7 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Interac e-Transfer (2020 Updated)

I want to Buy VCC with Bitcoins!

Can anyone suggest me where to buy VCC with bitcoins? i want to buy about 250$ VCC.
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Anyway to buy VCC with BTC? /r/Bitcoin

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Swipe 2020 Mid-Year Report

Swipe 2020 Mid-Year Report

I. Brief
The first half of 2020 has shown the activeness of the Swipe team to keep its mission of enabling millions of people to access and spend crypto come to life. From mobile payment partnerships, additional trading partners, service enhancements, and up to monthly giveaways and educational posts, our team continuously strives its best to deliver quality service to the community.
As a newcomer in the industry, we have placed ourselves on the right track by starting this year with the announcement of the integration of Apple Pay on the Swipe mobile application. Since then, we’ve also added more mobile payment options on our app by partnering with Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
We started to roll out our aggressive marketing campaigns and giveaways by creating engaging content and announcing various contests that gathered a significant increase in our engagements and impressions. We also relaunched our redesigned website and added more information about our products and services.
Our journey to bring cryptocurrency to mass adoption is far from over. There will always be hurdles on the road ahead of us, but we see it as a challenge that will take us at a place full of opportunities for cryptocurrency growth and innovation.
II. Reliable solutions amidst pandemic
The world currently faces an unprecedented disruption as it currently finds solutions to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic not only produced serious health risks but also made a huge impact on the global economy and forced traditional financial services to adapt sudden changes to their system. This, in turn, led to a sudden shift in the usage of digital financial services that helps people make transactions easier wherever they are.
Our team believes that in times like this, we have to provide the community with solutions to mitigate the risks of being infected with the disease. In April, we announced the limit increase for our pin-less NFC tap payments, and by the end of that month, we’ve added Samsung Pay on the roster of our mobile payment partners. These small steps that we are taking day by day show that aside from being a crypto service provider, we also value the needs and safety of our clients.

II. Strategic Partnerships with Trusted Mobile Payment
Swipe has continuously expanded its features and reach over the course of its inception. This year, we have sealed notable partnerships with mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay to increase the options of our users to buy and spend cryptocurrencies.
As a mobile crypto wallet application, available on both iOS and Android devices, we believe in finding continuous possibilities of expanding our service features. We are fully committed to bringing easier access to cryptocurrency buying and spending through our products.
III. Increasing Trading Partners and Coin Inclusion
Our native cryptocurrency, Swipe Token (SXP), has also been added to four new crypto trading exchanges, namely, Uniswap Exchange, Bithumb, DigiFinex, and BQ.Net. This move was made for crypto investors to get access and trade SXP(which as of writing has a circulating supply of 65,982,752 SXP) easily on reliable and reputable exchanges.
We are reviewing our market movements regularly and we’ve seen that some exchanges were SXP is listed showed signs of poor security, fake volumes, or extremely low liquidity. This made us decide to quickly make a delisting request on these exchanges and only retain the ones we view to be reliable. At present SXP is listed on Bilaxy, Kucoin, DigiFinex, Uniswap, Bithumb Global, BQ.Net, CoinTiger, Bittrex, Bithumb, and IDEX.
We’ve also sealed partnerships with Vision Crypto App and VCC Exchange to include SXP on their list of supported cryptocurrencies. Vision and VCC Exchange users can now start adding SXP on their portfolio and wallet and start trading SXP/BTC, respectively.
IV. Enhancing Features: Swipe Wallet App Updates
In March and April of this year, we’ve announced the integration of the $DAI stablecoin, $TRX (Tron), $ARK, and USDC on the Swipe wallet platform. This move gives our users more cryptocurrency choices in the app where they can buy and sell via their linked bank account or cards, spend it to fiat using Swipe Visa, and exchange these coins instantly with all the supported coins in the Swipe Wallet platform.
Also, as we commit to deliver a reliable, convenient, and secured mobile crypto experience to our users, last May and June we made two system updates (v1.37 and v1.4) on our application to fix some bug issues, upgrade app features and enhance the Swipe mobile interface.
V. Waiving Fees for Swipe Visa Card
We are committed to helping the crypto community, especially in these difficult times. Following the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) order for Wirecard UK to cease activities, some cryptocurrency users are left in limbo as to what will happen to their crypto card related services.
This incident did not affect Swipe Visa card operations as it is not connected with Wirecard. In fact, Swipe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joselito Lizarondo quickly offered free Swipe Visa card orders to all those who wish to migrate from their previous cards to Swipe. At present, Swipe offers free order and shipping of its Visa card in the United Kingdom and European Union countries.
On top of these, the removal of all fiat in fees for all verified users was also announced last March 15. Verified users can top-up their Swipe Wallet account with USD, EUR, GBP, and more for free. Swipe commits itself to assist the community when needed. Though our sources may not be as big compared to our competitors, we believe in valuing and preserving the industry that brought us to where we are now.
VI. Giving Back to the Community
Part of our marketing strategy to introduce cryptocurrency and also our services is to host various giveaway programs on our social media pages. We’ve launched our #SATSBACK program where we reward our users is in the original cryptocurrency that started it all: Bitcoin (BTC).
Since January of this year, we launched five giveaway programs on Twitter and Telegram offering up to $100 in BTC to participants. Last February 12, Swipe has partnered with KuCoin and gave away $200,000 in SXP to the top bounty participants.
VII. Cryptocurrency and Fintech Literacy
Part of our company’s initiative is to educate its future and existing users of anything and everything about crypto and financial technology. Last May, we launched the “Learn with Swipe: Your Essential Guide to Cryptocurrencies and Financial Technology” blog project. These series of blog posts aim to share the team’s knowledge in crypto and fintech and encourage new and existing crypto users to continue learning their way in the industry.
VIII. Final Thoughts
We are still paving our way to the crypto industry. Over the first six months of 2020, we tried our best to deliver better cryptocurrency experience to our users. Though there are setbacks caused by the ongoing global pandemic, we are blessed to know that you still continue to support our project and goals.
The majority of us are still uncertain of what will happen in the next half of 2020. But for sure, challenges will not hinder our team to develop and provide innovations and solutions for a better crypto managing experience.

