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Dev Tracker #002 from Discord #dark_and_light channel 2016-11-11_01:58:39 GMT to 2016-12-01_18:43:53 GMT

2016-11-21_20:21:20 GMT Horsejoke: We have plans for a lot of small servers, we can scale really quickly based on population.
2016-11-21_20:23:23 GMT Horsejoke: I'm just answering a few rapid-fire since I came in to post that lore line, I'm neck-deep in this localization stuff right now and I'm about to drown tbh, so I can't hang in here very much today
2016-11-21_20:36:28 GMT Horsejoke: Sorry about that, we haven't announced anything on player-run severs yet, so I can't c/d anything about it.
2016-11-21_20:37:08 GMT Horsejoke: There are enough players per server to warrant the kinds of faction / guild relationships we have in place.
2016-11-21_20:50:41 GMT Horsejoke: 1.7~ years at Snail and 1.7~ years in the industry.
2016-11-21_20:51:04 GMT Horsejoke: Not technically my first job out of college, but close enough.
2016-11-22_18:49:20 GMT Horsejoke: My response about news on Tuesday was in response to someone asking about the Elf settlement
2016-11-22_18:49:25 GMT Horsejoke: Sorry if it got misconstrued 😦
2016-11-22_19:10:45 GMT Horsejoke: Nah I totally get it, maybe if I send that Conan trailer over to my team in China it'll light a fire under them.
2016-11-22_19:14:32 GMT Horsejoke: Haha, I think it's an awesome trailer and it may get to some of them, but it's probably pretty different than DnL at its core (physical combat > exploration compared to exploration + world-building > combat?)
2016-11-22_19:14:52 GMT Horsejoke: I think the titan and that big ol' snake looked awesome though
2016-11-22_19:19:08 GMT Horsejoke: some of the dragons in DnL are absolutely enormous, but I'd say the titan they showed in the trailer is probably 1/6th larger than the dragons I've seen in DnL
2016-11-22_19:20:08 GMT Horsejoke: I haven't seen the light and dark dragon they showed before in-game though, only a more common breed
2016-11-22_19:20:31 GMT Horsejoke: Red!
2016-11-22_19:21:56 GMT Horsejoke: Wait did we show a dragon in the teaser?
2016-11-22_19:22:05 GMT Horsejoke: I know we had the wyvern for most of it, but I don't remember any dragons
2016-11-22_19:22:20 GMT Horsejoke: Unless my brain is addled from all this translation
2016-11-22_19:22:54 GMT Horsejoke: Oh that's still the wyvern
2016-11-22_19:23:20 GMT Horsejoke: Yeah our wyverns are way smaller than dragons
2016-11-22_19:24:14 GMT Horsejoke: I'm colorblind so maybe I'm missing something, but the thing in the teaser doesn't look red to me, the red dragons in-game are extremely red
2016-11-22_19:26:00 GMT Horsejoke: Yeah that's the wyvern
2016-11-22_19:31:10 GMT Horsejoke: I can't c/d taming dragon rules right now, they may have something special about them that I'm not sure about
2016-11-22_19:32:04 GMT Horsejoke: Absolutely, that's the whole point!
2016-11-22_19:43:50 GMT Horsejoke: They're asleep though 😐
2016-11-22_19:44:42 GMT Horsejoke: Since I have a massive backlog in <#240204914314182666> and this DnL localization is my top priority right now, would you mind closing the channel for comments for now?
