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[USA-NJ] [H] For parts tablets, midi controllers, cell phones, ipods, SSDs, back covers, phone cases, tons of other stuff [W] Google wallet, Paypal, Bitcoin, Trades

Looking to clear out stock, here is stuff I have, would prefer to sell as a lot at a deep discount:
Got no idea what all this stuff is worth so gonna just say 110+shipping takes it all, but feel free to make offers on all of it. Will take trades too.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: If in 2001, you bought $399 of Apple stock instead of buying the original iPod, today that stock would be worth ~$62,000. /r/investing

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: If in 2001, you bought $399 of Apple stock instead of buying the original iPod, today that stock would be worth ~$62,000. /investing submitted by SimilarAdvantage to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

[USA-FL][H] Cisco 24Port Switch, iPod Classic, Galaxy S7 Edge Accessories, Seagate 2TB 2.5" SAS Drives, Xbox 360, Couple computer parts, Bitcoin Miner, Other misc items [W] Bitcoin, Paypal

Need all this stuff gone. No unreasonable price will be refused. I tried to price the items reasonably but will consider best offer on anything listed. All items do not include shipping. Please PM me your zip and I will calculate shipping. Must comment here first. No trades please. If you would like any additional pictures please let me know.
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"Any other market resembling this would be considered a bubble. But in Bitcoins case, weve got to realize that it is a brand new technology, a brand new asset class. It cant be treated in the same way as a one-off stock like when Tesla first IPOd its completely different." /r/BitcoinMarkets

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[US-PA] [H] 2 older Mac Minis, Razer Tartarus, iPod Nano 7, Doxie Go wireless scanner [W] PayPal (or GW, bitcoin, what have you), Offers

Hi! So I have quite a few things today. First are two (albeit older) Mac Minis. Both are in pristine condition and work perfectly. One is a early 2007 model I think? It has a 1.83gHz core 2 duo, 4gb of DDR2 ram, and a 500gb HDD. It comes with a power cable and the original box and is running Lion. The other is older a power Mac 10,1 I believe. Specs are in the pics. This one needs to be wiped, which I can't do because I don't have the OS disk. It also doesn't come with a power cable.
Next is the Tartarus. This is in fantastic shape, only used for a little bit. Comes with a box.
Then the Nano. I got this a while back and accidentally scratched the screen. It's very small, but you can see it in the pics. It's also been engraved.
The Doxie Go (1st gen) is in great condition. Used maybe 15 times. Comes with original box and charger.
Newer (2007) Mac Mini: $115 shipped
Older Mac Mini: $15 plus shipping
Tartarus: $35 shipped
iPod Nano: $55 shipped
Doxie Go: $60 shipped
All prices are OBO. As far as offers, just tell me what ya got and I'll take a look. Thanks!
Older Mac Mini specs:
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Turn old iPod into Bitcoin wallet

Hey everyone, Does anybody know if its possible to turn an old iPod into a cold storage wallet for bitcoin? It sounds like a good idea, but im just wondering if anybody has tried it. I have an old iPod lying around, and im not sure what to do with it.
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Bitcoin noob, just setup a breadwallet on IPod touch, now what?

So I just set up my bitcoin wallet on my iPod touch using Breadwallet, which was very simple. Also I learned that bitcoin isn't measured in decimals like I thought it was, but rather bits of a bit coin. I feel like someone somewhere should've mentioned this.
Now that I have my wallet set up what do I do? Where can I get bits to mess around with? How does one setup my wallet onto reddit and all that? Does the wallet address change every time I use it or does it stay the same?
Here's my wallet address that's completely empty since it seems like what people do here. 1Cbj59Qqmp4hs9QpUQih1Hh1CKU3aDAiex
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My iPod showed an old bitcoin wallet

But I never got to see how many and when I look at my Google drive from this android device therez nothing: ( what to do??
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Turn old iPod into Bitcoin wallet /r/Bitcoin