This article is also posted at https://sw.pe/swipemidyear2020
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Swipe April 2020 Updates

Swipe April 2020 Updates

This month, Swipe focused on the need of the users to have a seamless and, as much as possible, contactless transactions worldwide. Swipe joins the community in aiming to lessen the people’s exposure to the global pandemic COVID-19 by providing solutions to its users.
Swipe also continues to provide excellent service through partnership activities and giveaway events to its community.
Swipe Spotlight
Swipe recently launched the “Swipe Spotlight” program aiming to either list or highlight a new or existing coin/token on the platform. Users will be able to enjoy a 0% fee for using the selected coin/token on the Swipe platform compared to the normal charge of 1% for buying, selling and spending cryptocurrencies and 4.5% for debit card or credit card and Apple Pay purchases.
Users will benefit from receiving no fees on these purchases in a form of rebate after 30 days.
Swipe Visa Cards Contactless NFC Update
Swipe announced this April that it increased the limits for its PIN-less NFC tap payments. The company acknowledges the current need to limit the people-to-people transactions to avoid the possibility of acquiring the COVID-19 disease. The limits for physical payments are €50 per payment with a daily limit of €150.
SXP Deflationary Supply Model
This month, Swipe explained the deflationary model its implements called “tokenomics.” Swipe Token (SXP) has a 300,000,000 fixed supply programmatically designed to become lower over time due to the nature of the protocol. The total SXP supply is designed to decrease, as more demand and use in the protocol happens within the Swipe user base and community.
In the Swipe Network, 80% of transaction fees that flow through its protocol get automatically destroyed by a smart contract that has been audited and verified by CertiK. 20% of those transaction fees remain in the protocol for Swipe, and in the future, this 20% will be for the validators, as network fees they earn when they validate the transactions of the network.
Swipe plans to upgrade the protocol into a DAO where users can vote on protocol changes. More details on the Swipe v2 protocol will be released via a revised Swipe Network whitepaper soon.
Swipe Spotlight: TRX
Swipe Wallet verified users are now able to use TRON (TRX) on the Swipe platform. Users can buy TRX with a linked bank account in the UK and EU with SEPA transfer or wire funds via SWIFT. TRX may also be purchased with a verified Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card and Apple Pay.
TRX was also selected as April’s Swipe Spotlight coin. This means that Swipe users were able to enjoy buying, selling and spending TRX without any fees for the whole month of April.
Twitter Giveaway
Swipe continues to give back to its users as it has recently announced the 10 lucky users on its recent twitter giveaway. Winners received $100 in Bitcoin (BTC) through Swipe’s Twitter Giveaway Event in celebration of its May 1st announcement.
Earn cash back in Bitcoin (BTC) via Swipe Visa Card
Swipe Visa card users in the United Kingdom and 28 countries* in Europe can now earn their cash back in Bitcoin (BTC). Swipe Visa card users can also enjoy converting their cryptocurrencies to Euros, spend Euros and earn crypto, use Google Pay, and use Visa Paywave NFC tap payments.
ARK and USDC integration on Swipe Wallet
Swipe has listed ARK and USD Coin (USDC) on the Swipe Wallet platform. Swipe users can now buy and sell these cryptocurrencies via their linked bank account or cards, spend it to fiat using Swipe Visa, and exchange these coins instantly with all the supported coins in the Swipe Wallet platform.
Swipe Token available at Vision Crypto App and VCC Exchange
Swipe announced that its native token Swipe Token (SXP) is now available at Vision Crypto App and VCC Exchange.
Vision and VCC Exchange users can now start adding SXP on their portfolio and wallet and start trading SXP/BTC, respectively.
BQ.Net x Swipe Token
