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Year Core Architecture Diagram SOC Example SBC Example(s) Summary I am passing a struct containing constant size float array to the renderscript forEach function. My issue has been getting the data back to Java. Background I'm working on optimizing an Measuring FLOPS on Vivante G7200L on IMX8 Hello i'am new to Open Cl and i was trying to Measure GFLOPS on GPU Vivante7200 Lite on board IMX8 The output using this code is 0.127989 GFLOPS while the advertised FLOPS is 32 So what may be the Because all of those have: Vivante GC2000 or ARM Mali-400 of GPU, which can easily run OpenGL, and GC2000 OpenGL 2.0, which goes up to 24 GFLOPS which is unbelievable for such small device. Would I be able to run WoW or Steam games on those? (since wow runs on Linux by using Wine, and steam games have native Linux OpenGL) PRU-> programmable real time unit. BBB-> BeagleBone? Black. The BBB has an extra dual core processor that runs at 200Mhz. It is interesting because it is like the processor they teach you about in your intro to computer architecture classes, every instruction is a single cycle instruction.

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