Bitcoin and Ether sink as ‘sense of panic’ grips

Haven't purchased in a few months since BitInstant dropped bank transfers. Decided to use Moneygram today and ran into nothing but issues. Experienced SR user here who needs a little help for once :).

First of all I know how annoying these kinds of questions are, but alas I find myself turning to my community for some support. I have been out of the country for about 3 months and just got back this December. I decide to make an SR purchase today and turns out BitInstant no longer accepts bank deposits. So, the only option I really had was to do a moneygram. I went through the normal steps (Wallet #, REAL name, tormail address, etc. etc.) and selected a moneygram location as well as giving them my tormail address one more time along with my phone number (for ZipZap). I don't have a car right now and my nearest moneygram location was like 2 miles so I hoofed it over there only to find out that my name was not on the account or that it had not even been set up or something of that nature (I honestly couldn't completely understand the call center rep on the red phone at CVS). I'm just trying to understand what I did wrong. I've been using bank deposits for like a year and they are flawless and go without a hitch every time. Also, has anyone else been having tormail issues? I did not receive a single confirmation email or anything throughout this whole period. I also just tried to sign up for coinbase and did not receive the confirmation email. Does tormail stop sending/receiving to your account after periods of inactivity?
Thanks guys.
:EDIT: - Just received an email from coinbase finally so I know my email is working. Does anyone have experience with this service and know if it is reliable? I saw it suggested by another SR reddit user. Thanks
:EDIT2: - I appreciate all the help yall. When I first started using SR, I went with a bitcoin vendor for my first or second time, and honestly, the fees are disgusting. There is a walmart about the same distance in the opposite direction that I am going to try. Hopefully they'll make it work. I sure am getting a workout today haha. Tip for anyone who is looking to buy a car, save up a couple extra paychecks and don't buy a beater cherokee for 1500 on craigslist hoping it will run forever. Because it will break down shortly thereafter. If you have my luck, that is.
:FINAL EDIT:: - Just wanted to say since there is a wells fargo directly across the street from me, I went with bitcopia because all they were accepting at the moment is wells fargo deposits anyway. The fee was not bad, probably equivalent to or less than bitinstant, and I had my BTC in about 2 hours directly to my silkroad wallet (which I never normally do, but I was feeling cheeky and pressed for time today). Went flawless, and the lack of information I had to give gave me the confidence to deposit directly to my SR wallet. I plan on using them again for sure.
Thanks everybody.
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