Swipe Token (SXP) is now officially listed for trading at BQ.Net (Bitsdaq). Users of BQ.Net can now make SXP deposits and withdrawals and trade with SXP/BTC pair on the platform.
Users are now able to deposit SXP to Bittrex Global immediately and trade with SXP/BTC Pair.
Waived Swipe Visa Card Fee this May
In celebration of the Bitcoin Halving, all Swipe Visa Cards will be free for the entire month of May. No membership fee, annual fee, card order fee, and shipping fee will be charged for the users who will avail of these services.
Spend crypto and earn up to 5% cashback in Bitcoin.
Swipe Launches Samsung Pay for Swipe Visa Cardholders
Swipe Wallet Android users can now add their Swipe Visa Debit cards directly to their Samsung Pay Wallets. Samsung Pay gives Swipe Visa cardholders access to a secure and fast way to pay with their smartphones, smartwatches, and other Samsung Pay-enabled devices. With this integration and relationship with Samsung, cardholders can enjoy these benefits instantly and use their cryptocurrencies at over 50 million locations worldwide.
Stay up-to-date with all the latest news from Swipe
Website: https://swipe.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwipeWallet
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Swipe
Instagram: https://instagram.com/Swipe
Medium: https://medium.com/Swipe
Telegram: https://t.me/SwipeWallet & https://t.me/Swipe
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/swipewallet
YouTube: https://youtube.com/SwipeWallet
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[Amazing Risk Aversion ]BTC plunged by 20% and the Cryptozoic VCC meets an unprecedented opportunity for buying

[Amazing Risk Aversion ]BTC plunged by 20% and the Cryptozoic VCC meets an unprecedented opportunity for buying
At around 9:00 pm on September 24, 2019, Moscow Time, the entire cryptocurrency market, led by Bitcoin, plunged considerably, and the price quickly fell from above $9,500 to an intraday low of $7,700 in just over two hours. The 20% drop was the lowest since mid-June. The rest of the mainstream currency also followed the plunge, especially the big emperor BCH fell more than 20%. The overall market suffered a terrible bleak and the bearish sentiment increased.
This bitcoin plunge was caused by multiple reasons. Firstly, bitcoin broke the key resistance level, and $9000 was a major support. When Bitcoin fell below this level, a wave of selling was triggered. Secondly, foreign media assumed that it had something to do with the US House Democrats’ claim to impeach President Trump. At 12 pm on September 24, 2019, Moscow Time, Pelosi announced the opening of impeachment and accused Trump of abusing his power. The number of those currently supporting the impeachment of the Democrats reached 174.

Since the launch of VCC public chain, it has gone through many turbulences in the market, but the VCC public chain has proved its superior anti-fall and risk aversion by time and strength. This bitcoin plunge caused a couple of full-line crashes and the top 10 cryptocurrency represented by BCH and XRP fell 10%-40% in this turmoil. In the market, the Cryptozoic VCC public chain and USDT stood tall. However, as a stable currency, USDT lacks the property of the mining Cryptozoic VCC public chain to bring static mining income to investors while maintaining the stability of the currency. The VTC public chain can not only avert risks, but also stabilize income, showing the most valuable and scarce investment assets in the market.
The combination of TWIN-EX value balance mechanism and legendary mining of Cryptozoic VCC makes the value potential of Cryptozoic VCC public chain fully play out in every market turbulence. More importantly, despite the downturn in the encryption market, the legendary mining returns of the Cryptozoic VCC public chain remain relatively high. Moreover, the peculiar coin mining can still bring stable static returns to investors when the price of the currency falls, which is an industry miracle of the integration of financial model and scientific and technological innovation.