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In 2012 I Was Seduced By a Possessed Couch

Part 1
“Huh, they’re really going at it, aren’t they?” Saale said, looking towards the bedroom. Karl and Maarja were rustling around in there, too drunk to contain the volume of their passion. The two of us sat around and tried to do anything but listen.
Saale and me started off as strangers that night, but we ended up being the last people standing. It was the biggest party of the summer and we were the only lucid survivors. We were holding hands.
“Heh, yeah,” I replied. She squeezed my hand. I squeezed back. We started off the night rambling about everything and anything under the sun, but now conversation had run out. All we had was nervous eye contact and hand squeezing; both of us were too scared to take the next step.
“I am very drunk,” I said, giving myself plausible deniability.
“Me too,” she said. Her hazel eyes held on to mine; C’mon, you’re the guy, make the first move.
“Want to dance?” I suddenly blurted out.
Saale cocked her head to the side, “Do you have music?” She squeezed my hand again, hard, a look of mischief spread across her face. Maarja howled in the other room.
“Yeah, definitely,” I fished out my Sony Erickson and searched through the fourteen-song library for something that wasn’t ska music. I found that one Rolling Stones song. We got off the couch and wrapped our arms around each other. The music came out of the flip phone with the orchestral quality of a potato and the sounds from the bedroom were considerably louder, but we didn’t care. We just wanted an excuse to hold each other.
It wasn’t really dancing. We were just hugging each other while stepping from side to side. The anticipation was electric. She whispered something in my ear. I pretended not to hear and moved closer to her. Our lips brushed against each other. We kissed.
It wasn’t the booze, it wasn’t the dope, it wasn’t the hormones. There was something else in my blood in that moment. A surge of electricity so powerful that to taste it for just a single second made life worth living. The universe focused all of its attention, all of its beauty and washed it over our moment. We laid down on the couch.
Scratching. Suddenly the soft sounds of her breath were overpowered by scratching. I pulled back. Saale looked at me with those heart-melting eyes, “What’s wrong?” The scratching grew louder, more furious. Claws, I could hear claws. She said something else, but I couldn’t hear her by then, the scratching had grown deafening. Saale looked up in horror. Fabric ripped. I woke up.
Fritz was right by my head, his long tail resting inches from my face. I watched him in a daze. He was furiously digging at the upholstery. There was a sizable hole there; the rat must have worked at it for the whole night. His little body dug with desperate energy, trying to make the opening as big as possible, yet after a couple of seconds he stopped. Fritz shoved his head into the hole and his whole body went limp. His furry frame rose and fell with effort as Fritz breathed in as much of the couch as he could. I grabbed him by the nape and took him out of the couch.
The creature was nothing like the animal I held the night before. Fritz’s head had lost most of its fur; all that was left was tufts of gray fur that splashed over his irritated skin. He snapped at me, or at least tried to. His jaw was heavy, his eyes barely stayed open. I placed him on the floor. As soon as he was on his own feet he fell over. After a couple lethargic seconds he stumbled to his paws and crawled beneath the wardrobe.
Karl walked out of the bedroom. He stopped when he noticed I was awake. “James, which tie seems more formal?” Karl looked like a madman; he was wearing superman underwear and a fancy white dress shirt that barely fit around his paunch. In each hand he held a black tie. I was too disoriented to tell the difference.
“I don’t know Karl, they both look pretty similar to me.” I said.
Karl looked down on the ties. He raised each one of them to his face for a closer examination. Finally, after some thought he nodded, “I think you are right James. These ties do look identical.” He retreated back to the bedroom and emerged with only one tie that he started putting on. “Oh, also, good morning friend,” Karl added as an afterthought.
“Good morning Karl,” I replied.
“James! Don’t enable him! He’s just being nervous about meeting my parents,” Maarja yelled from the kitchen. “Nothing to be scared of Karl. You know my parents are cool.”