2016-11-22_19:44:53 GMT Horsejoke: that way I can work through it once this is done
2016-11-22_19:45:33 GMT Horsejoke: If not then that's fine too, but people asking questions now may have to wait a while before I can get to them
2016-11-22_20:20:35 GMT Horsejoke: Also something to satiate people's curiosity to complement the Estel reveal, we got a new build in today which:
2016-11-22_20:20:59 GMT Horsejoke: So quests are expanded a bit beyond just tutorial stuff now
2016-11-22_20:22:11 GMT Horsejoke: It's mostly tutorial stuff for now, but it's a framework that we can expand on if necessary
2016-11-22_20:22:57 GMT Horsejoke: This is game development and why we don't make 100% certain statements at any point during the early stages of the development process, things change all the time
2016-11-22_20:25:17 GMT Horsejoke: I've got a ton of questions to get to, I have a goal of 1000~ more lines to localize / edit by the end of the day so I actually need to get back to that for now
2016-11-22_20:31:15 GMT Horsejoke: Also spoilers I already snuck a horse joke into the game
2016-11-22_20:31:19 GMT Horsejoke: I'm abusing the hell out of my power
2016-11-22_22:51:01 GMT Horsejoke: Yes
2016-11-22_23:22:33 GMT Horsejoke: Man this place is crazy
2016-11-22_23:22:59 GMT Horsejoke: I mean it's not exactly hard to find me, I'm not hiding anywhere
2016-11-22_23:24:06 GMT Horsejoke: I'd get doxxed even if we had a million gameplay videos out, it's alright
2016-11-22_23:25:03 GMT Horsejoke: Just busy, taking a few minute break from translating / editing
2016-11-22_23:25:42 GMT Horsejoke: Here's the last thing I did:
2016-11-22_23:26:41 GMT Horsejoke: wish I had accompanying screenshots but 🍆
2016-11-22_23:26:54 GMT Horsejoke: Yes, yes you will
2016-11-22_23:27:05 GMT Horsejoke: pretty sure it's an eggplant
2016-11-22_23:29:34 GMT Horsejoke: Here's another thing, a skill tree (or Knowledge Node) description I did earlier:
2016-11-22_23:30:30 GMT Horsejoke: Not yet, I don't have any info on faction names in the current build
2016-11-22_23:31:56 GMT Horsejoke: I don't think it's implemented in the current build, maybe in a separate test client with our dev team, but right now it's like pick a starting city and make a character
2016-11-22_23:32:11 GMT Horsejoke: Most of it is translated, but not localized
2016-11-22_23:32:22 GMT Horsejoke: It's a separate process
2016-11-22_23:32:50 GMT Horsejoke: Translating is just taking the language and making it another language, localization is making it make sense to a particular audience that speaks that language
2016-11-22_23:32:57 GMT Horsejoke: translation is a part of the localization process
2016-11-22_23:33:12 GMT Horsejoke: I'm doing some stuff that slipped by, but most of it is already done
2016-11-22_23:33:21 GMT Horsejoke: California, born and raised
2016-11-22_23:33:26 GMT Horsejoke: I don't think we existed when Yankee was a term
2016-11-22_23:34:30 GMT Horsejoke: This chat is so hard to keep up with, things are all sorts of crazy around here nowadays
2016-11-22_23:36:22 GMT Horsejoke: Nah I'm not looking for an echo chamber
2016-11-22_23:36:40 GMT Horsejoke: I think it's a good thing, when the game comes out we need some raw, angry feedback
2016-11-22_23:37:02 GMT Horsejoke: It looks like we'll be getting that in spades here
2016-11-22_23:38:37 GMT Horsejoke: Alright getting back to the grind, have fun y'all
2016-11-23_00:01:18 GMT Horsejoke: No half-elves, at least at launch - no discussions have been had yet regarding additional races after launch
2016-11-23_00:05:10 GMT Horsejoke: We try to fit online in there instead of multiplayer, but yeah
2016-11-23_00:05:59 GMT Horsejoke: Funny enough, my coworker also identifies as an attack helicopter. Unfortunately no, China hasn't reached that level of progressiveness yet - binary gender options.
2016-11-23_01:44:45 GMT Horsejoke: Little more frequent than that
2016-11-28_19:31:36 GMT Horsejoke: Thanks! Hope everyone here who celebrates Thanksgiving had a great holiday too
2016-11-28_19:38:37 GMT Horsejoke: I caught a few of those, EA / Steam Store launch on Dec 15th isn't confirmed by SGUSA, I heard that there's some "stuff" happening in December but I haven't received official word on either of those things.
2016-11-28_19:39:18 GMT Horsejoke: I understand that, the wording was very deliberate.
