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Censorship! 2 weeks of mod actions

As promised for a long time now, here's a breakdown mod actions in the past 2 weeks. I've previously done summaries for longer periods, but as it takes a few minutes to resolve each action, i limited the list to 1000 which corresponds to 2 weeks. The time period is roughly between the evenings of 28 April and 12 May.
I'm still busy with the details of the link and post removals. I've been working on this for 2 days now, so it'll take me until the weekend to get through them all. I haven't published the referenced addendum yet.


There were 8 permabans:
You are a bunch of stinking k####rs. It is going to be great to see all the k####rs die from Covid in the next few months. Viva Covid!!!
There were a few temporary bans. These are usually issued when users ignore multiple requests or warnings about our rules. These are issued in increments of days. It would be useful to issue one for an hour or two, rather than the minimum of 1 day.
Temp bans for abusive language:
Abusive language has been challenged before with accusations of it being anything from "not a school playground" to "1984-era doublethink". It's not acceptable to insult a stranger you're having a conversation with in public, then it's not acceptable to do so here.
Temp bans for misleading content:
And other miscellaneous reasons:
For anyone thinking that we ban whomever our ANC masters tell us to....tell them that I haven't received my kickbacks yet.


Beyond the temporary bans coming to an end, there was one permanent ban that was removed, and that was for justluckyme2 who was incorrectly given a permaban, but a temp ban was intended. That was quickly corrected.

Mark submission as spam

This is an action that we use to help train the spam filters. Sometimes we remove spam posts when we should be marking them as spam - which removes the submission as well.
These are sometimes accompanied with bans. We love hearing about everyone's businesses or side hustles, as long as they don't violate reddit's TOS. If you want to but are unsure, send us a modmail. We'll typically direct you to

Mark comment as spam

A similar reason, but applies to comments
You might need to use a service like snew to view these.

Approve post

As a part of reddit and our own spam and abuse protection, posts are sometimes caught incorrectly. There are many reasons why a post is incorrectly removed. We aren't told the exact reason for these removals by reddit's spam filters and AutoModerator. While we have our own custom AutoModerator rules (That remove posts to known fake news sites, or flag comments that have some slurs), reddit has their own super-set of AutoMod rules we can't see.
If you can't see your post appearing when looking at the new queue in another browser, then send us a message. We often go through the mod queue which lists removed posts, but might not get to every one.
There were 91 posts approved by moderators. I'll list them in the addendum.

Approve comment

For a similar reason, comments are caught in a filter of sorts. We then approve the comment - if they were incorrectly caught - or confirm removal - if they were correctly caught.
There were 141 comments approved by moderators. I'll list them in the addendum.

Remove post

The very meaning of censorship! No-one likes their content being removed, but we remove posts that don't comply with the sub rules.
There were 346 posts in total removed. 196 of these were removed by AutoModerator for varying reasons. 91 were manually approved by us, a few were confirmed as being spam, but a lot were left as removed. Ideally we should have confirmed removal or approved each of them. Sorry if yours slipped through the cracks. That leaves 150 posts that were removed by moderators.
I'm doing a detailed report on these, so check back later.

Remove comment

You're censoring my views! Comments are generally moderated less than submissions. A post about a vacation in Thailand - for example - might not be relevant, but having a discussion about your Thai vacation in comments is just fine.
There were 302 comments removed. 188 were removed by AutoMod, leaving 113 comments being removed by mods.
I'm doing a detailed report on these, so check back later.

Edit flair

Occasionally someone selects the wrong flair for their post and moderators correct it. There were a few posts whose flair was changed by us:

Distinguish comment or Sticky comment

A moderator can distinguish their comment to appear different to other comments. We normally use them when acting in capacity as a mod, rather than in our own personal capacities (yes, it's possible for these to be distinct). Public removal reasons are distinguished, stickied comments. See addendum for the full list.
There are two ways to provide feedback to why a comment or post was removed. Via a comment, or via modmail. Myself and lengau often do public comments, while other mods send messages. You'll see that some are removed or deleted, because the request (translation, source, etc) was fulfilled.

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This allows moderators to prevent comments being added to a post or replies made to a comment.
There were no locked posts and a few locked comments. All locked comments were some of the distinguished comments listed in the previous section.

Mute user

This is a feature in modmail - a common messaging system viewable by all mods - that allows communication from a user to be blocked for two days. If we ban a user, there's nothing stopping them from sending us love letters, like the one listed previously. They are often done to stop abusive message being thrown our way for a few days. There were 6 mutes. 3 resulting from permabans, 2 from temporary bans and 1 from a post removal.
Honestly, if we make a mistake with a ban or a removal, don't attack us. Chat with us.

Admin actions

We can see when reddit's admins do moderator actions in our sub. There have been no admin actions in this time period.
In case you're interested, the only action recently listed was performed a month ago, and was the removal of one comment:

But how can I trust that the data is correct? lovethebacon is clearly a paid ANC agent.

The other mods can verify this information. Use services like snew or removeddit to view removals. And can someone please tell Paul Mashatile that I haven't received my paycheck....ever.
It's worth nothing that different mods have different moderation styles. We don't have a fixed set of guidelines on what should be done in what circumstances, but it's up to each mod to do what they think is best for the sub. If any decision made by the mods should be reversed, let us know, here or in modmail.
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Why Are Crypto Trading Bots So Popular?

Hype. Your crypto-friends are excited: “I spend one hour per day just setting up my bot!” “It’s easy money, bro!” According to our research, 126 out of 209 traders use crypto bots for trading. 📷 But it’s not only about users - you can find a lot of different unknown crypto bots on the Internet. According to here are 70 bots with open source, so let’s imagine how many of them are in general! But what is special about them? Why are they so popular? Let’s see. 📷 You know, when you trade just with the help of signals and exchange, you spend a lot of time. But with top trading bots crypto trading is simple - you need just to give them all the details of a deal. They are like washing machines! 📷 People are not bots. You can’t trade 24/7 every day. But the best crypto bot can! 📷 Of course, it is not about every crypto bot. 📷 You know that situation when you see that that coin is decreasing in value. You start to think: “Oh no, I need to sell it right now. Otherwise I will lose everything I have invested.” Emotions. And cryptocurrency trading bots don't think like that because they are machines! It will use only setted parameters.

How profitable are best crypto trading bots?

Bots are just like soldiers that fight on your behalf 24/7, giving you an advantage of time, volume and price. On the other hand, you should take full responsibility for everything your bots do on the crypto battlefields. They never give you a 100% guarantee of an extra income, unless these are scam bots. Basically, this is just a software that helps you implement your own strategies, knowledge and trading experience.


