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[Social Experiment] Someone being nice and paid for your dinner? Thank them with some bitcoins

tldr is on the title.
If we can't spare $5 just because it could become $10, I think we have a problem. :)
My friends and family like to shout each other stuff. It's like we have an internal IOU ledger that just occasionally overwrites itself, like for like scenario with the barter story Wences Casares likes to deliver in his talks.
Today I ordered a drink, my cousin paid for it, didn't want my money :) I know she had some piqued interest in bitcoin from reading into the media, and she discovered the bitcoin ATM (but never used one) in the area. So I said to myself hey why not give her some bitcoins...
It was good that I did because she, like many people in the public, thought the Casascius coins are the real deal bitcoins, and that bitcoin ATMs vend these coins out. Mike Caldwell did a necessary evil :) but sometimes I wished bitcoin didn't have a public image that confuses the mass public. The biggest problem I understood from her was that it looked like real heavy gold - my cous didn't know you could store bitcoins on a phone, digitally. Basically - bitcoin has a public image in the mass media that IT IS GOLD, and people don't want to carry gold.
The more bitcoins we get into the hands of the people who read mass media, the quicker they understand (or the quicker they ask more questions).
Here's what I propose as a social experiment - when a friend shouts you a drink/dinner and don't want any money - pay him/her some mbtc, and say, "next time I shout, you pay me those bitcoins back". If they think it's monopoly money, bitcoin's gunna fail, goes against the spirit of shouting etc etc., no problem, just tell them "it's for me to keep track of who to shout next, so don't lose it, here I'll show you how to back it up"
Who cares if they spend it or trick you to shout more by topping up their wallet elsewhere!! It's real money you get back and give away - no economic loss incurred (apart from exchange value loss/gain) since you get a good/give a good.
Lets use it as an IOU ledger, the barter transaction kind, the way money was designed. It will be fun because you just see this money bounce between you and your friends until someone wises up.
Edit: bit of words here n there
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