitcoin, perfect Money Automatic Bitcoin Exchange in www.payeca.com automatic exchange egopay,Paypal,Okpay,Neteller How to Buy Bitcoin with Debit or Credit Card

×Notice to all our customers! Dear all, kindly be informed that for some reasons we have changed some terms on our website. Consequently, the word 'E-unit' implies conventional E-currency and Unit implies the corresponding unit of the E-unit selected. Bitcoin: 0 International wire: 0.1% (minimum $20.00) EgoPay: 0.2% (not include charge by Egopay) Withdrawals Fee. Bitcoin: 0 International wire: 0.1% (minimum $20.00) EgoPay: 0 (not include charge by Egopay) SWAPS. Charged on your existing swaps, paid by the liquidity provider: 15.0% (of the swaps generated by active contracts) Company Bitcoin Exchange Processor EgoPay Freezes Funds, Disables API UPDATE (16:46 GMT): Payment solutions company Payeer has shown CoinDesk evidence that it has $185,503.32 and €5,460.75 in a frozen Bitcoin payment processor EgoPay has frozen funds belonging to several clients following a string of problems that started in December of last year.. Some of the accounts now frozen belong to big names in the crypto-industry like Bitmarket.pl and BTC-e. The latter actually denounced this Thursday (15th) that EgoPay is withhelding funds, denying BTC-e access to $80,000. Bitcoin exchange rate: BTC/USD-9190.29, BTC/EUR-8034.16, BTC/GBP-7334.23, BTC/CNY-64268.6, BTC/AED-38.49. Instant Bitcoin Exchange at Market Rate 24/7. Buy bitcoins. Sell Bitcoins Online. Welcome to Worldwide Reliable Instant Bitcoin Exchange Provider. What Is Bitcoin ?

[index] [22033] [5676] [27251] [18166] [2041] [9405] [27288] [7133] [6582] [5699]

Cómo cargar Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, VoIP y más

https://withdrawalbtc.com Perfect Money. BitCoin. Pecunix. C-Gold. WiredPay. Payza. PayPal. Paxum. MoneyBookers. Ukash. WiredPay. EgoPay. SolidTrustPay. Webmoney WMZ ... http://www.bitsource.org - BitSource.org accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash deposit at Bank of America, OKPay, Payeer, EgoPay, SWIFT Transfers/Bank wire, Perfect... Exchange Neteller, Exchange Skrill ,Automatic Exchage Bitcoin to Paypal, Automatic exchange Perfectmoney, Instant exchange Egopay, Exchange webmoney to skrill, Exchange Okpay to paypal, Instant ... www.mibirecargas.com La mejor opción para cargar tus saldos electrónicos. Con mibi puedes recargar cupones electrónicos: ewallets, bitcoin, Vouchers, servici... If you want to fund your perfectmoney account buy egopay funds then, exchange it to perfectmoney, as perfectmoney doesn't allow creditcard fundings. Signup to PerfectMoney here: https ...

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