Every time you want to try a new thing, you want to know about it’s advantages and disadvantages. Is trade bot worth the money? Let’s check. 📷 Every person needs to eat, to sleep, to take a small break for tea or coffee, to spend some time with the family. But it’s not about bots. People sometimes want to avoid risks, but bots - don’t. Robots make all the steps while trading faster. 📷 Are you able to track the price of every existing coin? Nah… Cryptocurrency trading bots can analyze monster-size information! 📷 Again, emotions. Bots for cryptocurrency only listen to humans, their strategies and replicate their intelligence. No pressure. No fear. Simple! 📷 A person can miscalculate parameters or analyze charts or strategies without attention. This leads to huge losses. Bots, as machines, are much more accurate.


You should think about every scenario before trading with crypto bot. Not all the bots are good and legit. Remember, that not every auto crypto bot is a scam! It just means that it’s going to contain some developer errors etc. So what is gonna happen if you choose a bad trade bot? 📷Now you know that bots for cryptocurrency are made with the help of humans. So they can contain developer errors. Setting up a bot is a very complicated process, so mistakes can be anywhere - even at the best crypto bot. And the result of such mistakes will definitely lead to trader’s losses. 📷 One of the main drawbacks of trading with a crypto trading bot is how often transactions are carried out. So, commissions for opening or closing positions can exceed the amount of your revenue. Of course, if you choose a good and professional bot, those parameters should be adjusted. 📷 Oooh, what a nightmare! Yes, unfortunately, there are a lot of scam cryptocurrency Binance trading bots. How to distinguish a scam bot among all of them? We are going to talk about this a bit later.

Is It Possible To Earn Money With The Help Of Crypto Trading Bot?

📷Did some tell you that you will definitely earn something while trading with a bot? Don’t believe it! Why? The reasons are quite simple. As we already pointed out in pros & cons - robots are machines only. But some of the bots for cryptocurrency can show you their accuracy. They provide you results and losses they have made. The best and safest if we talk about trading with a bot is using a complex - cryptocurrency trading bot and a crypto provider - a professional trader which provides profitable crypto signals. At Safetrading you can find such providers.

Do Bots Scam People?

📷 Hell yeah! Scam crypto trading bots are made only to steal users’ funds. Pim from shared his opinion about crypto trading bots in general and gave some advice how not to be scammed by a trading bot: 📷 Imagine: Unprofessional users get a subscription and give the bot full access to their investments. If you don’t know how to choose the best crypto bot among all the existing ones and decide to trade with doubtful bot... Your assets are going to be stolen. Crypto Robot 365. Bitcoin Loophole. Bitcoin Code. Crypto Edge. BTC Robot. Bitcoin Trader. Bitcoin Revolution. The accuracy and profitability of those bots are doubtful. But they are not the only ones, unfortunately.

What Should You Remember Before Trading?

I promised you some tips on how not to lose everything you invested. But I’m gonna give you more! Are you ready for tips which will help you to gain profit while trading? 📷 Please, keep it in a safe place. Don’t make a screenshot, don’t put it in “Notes”. Store it offline and your assets will be safe. 📷 Remember we were talking about scam crypto bots? So… You should be the only creature in this world who can withdraw the assets. 📷 Even the best crypto bot can lose money, because the cryptocurrency market sometimes is very unpredictable. To be sure you are not going to lose all the money you have on your account, use stop loss. But don’t be scared. It’s okay to make mistakes - even for a bot. 📷 Bull market. Bear market. The strategies are different for different markets, so switch your strategy every time the market changes. 📷 To set your bot you need to understand what you are doing. If you don’t know how to use crypto trading bot, it will be very hard to control it and to gain profit. 📷 Don’t forget that you pay fees for every trading (not with every bot, but still). So you should make enough profit to cover your fees. 📷 This is the best decision! Just find a good and trusted crypto provider and use his signals to trade with bot. 📷 Don’t do something if you don’t know what it is for. Write to the support or google your question. 📷 Don’t waste your time and money trying to trade with unknown bots.


Starting to trade with a crypto trading bot you should remember, that it still needs you and the parameters you give it to trade. “Hey, use my crypto bot and earn $1000 in a first day of trading!” Don’t believe it. Everything successful needs some time, effort and patience. Do trading bots really work? It is definitely possible to earn with crypto trading bots. They will save you a lot of time! But if you are a newcomer, take your time, read a lot of articles and start to trade slowly. And you will be a successful trader!
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Trading, psychology, and the benefits of Trading Bots.

Trading, psychology, and the benefits of Trading Bots.
Most beginners who open trading accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges and start independent trading, see only one goal — to earn as quickly as possible.
This is a big mistake. The fact is that trading on the stock exchange will only become truly profitable when it becomes a priority for the person who came to trading. As a rule, to combine trade with any other occupation and at the same time everywhere to succeed will not work.
Trading for a novice trader should be if not the main, then a very important and priority occupation. No need to wait for quick results.
Trading on the stock exchange — the same profession as a doctor, Builder or engineer. The only difference is that she can’t go to University. Just as one learns to be a Builder for five years, so it takes years to learn all the wisdom and secrets of the trade. Trading on the stock exchange is not a Stayer distance, it is a marathon. And the winner is the one who will find the courage to reach the end.
In addition, trade is very much changing a person, showing his qualities, which in everyday life he does not know. Over time, if a trader really wants to succeed in trading, he must completely rethink his life, change the system of values and look at many things, change himself.

Fear as a Component of Trading

The strongest emotion known to man is, of course, fear. What gives rise to the exchange’s fears? We can not predict the behavior of the market, and therefore fully control their money invested in its instruments. In addition to the unknown, when there is no understanding of how to safely get out of a predicament, we are afraid in advance of what traumatized us earlier. Because fear is so emotional, you need to surround yourself with the right facts to drive it away. We need to know for sure that our trading system should not generate more than three consecutive losing trades. Winners plan what to do if their trades fail.
So only a systematic approach will protect us from ourselves. That is why the investment rules written in the trading templates exist not only to communicate the best market opportunities but, more importantly, to protect us from our own internal “demons”.

Emotions in Trading

Seekers of strong emotions, adrenaline forget everything in pursuit of excitement. It follows that a novice investor, overtaken by the “adrenaline curse”, will trade at the slightest opportunity. Yet Dostoevsky, one of the most famous and avid players, said that for him the most acute feeling in life — to win money. The second most acute feeling is to lose them.
Paradoxically, few things give more pleasure than getting rid of the pain and torment of being in a losing trade. This creates a mental internal conflict. Awareness of losses brings “excitement” or a sense of exaltation, and our emotionality does not care what we pay for these experiences losses in the brokerage account. “Adrenaline curse” will drive us into the trade for thrills and extract them from there, regardless of the price.