“Your parents are most definitely not cool. Your father is a very scary man and your mother is a very angry woman.” Karl protested. He looked over at me, “Right James?” Maarja peeked out of the kitchen.
I had only seen Maarja’s father once. It was during Maarja’s high-school graduation. She had managed to sneak me in so I could attend the after party. I remembered seeing him across the hall, watching his daughter get her diploma with that emotionless scowl that fathers raised behind the iron curtain have perfected. Her dad bore a striking resemblance to Karl, he was a big dude, but where Karl carried a lumberjack beard Maarja’s father had a simple moustache. Maarja’s father also had scars. Even at a distance you could see them, a face covered in splotches of red as if he had experienced some great horror at a young age. “Your mother is a pretty angry woman Maarja,” I said.
Maarja scoffed. “If you piss her off she is. Point is: Karl shouldn’t be scared. My parents like him.”
“No they don’t,” Karl protested. Maarja rolled her eyes.
“You want coffee James?” she yelled from the kitchen.
“Sure,” I said. I tried sitting up, hoping to lose a bit of my drowsiness but something was wrong. I fished my left hand from under the couch. Somehow, as I slept, I clawed my index finger into the stuffing of the couch. It took effort to take it out; it was as if the upholstery had wrapped itself around the finger.
Maarja brought me my coffee and said something about how they were going to a nearby restaurant for the lunch but her words fell on deaf ears. I was completely focused on my pointer. The skin around it was an unhealthy red. It was cold to the touch. All the feeling in the finger was gone. I could move it, but the movements were sluggish, it was as if the finger was in a deep sleep. As Maarja and Karl got ready I tried to assess how damaged the finger was. I didn’t snap out of the mystery until I heard the front door slam shut.
I wasn’t alone though. ‘Quit worrying about your finger Tiger, you just slept funny. Think about more pleasant things.’ The voice in my head slithered back, ‘Remember how soft Saale’s skin was? How sweet her perfume smelled as you two made love?’ I laid back down and ran my hand across the couch. For something so old it was so remarkably smooth.
Fritz was suddenly back by my head. He ran towards the hole that he had worked on prior and started clawing at it again. He tore at the threading frantically. He wanted to be back inside of the couch, he needed to be back inside of the couch. I reached out to pick him up but reconsidered. ‘Leave him be Tiger, he’s just enjoying himself.’ My hand fell back to the firm cushioning of the couch. ‘That’s a good boy,’ the voice said, ‘Now where were we? Ah yes, Saale, what a girl, huh? Remember how good it felt to wake up next to her?’ I did. I remembered.
It was, after all, on that very same couch that I woke up next to Saale for the first time. It was the day after the party, when I woke up I nearly jumped out of my skin. It took me a second to realize where I was, that there was a beautiful woman on my arm, that I had made love to a alluring the stranger the night before, yet when the thought set in a wave of bliss washed over me. A gentle morning light was coming in through the blinds, the birds outside chirped peacefully and Saale snored. ‘Her half open mouth, those tiny sounds, so vulnerable, so romantic.’ Then the door opened. ‘Oh Tiger, you don’t have to think about that part.’ Then the door opened and Maarja’s mother came in.
The woman did not like me to begin with, the couple of times that we had met she regarded me with absolute disdain. Maarja even admitted it; her mother didn’t want her daughter hanging around with strange foreigners. As soon as Maarja’s mom saw us she started screaming. ‘Oh come on Tiger, you don’t have to think about arguments right now, think about the good times-‘ Her yelling woke everyone up. As me and Saale were frantically putting on our clothes the bedroom door flew open and Maarja started yelling at her mom. I didn’t understand a word to it, but Maarja’s mom seemed to have it really out for me. She kept on pointing. She kept on screaming and pointing at me… or was she pointing at the couch? ‘Oh come on Tiger, there’s other memories to go back to, remember the first time that you and Saale-‘ We ran out as soon as we had enough clothes to be decent. Salle and me left the argument behind.
