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I'm getting excited about Monero, and going to move 25% of my Crypto holdings into it.

From now on you can assume I'm 70% bitcoin, 25% Monero, and 5% other crypto-gambles (I still love you Nyan & Doge, but a nod towards MaidSafe).
After bothering to learn about Cryptography, Monero has won me over despite the ridiculously silly name. It honestly does have the best cryptographic profile of any alt coin today, and boasts a very respectable development team that seems honest and upfront about their goals.
Ring signatures + Stealth addresses do feel like the "bitcoin 2.0" that idiots blather about without even knowing what that means. I'm not saying that I think bitcoin can be dethroned, but it won't hurt to hedge my investments with a foray into Monero.
I'll copy some of their editorial, "What's So Special About Monero" here, but as always, you are responsible for your own decisions and should never buy anything without doing a lot of your own research.


It uses CryptoNote technology, which, compared to most other coins, means:
- Some altcoins exhibit one technology that Monero has: Shadowcash has cryptonote-like privacy (but only on exceptional situation called Shadow-to-Shadow), Vertcoin and some others have stealth addresses, etc.
Improper implementation could lead to no actual privacy. Best example is Bytecoin, where 80%+ of the outputs are owned by unknown parties; so unmasking which signature in a ring is the real one is trivial for the said unknown parties.


The undisputed leader in Cryptonote-based coins:

Specific development

Monero has its own improvements that other CryptoNote-based coins ("altnotes") do not have:
I welcome all criticisms of my idea, but really believe that if you are going to bother speculating in any alt-coin that this one seems like the best bet.
After all, in 2008 bitcoin seemed like a scam that was unlikely to succeed to the casual eye.
Now in 2015, most altcoins seem like scams that are unlikely to succeed.
Maybe Monero can prove them wrong.
In any case, it's worth 25% of my army.
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