Intuition on the Exchange

The mind of an intuitive investor tries to construct mental constructions of events. I will try to explain what mental construction is by the example of a chess player’s thinking. The grandmaster understands and remembers the position of each figure in terms of its mental constructions and relationships inherent in the arrangement of figures. The random arrangement of the figures does not fit into any of his mental constructs, and he cannot structure what he sees.
Market patterns on cryptocurrency charts compared to chess compositions include an excessive element of chaos so that they can be interpreted intuitively. Investors with intuition are able to achieve success with the help of” flair”, but this flair often leaves them. The intellect of the rational trader, on the contrary, is manifested in his ability to logically comprehend what is happening to him and to the reality around him and to make on this basis the simplest and most correct decision. Intuition is the ability of a person to penetrate into the essence of things not by reasoning or logical thinking, but by instantaneous, unconscious insight. This is the ability of a trader to “ see the market not with his mind but with his heart.” But, even with a highly developed intuition, you can not act on the market, using only it.This is the trap of intuitive trading — it is impossible to learn.

Fear of Taking Responsibility

What distinguishes successful traders from losers who lose money? First of all look at life. Most people are very passive.
If you ask people if they are happy with their lives, the answer is likely to be negative. On the question of who is to blame, I would say that the fault of the parents who have not given a good education, why now not get a good job; blame the employer who delays wages; blame the dollar, which is rising, then falling; to blame the President and the government who do not pay pensions, etc., In their troubles and problems most of the people blame anyone but themselves.
The same thing happens in the market because the exchange is a mirror of our life. Talk to the trader losing money, ask why he can’t make money in the market. He replied that the fault of the insiders, manipulators, blame the binary options broker too much Commission, to blame the neighbor who suggested the deal, which turned into a heavy loss. In other words, he himself would have been a millionaire long ago, but for a number of reasons, certainly beyond his control, until that happened.
If a person wants to achieve something-not just to lead a life, which are millions of ordinary people (every day to go to work, save five years for a car, twenty years for an apartment, etc.), and to live a full life, so that the financial issue went into the background, to work for fun, not for money, he needs to take responsibility for everything that happens in his life. A person needs to realize that the cause of everything that happens to him is himself.It is this view that allows you to succeed in life and in any business. And trade is no exception.
This is the way successful traders look at life. Once you realize that the cause of all your losses is yourself, and not some mythical manipulators, then the case will move forward.
In the age of digital technologies, when artificial intelligence develops, computer technologies improve, mankind creates various tools to facilitate their own life and everyday life.
If we pay attention to trading, then this direction is actively developing, getting new and unique tools. Since any trader (beginner or experienced specialist) is subject to emotions and various psychological factors, there are tools such as trading bots.

Trading Bots/Robots

A trading robot (bot) is a program that has a certain algorithm. It buys or sells cryptocurrency assets, focusing on the situation in the market. The first trading robots appeared in 2012, and since then they have become more and more perfect. Currently, according to some estimates, 90% of short-term transactions are made either by bots or with their participation.
Bots are usually developed for specific trading platforms. Most cryptocurrency exchanges have an API, and they are generally positive about free auto trading within their platform.
In contrast to the positive attitude to exchange robots, exchanges often have a negative attitude to arbitration robots. On the rules of trade can be found in the official documentation of the exchange, and if there is no such information, the question can be asked directly to technical support.Some people wonder: is it possible to write your bot trader? This is not an easy option, which is suitable only for experienced programmers. After writing, bots are tested for a long time in the market, corrected numerous errors, corrected strategy.
A programmer can also write a bot based on someone else’s code. Some bots are open source, and anyone can find it on GitHub and modify it to fit their needs.
Buy a bot for trading cryptocurrency: there are inexpensive programs for trading (about $ 10), and the cost of more high-quality and complex exceeds more than $ 200 and even $ 1000. There is no maximum price limit for bots, top bots are written to order $ 1500 and more.
Users are usually offered a choice of several tariff plans for crypto bots, from economy to luxury. The inexpensive option includes the most basic trading algorithms, and the expensive one brings maximum profit and works on more complex algorithms. Arbitration bots are a more expensive exchange. Known cases when downloading the bot, people got on your computer virus-miner or virus-cipher, which encrypt all your personal files and demanded a ransom in bitcoin, usually in bitcoin. Naturally, after transferring the ransom to the specified wallet, no decryption of the files occurred.
Trading strategy of stock and arbitrage bots can be very simple, for example:- When the price of cryptocurrency decreases, you need to buy it.- If the price rises, it should be sold.- Or much more complicated. The algorithm can take into account historical data for the last time, indicators, navigate by signals. Quality bots analyze more than a hundred parameters when placing orders.
Some programs do not change the algorithm, and there are bots that can connect or configure additional parameters. This option is well suited for experienced traders who have their own preferences in the style of trading.
A standard bot can perform such actions:- To assess the market situation, to monitor the rate at a given period of time, to make a forecast. In manual trading, it can show signals to the trader.- Create buy or sell orders.- To report on the profit or loss received.
On the example of our IMBA-Exchange, we came to the conclusion that we also need to provide an opportunity for each trader to use bots so that they can be in a comfortable trading environment.
Our exchange specialists are developing their own bot for cryptocurrency trading, which will be an excellent and convenient addition to every trader who wants to eliminate the psychological factor and seeks to get stable earnings without losing personal time.
IMBA-Exchange Metronix bot makes life easier for every investor.
For example, Ing. Michael Eder the CEO of IMBA-Exchange, who has 10 years of experience in trading and the last 3 years in cryptocurrency trading, has firmly decided for himself that in the current realities trading on the exchange simply needs bots:
Throughout the time that I have been trading, I can confidently say that today trading bots are necessary for all traders as the main tool. No matter how long you are in exchange trading, but the nature of the person is designed so that under the influence of psychological factors, market conditions, etc. You still make mistakes and, as a result, this leads to financial losses.Our Metronix Trading Bot will help to solve these problems and eliminate negative consequences. A bot is a tool; it has no feelings. He performs a specific task for a given program and performs it almost unmistakably. The task of the trader is to monitor the situation on the market and correctly, as well as at the right time to configure your bot.
Stay with us, in front of you will find many interesting and new.
Material developed by experts IMBA-Exchange
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What not to do when trading crypto

What not to do when trading crypto
What not to do when trading crypto
Beginners often make mistakes, as a result of which they quickly lose their funds. Let's analyze the most common mistakes that inexperienced traders make when trading cryptocurrencies.

Emotional trading

Crypto trading is a cold calculated process. All actions to buy/sell cryptocurrencies should be carefully analyzed and decisions should be made only on the basis of logic. Novice traders often succumb to the influence of FUD during the fall of the price, because of what as quickly as possible seek to get rid of the cryptocurrency, and FOMO, encouraging to buy an asset when it has already grown sufficiently.

Trading large amounts

To trade, you need to allocate a small part of the deposit - 5-10% and even less 1-2%, if you trade with leverage, which is not recommended for beginners anyway. The amount of funds allocated for the purchase of assets may vary depending on the risks: the higher the risk, the smaller the amount you should trade with accordingly.

