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The official placiibo app subreddit!

The current purpose of this subreddit is to discuss the developments of the placiibo TestFlight and gathering beta feedback.

Bug List for Magyst/Epic

Last updated: 11:35PM EDT April 29
Figured since no one else started one, and since I'm so active here, I'd do it. Magyst is looking for bugs the team can look into. This is a work in progress list, so feel free to post about your bugs (preferably with video/picture proof where necessary) and I will add it to the list. Issues already listed on the Trello will not be included.
I'm listing issues in order of my personal perceived importance (based off of how frequent and how impactful the bug is), with cosmetic issues as lowest on the totem pole. I realize some of you may not agree, and that's ok. Also, just because I list one bug higher than another, it doesn't mean Epic will be able to squash it before something lower on the list.
Major Issues
Moderate Issues
Minor Issues
Cosmetic/Visual Issues
Possible Bugs/Unannounced Changes?
PS. More communication with the community please.
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FAQ Read this first!

placiibo FAQ

Updated: 2020-07-15 00:56 UTC

What is placiibo?.

placiibo is an iOS app for iPhone 7 or newer that you can use to write data to NFC tags. Currently only ntag215 tags are supported.
And it's available in the AppStore through this link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1513319504

The TestFlight has ended and the TestFlight version of the app will stop working, you can download placiibo for free through the AppStore link above

How can I provide feedback?

If your feedback consists of a bug or a feature request then the most useful way to provide feedback is to file a bug report here: https://placiibo.app/bugs
Alternatively, you can also make a screenshot from within the app and provide feedback through TestFlight.

Where can I find file X, Y or Z?

Sadly, I can't help you find any files. Perhaps a Google search can help you or a different subreddit can be of more assistance. Keep in mind that piracy links are not allowed on this subreddit.

I'm trying to rewrite my NFC tag with a different BIN file, but it doesn't seem to be working…

That's because the tags are not rewritable. Once you've written away a bin file, that tag is locked to that bin file. Use a new tag if you want to write away a different BIN file.

What do I need to be able to use placiibo?

Can I use placiibo without tags by transmitting the data over NFC to the receiving device?


I can't select a binary file to write to the tag

You're probably missing a key file. Check the instructions at the bottom of the screen or watch this video for an example on how to use placiibo: https://youtu.be/NFLKK1XT6x8

How can I support