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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 326 - Weekly Wrapup #41

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
This was your week in Dogecoin.
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It's 6:56AM EST and we've found 96.20% of our initial 100 Billion DOGEs - only 3.80% remains until we reach our soft cap! Our Global Hashrate is up slightly from ~1246 to ~1276 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is way down from ~25750 to ~16264!
As always, I appreciate your support!
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Calling all shibes in Mexico! HUGE business opportunity leveraging the two major bank's ATM networks as Doge-to-Peso ATMs.

I recently learned of a really killer application for bitcoin, and I believe shibes with an entrepreneurial spirit living in Mexico can take that idea and run with it.
The ATMs for two of the major banks, Bancomer and Banamex have an option for sending money to persons without the need for a bank card or account, either through SMS (no smartphone required) or email.
With a little ingenuity, an adult (you have to be at least 18 to open a bank account) can set-up a "LocalDogecoins" type of business, receiving Doge on his wallet and paying out pesos through his bank account using the bank's own ATM network, with an eBay-type positive-feedback trustworthiness system.
People anywhere on earth could send dogecoins-to-pesos to their relatives or friends in Mexico using these ATMs (USD to MXN remittances are roughly 20 Billion a year). Tourists could travel to Mexico taking their dogecoin wallet and send themselves money, withdrawing it a few hours later in the local currency (it takes a few hours because we are dealing with banks).
Bancomer has over 6,000 ATMs and Banamex has an even larger number throughout Mexico, and an enterprising shibe can leverage this infrastructure as dogecoin to pesos ATMs. No fiat money crosses borders, only dogecoin, similar to transferring crypto currencies to international exchanges, and the service auto-enforces daily limits so you don't exceed money transmitter limits.
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Dogecoin Is 'Not a Joke' Says OKEx CEO Jay Hao Earn unlimited dogecoin faucet claima crypto-mining free payment proof 1084 dogecoin without investment  Bitcoin Earn Exchanging Bitcoin to Dogecoin on Changelly IS DOGECOIN THE NEW BITCOIN??

Price, BTC. 0.000013. 0.000014 Launched in Apr 2018, MXC is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange registered in Seychelles. It supports CNY, VND, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD deposit, and CNY, VND withdrawal. Convert 70 MXN to DOGE with result in table and chart. Calculate how much is 70 Mexican Peso in Dogecoin using latest exchange rate of foreign currency and live price of Dogecoin. Use this free calculator to convert other values between MXN (Mexican Peso) and DOGE (Dogecoin). 125610733263 DOGE to BTC (DOGE vs. BTC), How much is 125610733263 Dogecoin in BTC, Online exchange rate calculator between DOGE (Dogecoin) & BTC (Bitcoin). CoinXConverter - Online Currency & Cryptocurrency Converter. It also gives incentives for miners to keep operating, thus helping keep the network more secure — as in Bitcoin, "mining" Dogecoin also serves to confirm the transactions taking place on the

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Dogecoin Is 'Not a Joke' Says OKEx CEO Jay Hao

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss Gemini brothers: Exchange, Finance, Bitcoin, BTC, Investments 2020 ALL AP INFO TECH 83,932 watching Live now MASKS - Duration: 2:00:01. New bitcoin mining websites zero investment Maine is video me Dogecoin Website ke bare me bataya hai jisme bina investment kiye unlimited bitcoin earn kar sakte hai आगर आपको bitcoin ... Jay Hao — CEO of major crypto exchange OKEx — made positive remarks about meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE). When answering Cointelegraph’s recent inquiry concerning new Dogecoin-related ... Robinhood and other trading platforms have created a convenient situation for many young people looking to get a start in securities exchange. We saw what the internet did to Bitcoin, and now we ... Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss Gemini brothers: Exchange, Finance, Bitcoin, BTC, Investments 2020 ALL AP INFO TECH 84,813 watching Live now Dogecoin $2 Billion Bloomberg Jackson Palmer Doge ...

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