Misunderstanding of the cryptocurrency market fundamentals

The crypto market is manipulated by large players due to its low liquidity. Whales use tricks to lure inexperienced players and make money on them. The most common scheme is Pump & Dump. Newcomers see a fast-growing asset and rush to buy it to get an easy profit. After that, the value of assets just falls as quickly, and "hamsters" lose their money.

Wrong risk management

Risk management is based on two key principles that are often neglected or misused by inexperienced crypto traders: averaging and diversification. Trading requires long and painstaking study as well as practice. Beginners tend to average to the last, despite the clear downward trend, and diversify too much, distributing the bulk of the funds among altcoins, which fall more rapidly when bitcoin falls. At the same time, they even forget to set stop losses. Trade-mate.ioservice offers tools that will help beginners reduce risks and trade more productively on the crypto market thanks to advanced trailing mechanisms. If you do not have enough experience, you can set up an auto trade on the signals of professional traders and bots on the exchanges Binance, Bitmex, and Poloniex.
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Shuffle Token [SHUF]: A Deflationary Coin with Stacking Reward System 🃏🔥🚀

Shuffle.Monster V3 [Ticker: SHUF]
🃏 How it works?
1) There were originally 1,010,101 SHUF created.
2) Each time SHUF is transferred, 2% of the transaction is charged this way: 🔥 - 1% of the transaction is destroyed (Burned), 📦 - 1% is assigned randomly to one of the 512 Top Token Holders (Reward).
3) On each transaction a random holder (inside the top 512 holders) will have a reward of 1% of the transaction directly transferred to his address, making this a Stacking Currency by definition.
4) There will never be newly minted SHUF, so because of the constant burning, each day there is less SHUF, making this a Deflationary Currency by definition.
🔄 Distribution:
- All distribution via Free Airdrop, no ICO, no KYC, no social tasks - all Tokens can be obtained via smart contract interaction inside our official website (up to 1500 SHUFF per user) using any dApp Browser (Metamask, Trust Wallet internal Browser, Enjin, etc). At the date of this post, there are still 33% of SHUF to be claimed (join Airdrop here).
📈 SHUF Tokenomics:
☑️ SHUF is not just another BOMB copycat, in fact, besides the 1% burning rate, SHUF has nothing to do with BOMB or the hundreds of copycats in circulation.
☑️ SHUF contract was all coded from scratch and after 2 testing versions it includes now a lot of innovative features embedded into itself (including top notch security features).
☑️ The "Shuffle" reward method is fully automatic and doesn't require any sub-consequent contract interaction in order to claim rewards, no need to claim rewards as the rewards are transferred directly to the winner's address, so they can be obtained passively just by holding a position inside the heap (top 512 holders).
☑️ Like any Deflationary Currency, SHUF supply is constantly auto-destructing itself, leading to less and less SHUF in circulation and long term scarcity. So, part of the Tokenomics case for SHUF comes from it's deflationary nature, except it doesn't comes just from it (see next points).
☑️ The "Shuffle" Reward System gives another layer of value to SHUFF's case. Rewards are not for everyone, they are concentrated on the heap (top 512 holders), making them much more appealing because of the increased chances of reward on a daily basis.
☑️ The "Shuffle" Reward System has also viral potential, entertainment value, it's social oriented and above all: it's fun. Users tend to engage more organically inside SHUF community sharing their daily rewards, each time there's a bigger reward there's guaranteed organically interaction among the community. Despite their random nature, these rewards are guaranteed by math (with hundreds of transactions per day, a random reward is expected each day to each of the top 512 holders, but in the future with thousands of transactions, these rewards will be even more consistent).
☑️ SHUF has "transaction stimulation" coded by design, making it most likely that Token Transfers (and Burning) will always take place. This will happen because of the nature of the Reward System: users must remain in the Heap (Top 512) in order to receive rewards, and this leads to a variety of scenarios, all involving recurring transfers: . many users opt to split their holdings into several addresses, to increase their positions in the Heap; . as the Heap minimum holding gets higher, buying more SHUF is expected, leading to a double value factor: increased demand + more transfers/burning; . also as the Heap minimum holding gets higher, users that had previously divided their holdings into several addresses will be likely to move their tokens around and concentrate them in fewer wallets (causing further burning). . this dynamics have been tested in V1 and V2, and will most likely happen more and more as the circulating supply gets scarcer.
☑️ Money Players vs Airdrop Nickels: due to the nature of the Air Drop Smart contract (users who already had ETH at the block 8113050 are eligible for 150 SHUF tokens for every ETH that the user held at that time, up to a maximum of 1500 SHUF), most of the users entitled to SHUF Airdrop are most likely into the group of higher buying power (in Crypto terms) and less in the group of small Airdrop Enthusiasts. Many will probably claim and dump, but we expect that many more will find true value in this project and will engage into the SHUF dynamics in the long term.
☑️ At the end of the day, SHUF is just another social experiment, we are as curious as you, as where it will all go...
☑️ For Realtime Prices, Market Stats and Tokenomics data, please use our Shuffle Bot inside our Telegram Group.
🏦 SHUF Exchange Listing:
🦄 Uniswap (Swap) -
🌐 DDEX (DEX) -
🌐 Bamboorelay (DEX) -
🔜 (New Exchange Listings Soon)
ℹ️ Frequently Asked Questions:
🔘 Who is eligible for the airdrop? Any user who already had ETH at the block 8113050 is eligible for 150 SHUF tokens for every ETH that the user held at that time.
🔘 Is there any cost? The only cost of claiming SHUF tokens is the gas of the claim transaction. The tokens are distributed for free.
🔘 Is there any minimum amount? No, you can claim even one single wei.
🔘 And is there a maximum amount? The maximum amount of tokens that a single address can claim is 1500 SHUF, equivalent of holding 10 ETH at the block 8113050.
🔘 How many SHUF tokens are there? The total amount of SHUF is one million and is bound to go down.
🔘 What happens if everybody tries to claim its SHUF? After all the 1,010,101 tokens are distributed, the airdrop is finished.
🔘 What is the heap? The heap is the data structure used to track the 512 top holders of the token; you can enter and leave the heap depending on how much balance do you have, and how much have the others.
🔘 What happens if I am in the heap? On every transaction, you are eligible to be the winner of the 1% of the amount transferred.
🔘 What is the SHUF transaction fee? Almost all transfers of SHUF tokens have a surcharge of 2%, half of the amount is going to be burned, and the other half is sent to a winner drawn from the heap.
🔘 What is burning tokens? When tokens are burned, they are no longer part of the total emission of SHUF token, this adds to its scarcity and increases the value of the remaining tokens.
🔘 How is the random winner selected? The address of the sender is used as the seed of the random number generator, and with that unique generator, the index of the winner is obtained. In this manner, we limit the ability of the sender to manipulate who is going to be the winner when they make a transfer.
🔘 What goes to the developer? We keep 6% of the token emission, and we are subject to the same fees as every other user, also we don't have any means to emit or manipulate the circulating tokens.
🔘 Is the project open source? Yes, you can find all the code in our Github repository.
🔘 What was the Project Launch date? 5th of August, 2019
🌐 Resources: Official Site: https://shuffle.monste CoinGecko: Bitcoin Talk: Official Telegram: Official Twitter: Official GitHub: Etherscan (Token): Etherscan (Contract):
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Bitcoin nosedives 22% this week to its lowest level since June