2016-11-28_19:39:30 GMT Horsejoke: SGUSA can't confirm that right now, that's just me being honest.
2016-11-28_19:40:23 GMT Horsejoke: Basically, but I heard the rumors from here first 😛
2016-11-28_19:41:02 GMT Horsejoke: Well just unconfirmed, I'll sync up with some folks today and see what rumors we can put to rest one way or another.
2016-11-28_19:41:40 GMT Horsejoke: I'm in charge of a lot of stuff on this project, but I don't actually communicate with Steam myself, that's a whole other side of the business.
2016-11-28_19:44:15 GMT Horsejoke: We publish a ton of stuff in China, I'm checking on that too
2016-11-28_19:44:34 GMT Horsejoke: I think we're the 3rd largest tech company over there actually, behind the newly-crowned king Netease and Tencent
2016-11-28_19:46:46 GMT Horsejoke: I'd expect to have a big announcement and a bunch of details about what that entails (on the store but "coming soon", on the store and ready to play, pricing, etc.)
2016-11-28_19:47:15 GMT Horsejoke: But I don't know for sure, I probably wouldn't be able to confirm it today just due to the time difference and slow communications.
2016-11-28_19:48:38 GMT Horsejoke: It's moving along, I'm still working on stuff now but the bulk of it is done to a level where I'm somewhat satisfied - waiting for the changes to be reflected in the next build early this week.
2016-11-28_19:53:15 GMT Horsejoke: Well as a traditional Thanksgiving gift (???) which kind of skill tree are you interested in: Combat, Survival, or Construction?
2016-11-28_19:53:29 GMT Horsejoke: I'll reveal one from one of those trees in one minute
2016-11-28_19:53:37 GMT Horsejoke: lotta ones
2016-11-28_20:00:47 GMT Horsejoke: Alright then, one of the fundamental trees that everyone will be incidentally leveling up while doing pretty much anything is the "Staff" Node, which grants access to crafting recipes for higher-tier staves that can be fitted with various crystals to allow the casting of different spells.
2016-11-28_20:02:38 GMT Horsejoke: That was some pre-launch lore talk, the factions haven't always been very open to each other.
2016-11-28_20:02:52 GMT Horsejoke: Gotta wait for the EA launch to learn more about that.
2016-11-28_20:03:35 GMT Horsejoke: fixed it for clarity, thanks!
2016-11-28_20:04:17 GMT Horsejoke: Go ahead and siege Zaharul if you want, (just try not to poke any of the guards).
2016-11-28_20:04:27 GMT Horsejoke: They're kind of OP right now.
2016-11-28_20:06:45 GMT Horsejoke: Not really anything to gain from it right now, just for fun.
2016-11-28_20:07:29 GMT Horsejoke: We're still working out faction restrictions for things like Houses (Guilds) and whatnot, so I don't have a definite answer for you, sorry!
2016-11-28_20:12:20 GMT Horsejoke: Not quite yet
2016-11-28_20:57:19 GMT Horsejoke: Wait I'm confused, maybe I confused everyone too
2016-11-28_20:57:34 GMT Horsejoke: Skill trees in DnL are called "Nodes"
2016-11-28_20:57:49 GMT Horsejoke: Within the combat grouping, there is a skill tree for Staves
2016-11-28_20:58:11 GMT Horsejoke: So it's a whole tree, that was just a high-level look at what leveling up that tree will get you, it's more than just one skill.
2016-11-28_20:59:15 GMT Horsejoke: Most skills manifest as crafting recipes one way or another, and then you kind of create skills and spells and equipment, it's a pretty unique system.
2016-11-28_21:01:29 GMT Horsejoke: You need materials to craft anything, including the catalysts for spells
2016-11-28_21:02:22 GMT Horsejoke: I mean
2016-11-28_21:02:25 GMT Horsejoke: that's always the case...
2016-11-28_21:02:58 GMT Horsejoke: There's a kind of mana system, but you won't usually require anything more than that.
2016-11-28_22:18:31 GMT Horsejoke: We don't have any spell customization at the moment, abilities need to be readable and flashy, having a bunch of colors for the same spell would be super confusing.