This decline in the encryption market will be the best time to buy Cryptozoic VCC at a bargain. If there is no destructive irresistible factor in the encryption market in the next few years, it will be very difficult to see the opportunity of entering and buying more cryptocurrency of Cryptozoic VCC.
The growth process of Cryptozoic VCC is a stable and sustainable return process for investors. Under the current global financial market investment value restructuring pattern, any excellent investment project in the investment market must provide good, stable and sustainable investment holding value to its users in the process of its growing (emphasis on technological innovation and user value progress, and application of new Internet traffic economic model).

Cryptozoic VCC is a new cryptocurrency that provides real value for users in its rapid growth process. At this moment, what we need to do is to seize the rare opportunity of adjusting the cryptozoic VCC brought about by the decline of Bitcoin and quickly join in the new round of restructuring process of cryptocurrency market pattern. This is the scientific investment attitude towards cryptocurrency market to meet the new era of future development of this market.
Many people say that 2019 is the beginning of a new bull market of cryptocurrency, but in our view 2019 is the beginning of the survival of the fittest and the restructuring of the cryptocurrency market. Today's plunge of mainstream currencies is the sign and miniature of our judgment. Of all the once mainstream currency, Perhaps only Bitcoin has the ability and foundation to enter the mainstream of the global digital financial market, because it has a consensus on payment function, while other mainstream currencies (XRP, EOS) may weaken their position and weight once they had in the market of cryptocurrency with the continuous iteration of block chain technology and the application and innovation of new block chain technology. In recent three months, [Cryptozoic VCC], which has gradually come into people's view, is the core representative of the application and innovation of this new block chain technology.
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Vcc, Monero and Dash, which is the king of anonymous coin?

Vcc, Monero and Dash, which is the king of anonymous coin?
When browsing the Internet, buying things, and talking with friends, our personal privacy is being watched at anytime. As the pioneer of digital token, BTC has gone through a decade of fluctuation. While BTC has good security, it also gradually reveals its limitations of privacy protection. In recent years, with the development of blockchain technology, privacy computing technology, cryptography technology and other aspects, anonymous tokens created to protect transaction privacy based on various emerging technologies has emerged one by one.
Especially with the advent of the big data era, people's demand for privacy is becoming more urgent. On the secondary market, every anonymous coin had glory days. Feixiaohao data showed on 2 September that the ROI of Zec is +43250%, for Monero is +2753.22%, while Dash is +37667%.
However no matter how advanced the technology, anonymous coin has not been widely used, which is mainly because the existing anonymous solutions cannot completely solve the problem of anonymity from the perspective of cyberspace and digital space.

Until the emergence of cryptozoic VCC technology, a new idea for anonymous coin solution was proposed. Every transaction, every element and every frame on cryptozoic network would be hidden and protected to realize complete decentralization.

Cryptozoic VCC and privacy Internet.
Cryptozoic VCC is an end-to-end full anonymous basic protocol based on network layer and application layer. Privacy domain management and one-time ring signature are adopted to realize completely anonymous private transaction for senders. Multiple cryptography technology is used to ensure node IP and trading address hidden, encrypting key information, etc. It provides high confidentiality support for anonymous asset issue, privacy transmission and interoperability, and is an anonymous privacy protocol supporting application services.
Unlike traditional anonymous coins, the cryptozoic VCC is an anonymous protocol with a big vision of creating a super-private Internet space. The technology behind cryptozoic VCC is very advanced and complex. Before splitting the project, Let's start with the cryptozoic VCC's most critical privacy network.
Privacy network, also known as privacy domain, is a relatively independent privacy space that hosts anonymous applications designed for a set of application requirements, such as private chat, private voting, and community.

Privacy domain is like the local area network, and the private Internet is made up of individual private domain or local area network.
The privacy domain is freely organized, can join any one, or find some friends to form a joint privacy domain.
Cryptozoic VCC will realize the whole-process, whole-aspects and whole-chains of anonymous space from network layer to application layer, and provide the most comprehensive anonymous applications, including anonymous payment, anonymous browsing, anonymous publishing, anonymous voting and so on to meet the needs of diverse anonymous and privacy applications.