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 70%. (I'm a bot)
One theory investors pointed to was a lackluster debut of a new bitcoin futures product.
On Sunday, the Intercontinental Exchange, parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, launched its futures contracts on a platform called Bakkt as a way to usher in new bitcoin investors who may have been cautious about trading on exchanges.
The next level investors are watching is $7,500 - the price at which Kelly said mining bitcoin becomes unprofitable.
Dorman said the best explanation was investors selling on a rumor about a decline in hash rates, which is a measure of how fast bitcoin miners can solve equations, as well as the "Disappointing" launch for Bakkt.
The selling was made worse by stop loss liquidations, where people automatically sell when bitcoin hits a certain level.
"The continuation of the selling pressure may be based on confusion, as the market tries to regain equilibrium even though neither buyers or sellers really understand why we're here in the first place," Dorman said.
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The Big Shorts Michael Burry says he has found the next market bubble

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 61%. (I'm a bot)
Michael Burry, one of the first investors to call and profit from the subprime mortgage crisis, is seeing a similar bubble in passive investing, according to Bloomberg News.
Passive investments such as index funds and exchange-traded funds are inflating stock and bond prices in a similar way that collateralized debt obligations did for subprime mortgages more than 10 years ago, Burry told Bloomberg News in an email.
Low-cost passive vehicles have gained popularity on Main Street.
Passive investments have now taken over nearly half of the stock market as more investors shun stock pickers and flock to index funds, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Equity passive funds alone have ballooned to a more than $3 trillion market in less than 10 years, according to Morningstar.
Many notable investors have sounded alarms on the proliferation of passive investing.
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Fed's Bullard says a rate cut may be 'warranted soon'

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 41%. (I'm a bot)
A U.S. interest rate cut "May be warranted soon" given the rising risk to economic growth posed by global trade tensions as well as weak U.S. inflation, St. Louis Federal Reserve president James Bullard said Monday, the first Fed official to say recent events may require a central bank response.
Bullard said that while the Fed cannot respond to every change in the rapidly evolving trade feud between the U.S. and other top trading nations, recent events like the unexpected announcement of new tariffs on Mexican imports have created "An environment of elevated uncertainty...that could feed back to U.S. macroeconomic performance" as the global economy slows.
Along with weak inflation and warning signs from the U.S. bond market, "a downward policy rate adjustment may be warranted soon" to help boost inflation expectations and help ease fears that have emerged in bond prices of a sharper-than-expected U.S. slowdown.
Along with trade, he has been among the more concerned at the Fed about the fact that rates on 10-year bonds have fallen below 3-month yields as well as below the federal funds rates itself.
"A downward adjustment of the policy rate may help re-center inflation and inflation expectations at the 2 percent target," as well as provide "Insurance" against a sharper than expected economic slowdown, Bullard said, comparable to rate cuts the Fed made in the mid-1990s to nudge along that expansion.
Trump also surprised markets last week when he said he would slap a set of increasing tariffs on Mexican imports, not with some economic end involved but to try to force the country to tighten control of its border with the U.S. The Fed next meets in two weeks to reconsider its rate policy and issue update economic projections.
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Bitcoin nears $9,000 as it breaks through its highest level this year

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 40%. (I'm a bot)
Bitcoin surged on Monday, hitting a more-than-one-year high and nearing the $9,000 mark.
The price of the digital coin hit an intraday high of $8,937.
25, according to Coindesk's Bitcoin Price Index, which tracks the price of the cryptocurrency across several exchanges.
At around 9:50 a.m. HK/SIN on Monday, bitcoin was up over 9% in 24 hours and was trading around $8,788.
Fidelity launched a new company to help institutional investors trade bitcoin.
Ethereum, the second largest digital coin by value, was up over 7% from the day before at around 9:50 a.m. HK/SIN. Bitcoin is still well off its all-time high of over $19,000 in late 2017 when a buying frenzy from retail investors sent cryptocurrency prices soaring.
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Bitcoin hits $6,000 for the first time since November

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 59%. (I'm a bot)
Bitcoin rose above $6,000, hitting its highest level against the dollar since an intraday high on Nov. 15.The price has been bolstered by an increasing interest in bitcoin trading from investment institutions.
The cryptocurrency trading environment still has its problems: On Tuesday, hackers stole 7,000 bitcoin, worth over $40 million from Binance, one of the world's largest exchange platforms.
The price has been bolstered by an increasing interest in bitcoin trading from investment institutions.
On Tuesday, hackers stole 7,000 bitcoin, worth over $40 million from Binance, one of the world's largest exchange platforms.
Bitcoin is still prompting fierce debate over its future and viability.
"The debate is over, bitcoin won. It is now seen by people all around the world as a legitimate place to [store] their value."
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Bitcoin rallies 15% to its highest level since November

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 52%. (I'm a bot)
Bitcoin briefly touched the $5,000 mark on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange.
Bitcoin jumped suddenly on Tuesday, following months of relatively low volatility in an asset once known for its wild price swings.
The price of the world's largest cryptocurrency bounced more than 15 percent higher to almost $4,800, according to CoinDesk data, reaching its highest level since late November.
Bitcoin had been hovering around the $4,000 mark for several months.
"Bitcoin's break above $4,200 this morning was critical, as the market had been watching that level for a while," Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at trading platform eToro, told CNBC. "No doubt some entry orders and stop losses were grouped right above." Meaning that certain algorithmic trades had kicked in after it reached this higher level.
Bitcoin fell over 76 percent in 2018, and is still well below an all-time high near $20,000 it notched in December 2017.
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Majority of bitcoin trading is a hoax, new study finds

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 62%. (I'm a bot)
Bitwise, an asset manager in the process of trying to list the first-ever bitcoin exchange traded fund, said it met with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday to discuss its application.
The analysis showed that "Substantially all of the volume" reported on 71 out of the 81 exchanges was wash trading, a term that describes a person simultaneously selling and buying the same stock, or bitcoin in this case, to create the appearance of activity in the market.
Those exchanges report an aggregated $6 billion in average daily bitcoin volume.
"The idea that there's fake volume has been rumored for a long time, we were just the first people to systematically look at which exchanges were delivering real volume," Hougan told CNBC. The San Francisco-based firm compared at Coinbase Pro, which reports about $27 million in average daily volume in bitcoin.
In another stark comparison CoinBene - the biggest reported exchange on - has a nearly $15 spread. Hougan said they found other extreme examples of exchanges with a spread of more than $300. "It is surprising that an exchange with almost 18 times the volume of Coinbase Pro would have a spread that is 1,500 times larger," Bitwise said in the report.
Chicago-based CME and Cboe began listing bitcoin derivatives at the end of 2017 but have had much lower volumes than the $6 billion reported by unregulated exchanges.
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Hexabot: Just Released Auto-Trading Bot HYIP, Pays Hourly Compounded Interest, 22+% Weekly ROI; Withdraw Anytime