2016-11-28_22:29:22 GMT Horsejoke: Temperature definitely, you can cause some extreme conditions in small areas for short periods with fire / ice spells, but no large-scale weather changes at the moment.
2016-11-28_22:30:53 GMT Horsejoke: Ok
2016-11-28_22:31:26 GMT Horsejoke: Nope, gave you a pretty nice line directly from me that should explain things pretty well.
2016-11-28_22:31:44 GMT Horsejoke: I can't give a number, but it's definitely bigger than 1k KM2
2016-11-28_22:32:46 GMT Horsejoke: Well we still have Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and Decemberween
2016-11-28_22:33:29 GMT Horsejoke: It's an upgradeable stat.
2016-11-28_22:35:01 GMT Horsejoke: We're getting new builds left and right, and things are getting ironed out a little more clearly as development continues to ramp up.
2016-11-28_22:35:14 GMT Horsejoke: Everything is still all subject to change but I can give somewhat more solid responses now.
2016-11-28_22:36:00 GMT Horsejoke: There has only ever been one good game, and that is Crazy Bus.
2016-11-28_22:38:27 GMT Horsejoke: Yeah I got you, I just wanted to mess around a bit. I think it's cool and there are a bunch of unique and ambitious mechanics that I haven't experienced in any other game - the way leveling works now is cool because, much like TES, it rewards you for doing the stuff you're already doing instead of just killing infinite goblins to somehow level up your basketweaving.
2016-11-28_22:39:24 GMT Horsejoke: I can't say that I'm unbiased because I'm too invested in the game professionally, but I think it has potential and people who understand what they're getting into will enjoy the game a lot.
2016-11-28_22:39:31 GMT Horsejoke: For a long time - a lot of the meat in the game is based on player interaction, so if they invest in it, it'll give returns.
2016-11-28_22:41:32 GMT Horsejoke: Taming is a pretty big deal, even though you definitely don't have to do it. Having a bunch of pets and mounts makes you feel pretty awesome. Goblins aren't tamable, but you can still interact with them in ways that don't involve putting on your robe and wizard hat and turning them into a fine mist.
2016-11-28_22:44:14 GMT Horsejoke: UE 4 is an awesome engine, and we're working hard to make it as fluid as possible, but as an online game, latency is obviously an issue, and because of how many interactive objects there are, it's even more of a concern. It's not as smooth as a single-player action game, but it runs well enough on a decent setup and we're continuing to optimize it.
2016-11-28_23:23:31 GMT Horsejoke: It's (as of now) mostly third-person action combat. There are a lot of big spells, including damaging / CC-focused spells, melee and ranged weapons, and a few other things. 1:1 PvP won't be as common as larger engagements or guerilla warfare, but if you go around looking for lone players to fight you'll probably have to lead your attacks since spells / attacks aren't targeted, and a lot of dodging and tricky movement.
2016-11-28_23:26:56 GMT Horsejoke: It defaults to third-person right now, I think they had issues balancing the two perspectives. First-person is in for some things, but not everything. I think a major issue they ran into was managing spell effects in first-person; a lot of them are pretty flashy, so if you're holding a glowing stave in one hand and running through a bunch of spells it's literally impossible to see what's going on.
2016-11-28_23:29:23 GMT Horsejoke: Yeah, there are a bunch of effects for offensive spells, even in 3rd person it can get overwhelming in big fights.
2016-11-28_23:30:41 GMT Horsejoke: You can, but I'm not sure if we'll be allowing a menu option for default 1st person for just walking around at EA launch. First-person is in for riding mounts and (I think) a few other things, but we'll be looking for feedback from players about how they like the perspective.
2016-11-28_23:33:12 GMT Horsejoke: Not that specifically, but issues like that are what informed the decision to default to third-person.
2016-11-28_23:33:55 GMT Horsejoke: We'll see how players like it - it's UE4 so technically it shouldn't be difficult to implement a first-person option just to have it, but I don't know the design team's feelings about that right now.
2016-11-28_23:34:29 GMT Horsejoke: Like I've said before, if there's something you (and other players) are passionate about that you don't like after experiencing it for yourself, we'll always be looking for ways to improve the game.
