HMACSHA512 versus Rfc2898DeriveBytes for password hash

You have to test it on the hardware you'll be using. I tried CryptSharp's implementation with a cost of 262144 and it took about 7 seconds. The reason it costs more is cause of the memory it uses, and my process that was running the Scrypt was eating up 340ish MB. How much of that was from the KDF? Don't know. iDEAL, Creditcard, Bancontact/Mister Cash, SOFORT, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal & paysafecard f... Latest release v5.5.6 - Updated Mar 20, 2020 - 36 stars It's only a single call so I'll walk you through the parameters:. key: this is your password, use UTF-8 encoding (without byte order mark) to encode your password into a byte array;; salt: a string of secure random bytes stored with the result of the scrypt function, 16 bytes should be ample;; cost: the given suggestion is 262144, but you may want to increase that value if your server can Generates Bitcoin addresses, converts between hex/address and public/private keys. - casascius/Bitcoin-Address-Utility Senior Software Engineer Frontiers July 2014 – November 2015 1 year 5 months. Madrid y alrededores, España. Frontiers is a web-based Open Access academic publishing and social networking

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