10/30 UPDATE: I have created a wesite that reviews all the features of Hexbot in detail. Anyone interested can check out
Older Post:
I'd like to share with everyone an interesting, newly released coin auto-trading bot called Hexabot. The developer behind the auto-trading bot is from the UK called Peter Shepherd (Hexabot Crypto Trading LTD). While the code is not open source, the bot is open for all to try. They are giving out free 0.0001btc as a newcomer welcome bonus just for registering a free account (no investment or deposit required). They also have a free AD-FREE daily bitcoin faucet (If anything, just use its nice faucet for free bit - screenshots below). In fact, the entire site looks super clean, modern, and is completely AD-FREE (surprising, huh?)
For those that don't want to read my detailed, initial review below, you can check out the platform directly here.
The reason I wrote this post is to...
  1. Ask: has anyone here heard of this bot and/or the dev/company behind this bot?
  2. Share my initial experience actually swing trading with 0.0005btc on this bot.
Whois shows the domain was registered on 9/8/2017.
In short, the bot pays hourly compounded interest and currently has three modes depending on how you want to trade:
Bot Trading Modes
They have three auto-trading bot modes to choose from with different ROI's:
  1. Scalp Trading Bot: 2.0-2.3% ROI daily
  2. Technical Trading Bot: 7.1-8.2% ROI per 3 days
  3. Swing Trading Bot: 22.1-24.1% ROI per 7 days
See screenshot of the trading modes here.
How does it work?
  1. Deposit your funds (Bitcoin and Litecoins currently accepted; 0.005btc was my minimum required deposit)
  2. Choose one of the modes. You can only have one mode on at any given time. 0.005btc was the minimum required deposit for me.
  3. That's it. It's an "Auto-trader" after all.
I personally deposited 0.005btc (the minimum) from my Coinbase account to test out the swing trading mode. I will report to everyone how the results go later...
Other Cool Features
Sounds too good to be true? What are the risks?
While everything sounds spectacular, I am partly skeptical the ROI can be always so high and/or consistent. No investment exists without risk - no "bot" can win 100%. Furthermore, can this be an amazing scam or Ponzi scheme? Only time will tell. At least its faucets are risk free... On the other hand, I do know auto-trading bots do exist and can be profitable.
What do you all think?
Once again here's the link with my affiliate id if you want to check out Hexabot for yourself (or at least grab the free bitcoin):
Cheers and stay awesome!
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Projet: Entrainement de stratégies de trading algorithmiques sur cryptomonnaies

Ce projet consiste en la conception d'un bot qui se connectera à une plateforme de trading ou il assurera le pilotage d'un portefeuille de crypomonnaies, exécutant des ordres d'achat et de vente.


Les cryptomonnaies ont acquis une forte popularité durant les récentes années, en tant qu'instruments financiers novateurs et faciles à utiliser, et beaucoup d'acteurs de la Fintech proposent maintenant des applications, frameworks, et librairies pour les mainpuler. Il existe également de nombreuses plateformes où les crypomonnaies peuvent être échangées, achetées et vendues avec des monnaies traditionnelles.
Le trading algorithmique a également connu une forte adoption et représente maintenant la majorité des transactions financières conduites sur les marchés internationaux.
Plusieurs outils peuvent être utilisés pour concevoir un bot qui se connecte à une plateforme de change de cryptomonnaie et conduire du trading algorithmique automatisé.


La première cryptomonnaie, Bitcoin, a été créée en 2009 par un utilisateur sous pseudonyme Satoshi Nakamoto, sur les bases des précédents travaux de la communauté des cypherpunk.
Voilà l'article original qui a présenté Bitcoin et la technologie de la blockchain sur lequel il s'appuie. En combinant plusieurs techniques fondées sur la cryptographie, Bitcoin permet à sa communauté d'utilisateurs de gérer collective la monnaie sans avoir à recourir à un superviseur central, court-circuitant le secteur bancaire.
Plusieurs principes alternatifs ont depuis été proposés, généralement avec de petite variations protocolaires: ce subreddit ou ce site web peuvent constituer de bons points d'entrée pour les découvrir.
De nombreuses plateformes de change ont également été créées en offrant des fonctionnalités et APIs de trading, mais la plupart des acteurs originaux ont été liquidés pour cause de fraude ou de hacks où une partie des fonds ont été volés. Parmi les acteurs actuels de bonne réputation proposant une API, on peut siter Bitstamp ou Kraken.

L'expérience DNN Bitcoin

Dans la phase initiale de développement du module PKP, l'environnement utilisés pour les TPs de ce cours, DNNBitcoin fut créé comme démonstrateur du moteur de bots pour l'hébergement d'un moteur de trading algorithmique communautaire.
Les utilisateurs pouvaient gratuitement enregistrer un compte et un Bot sur la plateforme, se connectant à plusieurs APIs de plateformes de change, et exécutant des stratégies de Market making. Plusieurs centaines de bots ont tourné simultanément à au plus fort de son utilisation. L'expérience a finalement été stoppée quand les plateformes de change supportées ont fermée, et du fait la maintenance conséquence du service, mais du code obsolète a été conservé dans l'extension DNN et peut constituer un point de départ sur la manière de procéder.

Comment fonctionnait le Bot historique?

Les principales règles d'exécutions, qui ont été conservées en état de refactoring incluaient:


Quand DNN Bitcoin a été développé, des connecteurs individuels étaient implémentés pour chaque plateforme supportée, par le biais de requêtes Http personnalisées.
La librairie XChange propose désormais une alternative plus confortable, avec de nombreuses plateformes supportées sous un même modèle objet, et plus de nécessité de se ternir à jour des différentes APIs. Pour un développement sous .Net, il devrait être possible de la porter en utilisant IKVM comme ça a été fait pour la librairie AIMA.

Authentification à la plateforme de change

Les plateformes authentifient généralement les comptes utilisateurs par un Hmac cryptographique (on signe le corps de la requête Http avec une clé privée fournie par la plateforme). La librairie XChange devrait prendre en charge cette opération à partir des clés obtenues en ligne.

Format des données

Les données sont généralement récupérées et renvoyées aux APIs des plateformes au format Json. A nouveau la librairie XChange devrait prendre en charge le formattage et fournir un ensemble de classes indépendantes des plateformes cibles.