2016-11-28_23:44:17 GMT Horsejoke: It's definitely slower than BDO, the combat is also completely different from BDO
2016-11-28_23:44:54 GMT Horsejoke: Changing default perspective in UE4 is also super simple, so it wasn't like we had a team slaving over the implementation for weeks.
2016-11-28_23:46:38 GMT Horsejoke: They were always the same, since it's just the camera changing places.
2016-11-28_23:47:00 GMT Horsejoke: Does ESO have unique animations for first-person too, or just Skyrim?
2016-11-28_23:48:25 GMT Horsejoke: That's pretty cool - I'm not sure we have the capability for that and it's definitely not a priority at the moment. Animations have always been the same for first and third person in DnL.
2016-11-28_23:58:34 GMT Horsejoke: Can't C/D instanced dungeons at the moment, but most of the content involves being in the same world as everyone else.
2016-11-29_00:00:42 GMT Horsejoke: It's actually fairly linear in that you'll unlock skills in individual trees in a linear order, but D&L can be as deep as you want to make it. If you want to live in a city and buy everything with in-game currency then that's totally up to you, or you could make some crazy volcano villain base and command an army of (insert creature here) if you want.
2016-11-29_00:01:26 GMT Horsejoke: Invoking the name of the mountain is a dangerous gambit
2016-11-29_00:01:29 GMT Horsejoke: proceed with caution
2016-11-29_00:02:36 GMT Horsejoke: Eclipses are random events that cause stuff to get real crazy, not sure what else there may be at EA launch.
2016-11-29_00:09:41 GMT Horsejoke: Not solid date yet, sorry!
2016-11-29_00:10:23 GMT Horsejoke: No seasons at the moment, but random weather effects are in. Social interaction is limited ATM, it'll be something we look into expanding during EA.
2016-11-29_00:11:26 GMT Horsejoke: Thanks! I had a great Thanksgiving, I cooked a ton of food. I always try to find interesting things to do with turkey so I broke down and sous-vide a whole turkey over 24 hours and pan seared it in butter.
2016-11-29_00:11:34 GMT Horsejoke: Crystals everywhere
2016-11-29_00:12:12 GMT Horsejoke: There may be some parallels, but you won't get stuck on a boat for 8 real-time years in DnL, don't worry.
2016-11-29_00:15:37 GMT Horsejoke: Probably ESO, though I haven't played much of it myself.
2016-11-29_00:16:32 GMT Horsejoke: ESO mixed with The Culling and other combat-focused survival games maybe?
2016-11-29_00:16:39 GMT Horsejoke: It's hard for me to come up with a satisfying parallel
2016-11-29_00:20:12 GMT Horsejoke: Yeah that's probably fair, I don't think it was a very good comparison to make. H1Z1 is probably more appropriate.
2016-11-29_00:20:47 GMT Horsejoke: The range that we have right now is Under 40k KM2 but much larger than 1k KM2
2016-11-29_00:21:08 GMT Horsejoke: Official numbers coming closer to the Early Access launch
2016-11-29_00:23:53 GMT Horsejoke: It's a big world, but starter cities are meant to function as hubs for players to meet up and form groups, which should alleviate the issue of randomly spawning in a big world with no clear direction, like NMS.
2016-11-29_00:24:46 GMT Horsejoke: No fixed numbers just yet, and most likely some shifting throughout EA.
2016-11-29_00:30:03 GMT Horsejoke: Snail has 3k+ employees globally, in the US office we have <20 people
2016-11-29_00:30:20 GMT Horsejoke: Which website?
2016-11-29_00:32:35 GMT Horsejoke: Oh yeah the US team never actually had control over the CMS for that page, it was a corporate initiative to create a unified brand, but they just stopped updating it after a while.
2016-11-29_00:32:56 GMT Horsejoke: Each game is its own entity now pretty much, each game also has its own dedicated CS team.
2016-11-29_00:34:35 GMT Horsejoke: We're not really worried, we're more interested to see how things go once players get a hold of the game.
