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Guide: Enabling built-in superuser (using official files only)

Note: This is for CM12S.
For those who are a bit paranoid and/or conscious of the risk in using magical "root my phone" programs...
(note: there's a .zip here that will do this for you; I've checked that the files used are the same you'd get by following this guide)
The first step is enabling a "debuggable" kernel. This will allow you to use root from ADB. To do so, download the boot-debuggable image (link in post), put the device in fastboot mode (adb reboot bootloader or hold volume-up while booting) and run
fastboot flash boot cm-12.0-YNG1TAS0YL-bacon-boot-debuggable.img
Now boot the phone normally, go to Settings -> About Phone. Tap a bunch on Build Number until it tells you that developer settings are active. Go back, enter "Developer options". Turn "Android debugging" on and set "Root access" to "Apps and ADB".
Make sure adb is working (device needs to show as "device" under adb devices). Restart adb with root privileges:
adb root
and make sure /system is mounted for write:
adb remount
Now, download a CM12 (not 12.1) nightly for the device. You'll need to convert the system.new.dat file (sparse filesystem image) to a mountable, standard filesystem. I used https://github.com/xpirt/sdat2img (python script). Run it like so:
sdat2img.py cm-12-20150414-NIGHTLY-bacon/system.transfer.list cm-12-20150414-NIGHTLY-bacon/system.new.dat system.img
Now the system image needs to be mounted; the right way to do this depends on your OS.
On Linux, this is trivial; mount it as any other device. (sudo mount system.img /mnt)
On Mac OS, install ext4-fuse (brew cask install osxfuse; brew install ext4-fuse) and run ext4fuse system.img /some/directory.
On Windows...well, find a way to do this. You might be better off with a Linux VM here.
Once it's mounted, navigate to the root of the image and copy xbin/su somewhere.
cp /mnt/xbin/su ~
Now, we just need to drop this su binary on the device.
adb push su /system/xbin/su
Now, you have to tell SELinux that this binary can act as su. To do so, open a shell:
adb shell
and set the context...
chcon u:object_r:su_exec:s0 /system/xbin/su
and set the right owner and permissions...
chown 0:0 /system/xbin/su
chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su
Close the shell. Reboot the device, and root should now be working (though do note - it's managed in Privacy Guard now, there is no preference pane for it).
Unlike CM11, you do not need to arrange for the su daemon to be run. /init.superuser.rc will do this for you.
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