Beyond traditional anonymous coins.
Traditional anonymous coins like Monero, Zcash, Dash and Grin, are the anonymous schemes proposed to solve some application problems and focus on only one application scenario.
For example, popular anonymous coins such as Monero and Dash are mainly to solve the defect of pseudo-name mechanism of bitcoin. Tor to the Deep Web provides a network hidden from the Internet.
Take Monero as an example: open a payment App that supports Monero coin through Iphone and start a transaction. Although the transaction is anonymous on the Monero chain, all the usage behaviors are actually visible in the process of opening the mobile operating system and the payment App.

To solve the problem of incomplete privacy chain, cryptozoic VCC provides protection by privacy network layer and customized anonymous control.
The homogeneity of anonymous system is very serious. Some are directly using the source code of Zcash and Dash, only by changing the variable name or the name of core module to claimed to be the optimized zero-knowledge algorithm and faster than the traditional zero knowledge.
The solution of cryptozoic VCC is providing some tools for privacy components. For example, to use the anonymous payment function, you can use the anonymous payment tool of cryptozoic VCC (you need to choose the cryptographic algorithm, length, zero knowledge, auditable component, etc.). And if you need anonymous issue, you can use related tools of cryptozoic VCC.

Token of value ecology, VCC
VCC, as the pillar of anonymous ecosystem development in cryptozoic, its economic model is built on the basis of overall deflation. In the whole ecology, application scene access, anonymous use, token exchange and circulation exchange all need to mortgage or use VCC token. Therefore, access to anonymous domain will increase the value of VCC token. The more abundant the application ecology accessed by privacy domain, the greater the incremental value provided, and the higher the total value of VCC token.
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Global negative yield bonds hit a new record. Is VCC the new generation of safe-haven asset?

Global negative yield bonds hit a new record. Is VCC the new generation of safe-haven asset?
The monetary policy of global central banks generally turned to mildness, and the scale of negative-yield bonds rose sharply again. Last week, it was reported that the total amount of global negative-yield bonds reached $16 trillion for the first time, with less than 1% of nearly 40% global bond yield. European countries are the biggest contributors to this massive increase in negative yield bonds. About 2.83 trillion euros of euro-zone government bond yields are less than 0.40% of the deposit rate of the European central bank, and almost all the government bonds of Sweden, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands fell into negative yields.
In the wake of market signal, there is no doubt that the risk of a new economic recession is encumbering the global stocks. And the alarm bell of the economic recession in bond markets is prompting investors to rush into safe-haven assets again.

Escalating trade disputes in international markets, political tensions in countries such as Italy and Argentina, and disappointing economic data from several countries have fueled demand for safe-haven assets. However, with the easing of monetary policies by major central banks and the rise of cryptocurrency market, gold's status as a safe-haven asset has been eroded. Some investment funds in the gold market have been gradually diverted into the growing cryptocurrency market, with a large number of investors competing to buy cryptocurrency as a safe haven asset.
As the most popular one in recent cryptocurrency market, Cryptozoic VCC public chain. Since its launch, it has maintained a upward trend in the process of global currency market plummeting, which is more risk-averse than USDT, gold and diamonds. The most prominent was the strong and steady rise of the VCC public chain this month, when bitcoin once again fell below $10,000. At press time, the price fluctuates around 0.00029363ETH, setting new records repeatedly, and still maintains strong trend to ready to attack again. The highly stable value performance and high mining income of Cryptozoic VCC public chain promote the formation of more consensus in the public chain system, thus forming a benign cycle of mild appreciation.
In the mixed virtual currency market, there will never be a shortage of higher-yielding projects. But clearly, based on the dynamic flow direction of funds in market, investors are willing to choose the more valuable side. Cryptozoic VCC public chain can ignite the whole blockchain, precisely because it struck the sore spot in investors' hearts.
Cryptozoic VCC public chain solves the misunderstanding and prejudice of the public on blockchain from the perspective of mode: the mode on chain cannot be tampered; support users to come in or go out without locking; adopt TWIN—EX value balance mechanism for recycling, so that VCC forms an inseparable two-way value anchor with ethereum. TWIN-EX price of VCC will go up with the increase of ETH price. When ETH price falls, a large number of users will participate in TWIN-EX, and the growing demand of TWIN-EX causes the rapidly falling percentage, thus increasing the value of VCC.