2016-11-29_00:35:08 GMT Horsejoke: Players interested in PvPing will PvP, so we'll see what we need to change to make it more accessible / frequent if necessary
2016-11-29_00:36:28 GMT Horsejoke: People do crazy stuff to enable PvP leagues in games where it was never really meant to exist.
2016-11-29_00:37:43 GMT Horsejoke: The souls series is a good case study on community PvP development, people just developed their own rule sets, decorum, arenas, etc. with a super janky online system
2016-11-29_00:38:39 GMT Horsejoke: You'll need to track down certain materials, but you won't need to murder an ent every time you want to refuel your fireplace.
2016-11-29_00:41:32 GMT Horsejoke: Not with the way the leveling system works now, there should be no need to respec unless you put all of your attributes into your mana pool and you never plan on casting a single spell.
2016-11-29_00:42:05 GMT Horsejoke: Yeah, that's always been the case
2016-11-29_00:43:33 GMT Horsejoke: Portals, flying mounts, good old fashioned elbow grease
2016-11-29_00:44:13 GMT Horsejoke: No official release date just yet, so I can't comment on that right now.
2016-11-29_00:48:33 GMT Horsejoke: No wings at the moment.
2016-11-29_00:48:59 GMT Horsejoke: Item bar, some of the info I provided about catalysts earlier today may give you some idea about how spellcasting may work.
2016-11-29_19:42:18 GMT Horsejoke: Going alright, except the weather here is being super weird and it's switching from somewhat cold to somewhat hot randomly. How about yourself?
2016-11-29_20:05:59 GMT Horsejoke: Fact
2016-11-29_20:06:37 GMT Horsejoke: I'm glad we've been able to share screenshots outside of press releases, but there's been a dry spell of info and I'm taking a break from localization right now so I'm getting back to doing a Q&A
2016-11-29_20:06:46 GMT Horsejoke: hopefully I'll have it up by this evening PST
2016-11-29_20:07:19 GMT Horsejoke: Well there actually hasn't been a dry spell, we've been sharing much more info than we have in the past recently so... I'm just doing it to do it
2016-11-29_20:07:46 GMT Horsejoke: Good question Asher, announcement eventually.
2016-11-29_20:10:37 GMT Horsejoke: I have access to the latest build now and I've been messing around on it trying to break it and offering pre-EA feedback to the dev team. Because it's a test environment though, it's pretty often that it's not live most days.
2016-11-29_20:11:17 GMT Horsejoke: Yeah, we've shown Vardo before so I've been prioritizing the other cities.
2016-11-29_20:11:47 GMT Horsejoke: But yes it is the human city, even though in the lore Vardo is the Elvish word for protection.
2016-11-29_20:18:05 GMT Horsejoke: Yep
2016-11-29_20:21:23 GMT Horsejoke: We aren't fully ready to commit to an answer on that just yet, the faction / race system is in a bit of flux right now as the team is iterating. Remember that this is still an Early Access launch, so while that may seem like a fundamental thing, we're still expecting a number of changes between EA and full launch.
2016-11-29_20:26:22 GMT Horsejoke: No official confirmation on anything for the 15th, the 2p article is legit.
2016-11-29_20:39:53 GMT Horsejoke: They... don't really share my sense of humor. I'm not particularly invested in the Conan canon (Conon?) so I don't have much interest in it myself.
2016-11-29_20:40:13 GMT Horsejoke: It looks pretty neat though.
2016-11-29_20:46:58 GMT Horsejoke: It's just a quick impromptu one, any heavy questions I'd just leave for another time. I'll finish up the ones here and then just do the stuff from <#240204914314182666> in the Q&A later today
2016-11-29_20:57:23 GMT Horsejoke: There are a bunch of different components and material tiers for constructing a house, but you'll only be able to use like materials within a structure (wood to wood, etc.), so you'll be able to make more than a shack out in the wilderness, but probably nothing quite as grandiose as the main castle in a city.
2016-11-29_20:58:44 GMT Horsejoke: I have played Dwarf Fortress, but I usually make elves or humans in fantasy games
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