Moteur de trading

DNNBitcoin fournit un framework léger pour la manipulation des monnaies et l'exécution de stratégies diverses, sous forme de classes .net implémentant une interface commune, avec une méthode qui prend en paramètres un portefeuille, les données de marché et historiques, et renvoie les ordres à exécuter. L'interface utilisateur de PKP transforme la structure des straégies en formulaires web que les utilisateurs peuvent accéder pour personnaliser les paramètres de leurs stratégies.
Ceci était suffisant pour implémenter différent types de stratégies, mais depuis, plusieurs librairies open-source offrant des moteurs de trading complets sont apparues, et fournissent très probablement une meilleure alternative.
La librairie Lean Framework constitue un bon candidat en .Net.

Historique et simulation

Le bot historique incluait également la fonctionnalité d'archivage en local des données historiques, permettant notamment les simulations, sur une période données, de stratégies spécifiques. L'utilisation d'un framework de trading dédié devrait fournir des moyens alternatifs d'obtenir les mêmes fonctionnalités.

Prérequis initiaux

La tâche initiale consiste à intégrer ensemble:
Il devrait s'agit principalement de conjoindre les librairies introduites, et fournir les méthodes pour faire circuler les données de l'une à l'autre.
Automapper est une librairie qui peut faciliter la mis en place de mapping entre les différents modèles objets.

Stratégies de trading

Ensuite, la tâche principale de ce projet est de mettre en oeuvre les stratégies de trading.
Des stratégies traditionnelles peuvent bien fonctionner, la librairie lean framework en fournit un certain nombre et vous pouvez exploer la panneau de droite du subreddit de trading algorithmique.
Ceci dit, les stratéiges les plus intéressantes et puissantes utiliseront les techniques d'IA étudiées en cours, comme les réseaux de neurones. Voir par exemple cet article pour une implémentation basique, et les plus récents exemples d'apprentissage profond dans la gallerie CNTK ou encore cet article.
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Cryptocurrencies have shed almost $700 billion since January peak

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 40%. (I'm a bot)
The cryptocurrency market is facing an intense sell-off as investors are rattled by heightened talk of regulatory scrutiny and infighting over a schism in bitcoin's most notable spin-off, bitcoin cash.
Prices were hit with an initial downturn last week, ending months of relatively stable trading for the world's biggest and best-known digital asset, bitcoin - an unusual phenomenon for an asset known for its wild volatility.
That move came on the back of news that bitcoin cash's blockchain - essentially a digital ledger with no central authority overseeing it - was set to be split into two, an event known as a "Hard fork."
Forks, which are essentially software upgrades, usually occur when there is a disagreement about how to scale a cryptocurrency to cope with a higher volume of trading, such as the August 2017 fork that led to the creation of bitcoin cash.
Last week's fork saw bitcoin cash cloven into two new, separate virtual currencies, "Bitcoin ABC" and "Bitcoin SV" - short for "Satoshi's Vision" - the latter being the brainchild of controversial entrepreneur Craig Wright, who claims to be bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.
As a result, various cryptocurrencies fell, with bitcoin dropping below $6,000 and multiple other digital assets following suit.
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As bitcoin nosedives, regulators said to be investigating whether it was propped up illegally

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 53%. (I'm a bot)
As bitcoin continued its downward slide Tuesday, U.S. regulators are reportedly looking into whether its record-breaking rally last year was the result of market manipulation.
The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether traders used tether, a controversial cryptocurrency that founders say is backed 1:1 by a U.S. dollar, to prop up bitcoin, according to a report from Bloomberg News, which cited three people familiar with the matter.
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission also subpoenaed tether and Bitfinex, who share many of the same executives, in December in part to prove that these tokens are actually backed by a reserve of U.S. dollars.
Regulators aren't the only ones who have flagged tether's influence on bitcoin.
In the 66-page paper, the authors explained that tether was used to buy bitcoin at key moments when it was declining, which helped "Stabilize and manipulate" the cryptocurrency's price.
Tether, although it's meant to reflect the price of one U.S. dollar, often trades well below that.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: tether#1 bitcoin#2 U.S.#3 price#4 trades#5
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IMF says governments could set up their own cryptocurrencies Christine Lagarde praises rebel technology as ‘safe, cheap, and potentially semi-anonymous’

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot)
Lagarde said central banks had to work quickly to establish digital cash for burgeoning networks of private financial transactions or risk their mushrooming into trading networks that were inherently unstable.
A system regulated by central banks could become the basis for a rapid expansion of financial services to developing world countries and the poorest people in western societies without the risks associated with privately managed digital currencies, she said.
The Bank of England, which is watching developments in digital currencies closely, already runs the systems that process stock exchange and banking transactions, and oversees the cash and coins that a digital currency is expected to replace.
"The advantage is clear. Your payment would be immediate, safe, cheap, and potentially semi-anonymous. And central banks would retain a sure footing in payments. In addition, they would offer a more level playing field for competition, and a platform for innovation. Meanwhile your bank or fellow entrepreneurs would have ensured a friendly user experience based on the latest technologies,."
Sweden's central bank has run tests and the IMF has credited Canada, China and Uruguay as also moving ahead with plans to provide a digital currency.
IMF research showed that only central banks could develop systems that would be safe enough to meet the needs of the modern user.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: bank#1 digital#2 central#3 currency#4 transactions#5
Post found in /ethtrader, /Bitcoin, /Buttcoin, /worldnews, /BitcoinAll, /news, /AutoNewspaper, /betternews, /TheColorIsBlue, /GUARDIANauto and /RedditSample.
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Major cryptocurrencies jump as the controversial dollar-pegged token tether falls

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 25%. (I'm a bot)
Major digital currencies edged higher on Monday as tether, a controversial token designed to be pegged to the U.S. dollar, fell more than 2 percent.
The rise in virtual currency prices follows a sharp downturn last week, where the market shed billions of dollars in market capitalization, in tandem with a two-day sell-off in global stock markets.
Tether, a token that its creators claim is 100 percent backed by fiat currency reserves, was seen trading 2.5 percent lower at $0.965 Monday morning.
The firm behind it, Tether Limited, has come under scrutiny over whether it actually holds enough reserves to match the amount of tether tokens in circulation - Tether claims it does.
"There is concern about tether and whether it is truly backed by dollars and rumors about USDT being delisted from various exchanges," Charles Hayter, the chief executive of comparison site CryptoCompare, told CNBC in an email.
Hayter also pointed to a report by an industry publication that Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange connected to tether, had suspended deposits in U.S. dollars, euros, sterling and Japanese yen.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: tether#1 market#2 dollar#3 percent#4 token#5
Post found in /news, /business, /AutoNewspaper and /NBCauto.
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[PSA] The Rules and Guidelines 2.0

The rules listed below will be enforced at the discretion of the moderators. If you have any questions, you can message the moderators to request clarification.

General Subreddit Rules

Note: We require flair because we enforce a policy of transparency on this subreddit. The use of Steam flair allows us to weed out scammers and other unscrupulous individuals from taking part in discussion or taking advantage of users.