In the current investment market environment, price seems to be more important than value, because for many investors, "rising" means making money, and it is safer to keep profits in their own hands.
Therefore, the birth of Cryptozoic VCC public chain gives all investors a brand new opportunity in the context of the continuous decline of the global economic, which is only reserved for the lucky ones with preparation, vision and pattern.
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Which Industries are looking to build on aelf

Which Industries are looking to build on aelf

While the aelf developers have been busy establishing a revolutionary platform suitable for enterprises, the business development team has also been at work night and day, all around the world achieving their own goals.
We have already seen some fruits of this hard work with announcements involving companies like VCC, Poseidon and Amazon Web Services. But what many don’t know is that this is just the beginning of the work for our business development team. We are constantly stressing the importance of blockchain adoption throughout enterprises and this is exactly what we are working hard to accomplish. Our team of professionals have not only been working within the blockchain industry, but have openly pursued opportunities across multiple mainstream industries.

Over the past few months we have been able to develop dialogues with many different enterprises who have been actively interested in integrating blockchain tech with their systems.

Telecom Industry
Location: Leading players in Europe, China (Mainland & Taiwan), Thailand, Japan, Indonesia
We are currently in discussion with multiple telecommunication companies and providers who are expressly interested in using aelf as their platform to launch blockchain services. These enterprises already have large customer bases numbering in the millions and are seeking to provide them with more diversified services. One example of this is in the ability to minimize fraud within the telco industry. This can surface in identity fraud or roaming fraud. Flowing on from this point comes the second use case that telcos have identified as key uses for blockchain. IaaS, or Identity-as-a-Service and data management go hand in hand with Distributed Ledger Technology. A third use case in which we will be able to help these enterprises enhance their services is through the aid of 5G enablement, specifically in distributed node management and selection.

Internet Industry
Location: China, Japan, Middle East
Similar to telecommunication providers, internet providers can utilise many of the use cases and are in discussions with us on how best to enable this. Some of the internet services are already digital native, therefore blockchain brings in the value of transparency, uniqueness of digital possessions, etc. Through the use of the aelf platform, local companies will be given a great opportunity to go global. Blockchain technology will provide a framework in which Internet providers can create a decentralized marketplace where users can buy and sell their excess data globally.

Fintech Industry
Location: China, South East Asia
This industry is broad and we have received interest from a few different companies within this industry. Blockchain allows instant transaction confirmation and settlement thanks to ledger technology. This opens up great opportunities to establish efficient global payment systems and liberate peer to peer transfers. This requires innovative fintech companies to master blockchain technology as well. Therefore we believe it is crucial to work with the right partners to develop these fintech solutions. Examples of enterprises we are currently in discussions with include a large real estate developer and a financial company looking to enhance their cross-border remittance solution.

Gaming Industry
Location: China, Korea, U.S.
This industry is one that excites aelf and has received attention from many emerging blockchain platforms. Keeping in line with our cutting edge approach, we are looking for new forms of games on blockchain rather than just moving a game onto blockchain, as this will limit the user base and does not add real value. A lot of new ideas are coming out of gaming industry and we are excited about what will develop from our discussions and already established networks.

Other Industries
Location: Singapore, Middle East
We are exploring incentive and management solutions for companies both internally and externally with multiple partners and enterprises globally.
In addition, we also see that blockchain could bring transparency into the charity industry to allow instant reporting of fund disbursement and avoid mis-usage, and have already started pursuing opportunities in the field. Social impact should always be on the radar of new technology


Aelf is changing blockchain
All the effort by our business development team would be for nought if we weren’t able to provide a platform which matched the performance of the well established platforms already being utilized by many companies around the world, such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft Azure.
This has been done with visionary coding and developing world first features. From Parallel processing, to modular structure and cluster nodes, to complete chain interoperability, aelf has completely changed both how the blockchain is structured as well as its integration into mainstream industries and enterprises.

Parallel Processing

Scale is one of the everlasting curses that has plagued many blockchain platforms including the well known bitcoin and ethereum chains. Many projects have developed their own solution to this problem with varying degrees of success. None have truly been able to develop the parallel processing solution, until the aelf platform was released. Through the use of database separation and cluster nodes, aelf was able to deploy this technology with strong performance increases, reaching almost 15,000 transactions per second.

