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List of GTA V Paid Mod Menus for PC

List of GTA V Pain Mod Menus for PC as of June 11th, 2020:
- 2take1 Menu https://2take1.menu/ - Apollo Menu https://www.apollomenu.xyz - Brave Menu https://bravecheats.com/ - Carbonate Menu https://carbonate.xyz/ - Cherax Menu https://cherax.vip/ - Darkness Menu https://darkness-gta.de/ - Delusional Menu https://delusionalcheats.com/ - Disturbed Menu https://www.w1tch.pro/ - Duality Menu https://discord.gg/PfMUC8h - Electric Plug Menu https://electricplug.xyz - Ephemeral Menu https://ephemeral.pro/ - Explosive Menu https://explosivemenu.com/ - Flame Menu https://flamemenu.site/ - GTA Elite Menu https://gtaelite.com/ - Gravity Menu https://gravitymenu.cf/ - Hani Menu https://hanigta.eu/ - Hypno Menu https://hypnomenu.tk/ (Gone) - Impulse Menu https://impulse.one/ - Indra Menu https://indra.menu/ - Kingping Menu https://kingpinmenu.com/ - Kitsune Menu https://kitsune.best/ - Luna Menu https://lunacheats.org/ - Lunar Menu https://lunarmenu.com/ - Maverick Menu https://maverickcheats.eu/ - Menace Menu https://discord.com/invite/gASc3yF - Next GTA Menu https://nextgta.menu/ - Paragon Menu https://paragonmenu.com/index.php - Phantom-X Menu https://vk.com/phantomcommunity - Photon Menu https://photon-cheats.com/ - Position Menu https://positionmenu.company/# - Powers Menu https://www.powersprx.com/ - Raine Menu https://discord.gg/4zx9Tsk - Robust Menu https://robustgta.com/forum/index.php - Savage Menu https://discord.gg/4zx9Tsk - Shock Menu https://shock.to/ - Sodium Menu https://sodium.menu/forum/index.php - Syslx VIP Menu https://discord.gg/h7fy9Sc - T3zz3r3t Menu https://t3zz3r3t.menu/forums/ - Unknown Menu https://unknownmenu.us/ 
The list of Mod Menus I have personally owned:
- Anomalous (Gone) - Apollo - Camelot (Gone) - Carbon (Currently offline - Formerly Camelot) - Endured (Gone) - Hades (Gone) - Hypno (Gone) - Indra (Formerly Zeus) - Lunar - Paragon (Formerly Wardens) - Phantom-X - Sodium (Formerly Endured) - Wardens (Gone) - Zap (Gone) - Zeus (Gone) 
When buying a Mod Menu you have to know what you want in it. If you want a menu with solely protection or one for griefing or one for recoveries, you got to know what you want and do research on the menus above to see which one suits you the best. You can't simply say one menu is better than the other because they all have different focuses. There is no best menu. There is only the menu that suits yourself the best. Anyone trying to tell you one or the other is better is being biased and you should only look for what is you need/want in a menu and not what is said about one.
Things to know about Modding in GTA V:
  1. Every Mod Menu has a chance to ban, you are never 100% safe. But the chances of you being banned are very slim. They only rise when you troll or grief and when you do recoveries.
  2. Most Menus accept Paypal payments but there are some who only accept bitcoin, gift cards, etc. If you can't buy bitcoin more often than not you can find someone who resells's the menu but at a marked up price since its more convenient for the buy and more cumbersome for the seller.
  3. If your antivirus or Windows Defender flags a menu for being a virus unless it's a free one, it is 99% of the time wrong. The reason it flags is because of the obfuscation and or because of an exe's since all AVs flag executables.

If there are any Mod Menu's I missed, private message me or comment on the thread and I will add it.
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