Posting and Trading Rules

  • Only one thread is allowed per user every 8 hours. The exception to this rule is if the user posts a [PSA] or [SCAMMER] thread that meets the requirements laid forth here. This rule may not be bypassed by deleting old threads.
  • Do not provide unsolicited price commentary. This includes any of a wide range of comments about the pricing of OP's items when not asked for.
  • Do not ask for upvotes (either in your thread or outside of reddit).
  • Never hijack threads. If you are offering the same trade as someone else, start a new thread for your own use.
  • Accounts must be older than 24 hours in order to post.
  • Trading items for real-world currencies is permitted. If using PayPal/MoneyPak, please follow this guide to ensure a safe transaction. More guides will be written in the near future for Western Union, Bitcoins and bank wires.
  • Game coupons may not be traded here, but may be given away.
  • Trading for real-world items is only permitted if the items being traded are related to Dota 2 and the trade is overseen by a moderator. For example, Nature's Prophet plushies, t-shirts, or other merchandise, may be traded here, but not computer hardware, shoes, or other unrelated objects.
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  • Account trading of any kind is strictly forbidden. Not only is it very unsafe, but it also violates the EULA/TOS of every major company.
  • Dota 2 item price check sites have historically been inaccurate at best; it is advised that you do not use them. For accurate price checks, search recent trades or ask another member.
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Submission formatting rules:
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Do not list prices in thread titles:
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What is Allowed
  • [H] Items [W] Keys
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  • [H] Paypal [W] Lockjaw
  • [Auction] Fezzle Feez
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What's not Allowed
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  • [H] Timebreaker + 60 keys [W] DC Hook
  • [H] Fezzle Feez [W] 98 keys
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  • [Auction] Fez reserve 90 keys b/o 98 keys!
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Bitcoin could 'bring the internet to a halt,' banking group warns

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The group, Switzerland-based Bank for International Settlements, said the "Intense interest" in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had prompted it to look "Beyond the hype" at what use they could actually contribute to the economy.
Because every single transaction is added to the digital ledger, the report said using a cryptocurrency like bitcoin for retail transactions around the world would quickly swell the ledger beyond the capacity of computer servers to store it.
Every bitcoin transaction also requires users to pay a fee to have it added to the digital ledger.
During the feverish trading of bitcoin in December, they spiked to around $57 per transaction.
"Just imagine, if you bought a $2 coffee with bitcoin, you would have had to pay $57 to make that transaction go through," Hyun Song Shin, the bank's head of research, said in a video accompanying the report.
"Trust can evaporate at any time because of the fragility of the decentralized consensus through which transactions are recorded," it said, adding that "Means that a cryptocurrency can simply stop functioning, resulting in a complete loss of value."
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Blocknet 2018: What to look forward to!

With 2017 coming to an end, we wanted to provide the community with some updates regarding what is on the horizon for Blocknet in 2018, but first let’s take a look at what this community has accomplished so far.
2017 was a busy year for Blocknet! With the launch of the new production chain, the Service nodes launch on mainnet, the partnership with VSA to build the Blocknet UI (as well as the UI Reveal) and the implementation of the Community Governance System, it has been a very productive year. This is what was achieved…
Blocknet in review 2017:
BitBay (BAY), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Blocknet (BLOCK), Dash (DASH), Decred (DCR), Digibyte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dynamic (DYN), GameCredits (GAME), Faircoin (FAIR), HShare (HSR), LBRY Credits (LBC), Litecoin (LTC), Monacoin (MONA), MonetaryUnit (MUE), Namecoin (NMC), NavCoin (NAV), Particl (PART), Peercoin (PPC), PIVX (PIVX), Potcoin (POT), Qtum (QTUM), Sequence (SEQ), Stratis (STRAT), Syscoin (SYS), Vericoin (VRC), Verge (XVG), Vertcoin (VTC), ViaCoin (VIA).
Recent Developments
In addition to the above, there are some other recent developments we would like to mention:
What is on the Horizon for Blocknet in 2018?
Moving forward into 2018 there are many exciting developments to look forward to:
Note 1: Upcoming milestones are subject to change, and some require new ground be broken in crypto, and thus are to be interpreted as intents, not commitments. Development is in an agile manner and so is not to deadlines; Rather, continual progress is to be expected.
Note 2: All names are Rocketchat community handles.
A very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year to the community! 2018 will be fantastic!
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Attempt to recover missing funds from Quadriga hit a snag: the wallets are empty

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The discovery was made by a firm appointed to oversee QuadrigaCX after the death of founder Gerald Cotten.
Most of the digital cash that customers deposited with the exchange was supposed to be kept in "Cold storage" to prevent it being hacked or stolen.
Mr Cotten's death forced the closure of QuadrigaCX and auditor Ernst & Young was appointed to wind it up.
The company said, it found evidence that Mr Cotten had 14 other user accounts "Created outside the normal process" that may have been used to trade on the QuadrigaCX exchange.
A reward of $100,000 has been offered by one former QuadrigaCX customer for information about where the exchange's cash has gone.
"The unregulated nature of cryptocurrency exchanges, plus the fact that so many use them to hold their coins rather than just exchange them, invites fraud," said security expert Dr Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey,.
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Bitcoin Trading Bot (Tutorial) Trade Bitcoin - Gekko Open Source Crypto Trading Bot - Live Crypto Trading 1 July 2018 Binance crypto trading bot! Auto trading Bitcoin! 2020 Earn up to 100% per day! Best Crypto Automated Trading Bot - Bitcoin Trading Bot FREE BINANCE CRYPTO BOT AUTOMATED TRADING ROBOT 2019 2021! DOWNLOAD

Gekko is a Bitcoin trading bot and backtesting platform that supports 18 different Bitcoin exchanges (including Bitfinex, Bitstamp and Poloniex). Gekko is free and 100% open source that can be found on the GitHub platform. This automated trading bot even comes with some basic trading strategies, so using it seems rather straightforward. Here’s an introduction to the most popular free, open-source bitcoin trading bots available in 2019. Best Free and Open-Source Crypto Trading Bots. To compile our list of the best free, open-source trading bots, we have used criteria such as launch year, the number of supported exchanges, and the size of their communities, among other factors. Zenbot is yet another open source bitcoin trading bot. You can modify it to suit your trading preferences, and you can use it on all major operating systems. The primary feature of this tool is a built-in auto trade algorithm that can place orders on your behalf. Aside from automating the trading process, Shrimpy can offer a decent range of This is yet another free bitcoin trading bot. Like Gekko, it is an open source bot. It is available on for use on all major operating systems and can be modified to fit every user’s preferences. Zenbot has been created using artificial intelligence. Gimmer - Bitcoin bot Gimmer is a crypto trading bot platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.Cloud-based service with no need to install any software on your device Transparent information about the team, the project, and code (something you don’t see with many other bitcoin trading bots) Open source code with a link to the Github page

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