Modular Structure

In order to be competitive and ensure the environment for adoption is at its best, we have broken down the blockchain into a highly modularized framework. This provides to key benefits to any enterprise seeking to build on aelf. First, by breaking the blockchain creation process down with modules, it is now a much easier and quicker process for enterprises to build their own blockchain. But in addition, this allows them to customize the blockchain to a large degree with minimal time and resources, resulting in a very customized and unique blockchain suited exactly to their needs.

Cross Chain Communication
No mid to large enterprise can truly achieve success without the ability to interact with other players in the industry, partners, or clients. On the blockchain, this can cause a thorn in the side of many early adopters. The aelf blockchain has developed their ecosystem to ensure this issue will never develop on their platform. Not only will chains be able to communicate and interact with each other on the aelf platform, but they will eventually be able to interact with other blockchains, not running on aelf.
Now that the aelf enterprise 0.7.0 beta platform has been released, it is encouraging to see the hard work from both our developers and business development team starting to show fruits. We are very excited to continue to bring announcements of partnerships and collaborations over the coming months and believe we have just seen the beginning of a very powerful and game-changing piece of technology. Although we have listed some very strong industries that could benefit from the aelf platform, we believe our tech can be used by many other industries yet untouched by blockchain.
Disclaimer: Due to NDAs and ongoing discussions, many enterprises have not been announced in this article. Not all discussions are guaranteed to lead to MoUs, but all industries mentioned have shown a direct interest to build upon aelf and are in serious discussions on the viability of said proposition.
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Any places to buy virtual credit cards with Bitcoin?

Any places to buy a VCC (virtual credit card) with bitcoin? Thanks.
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Prepaid Virtual Visa Card (CC valid) instant apply no verification no document upload 2020 Legit VCC Buy Bitcoins On Paxful With No Verification Using MovoCash How to get a free Virtual Debit Card from E-Coin Stolen cc to bitcoin cash out - new method 2019 100% working(validcc) How to get Virtual Credit Card in Pakistan 2019 Online Shopping Online Payments

Buy and receive an online worldwide VCC quickly for use on the internet, on websites, apps, and for online payments, as well as activating trials without exposing your real credit card details. Visit Store.. just a few of the reasons to use our services. Available. Our store is open 24/7. Our virtual credit cards are delivered to you Get The Best Digital & Virtual Products at Affordable Prices PayPal VCC, PayPal VBA, Google Voice, Bulk Email, Movo cash Account & Many More View Our Products WE ARE VCCLOCKER We provide the best quality virtual card for your online purchase & verification. Our card support million of merchant over internet. Select best cards from… Read More »Virtual Products | PayPal VCC | USA VBA | MOVO Buy VCC with bitcoin The internet has become a magical wish box; you can have anything you want through the IOT. However, it has posed a variety of threats and risks as well. Who doesn’t love online shopping? Well, we all do but what restrain most of us from shopping online is the fear of losing our information. Using your credit card for the What do we offer. We offer virtual prepaid Visa and Mastercard bank cards that allow you to pay for goods and services anonymously online. We work worldwide so you can purchase virtual prepaid cards from anywhere in the world and use them to pay online on any websites that accept Mastercard or Visa prepaid cards. Buy Virtual Credit Card with Crypto If you have purchased Bitcoins and now you are afraid of the massive rate fluctuations or you are in a country where it’s illegal, you can easily purchase our Virtual Credit Cards in exchange of Bitcoin.

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Prepaid Virtual Visa Card (CC valid) instant apply no verification no document upload 2020 Legit VCC

#WithdrawBTCFast #APKandroidMining2020 #CloudMinerLegit #Miner #Android #Bitcoin #Miner 2020 #bitcoincloudmining #bitcoingenerator #freebitcoin #Bitcoingeneratornofee #Cloud Mining 2019 #Apk # ... How to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan 2019 Buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa/JazzCash - Duration: 9:50. Trade Exchanger Pakistan 22,864 views. 9:50. best credit card in Pakistan - Duration: 3:56. Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Easy & Fast With Your Debit Card Or Gift Cards ... How to activate and verify Movo Cash Card VCC 2020 new method - Duration: 13:05. Faazi Experts Recommended for ... #Vcc #privatocard #virtualcreditcard #privatocard.com Get virtual credit card from privato card privato card is a company which gives you an international virtual credit card as well as plastic card. E-Coin Holiday Campaign Would like to thank you for a great 2015 by offering some prizes! We are giving away $190 in bitcoin including, 10 and plastic bitcoin cards. Each winner will also receive ...

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