Maarja’s mom didn’t chase us, but we ran for a couple of blocks anyway. We moved through the morning streets, giggling. After Saale nearly got hit by a tram we finally stopped. For a second we stood there, slightly hung-over and out of breath. We kissed.
“She seemed really angry, what was she saying?” I asked.
This is not a whorehouse, my daughter will be no madam!” Saale yelled, mimicking Maarja’s mother’s voice. We laughed, but then Saale frowned. She was beautiful even when she was confused. “To be honest though, she seemed a bit more angry about that couch being in the room. She kept on pointing at it asking where they had gotten it, saying that it was meant to be burnt years ago-“
‘STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS TIGER’ the voice thundered through my skull, ‘IF YOU EVER WANT TO BE HAPPY AGAIN, STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!’ The voice was no longer flirty. Darkness loomed within it. My mind cleared in fear.
I looked to the side; Fritz had made progress with the hole. He was hallway inside and still digging. His tail and hind legs stuck out of the hole, his enflamed testacles pressed against the side of the couch. With a couple more frantic movements he squeezed himself inside. The rat was gone.
‘Wondering what he’s doing Tiger?’ The couch asked gingerly, ‘He’s floating in ecstasy, oh yes, he’s experiencing pleasure you couldn’t even begin to comprehend, unless…’ Fabric groaned as the hole that Fritz had dug expanded. I could see the stuffing, it heaved up and down as if the couch was breathing. The hole was big enough to fit my hand. ‘C’mon Tiger, you know you want to try.’
I extended my hand; there was something from the couch that called to me, something stronger than me. Beads of perspiration streamed down my forehead. My clothes were soaked with sweat. As my fingers approached the gaping hole I could feel a glint of electricity in the air. The universe turned its eyes on me and beckoned me towards the maw.
VRRRR! VRRRR! I snapped out of it. My phone was ringing. It was Maarja.
“James, goddamn it, why don’t you pick up your phone? I’ve been calling you for like five minutes,” she talked in an angry whisper, “Look, my parents decided that they wanted to come over to the apartment. My mom would flip if she knew you were staying with us. I need you out of the house right now.”
I jumped to my feet. The last person I wanted to see right now was Maarja’s mom. “Okay, I’ll be out in five.”
“Not good enough! James! We’re almost there. Just get out! Please James, the lunch went really well, please don’t let her turn today into an argument,” Maarja pleaded.
I quickly put on my shoes and dashed towards the door. I didn’t realize I forgot my coat until I was outside. The cold wind blew through my sweaty t-shirt. “Are you outside?” Maarja whispered.
“Yeah, right at the front door.”
“Okay, get out. Right now. We’re almost there. I’ll call you when the coast is clear. Sorry. Love ya!” click.
As I reached the end of the block I could see the four of them walking towards the apartment. Karl and Maarja’s dad were engaged in a passionate conversation. Maarja and her mom followed them, quietly smoking. I sped out of sight.
I was freezing, a wet t-shirt in the Estonian winter felt like a death sentence. In my attempt to find a semblance of warmth I went over to the bus station and got onto the first bus that stopped. I nestled up next to the heaters and immediately felt better. The plan was to warm up, maybe dry off and then go find a mall to kill time in. That plan fell apart very quickly. The bus drove for a bit before I realized where it was going. For a second I considered getting off, but it was too cold for me to be roaming the streets, or at least that’s what I told myself. I took out my iPod and scrolled over to the Rolling Stones. The bus rode out to Saale’s neighborhood.
I returned back to Maarja’s apartment way after sundown. The day was a blur. I remembered running out of Maarja’s apartment. I remembered getting on the bus and riding over to Saale’s place. I remembered what happened at Saale’s but everything else was covered in a thick mental fog. The vodka helped with that. I had spent my last remaining cash on a bottle of good old 79% memory wipe. It helped me cope. It also made the Estonian winter more bearable.
“James! Honey! Where were you?” Maarja was outside having a cigarette when I stumbled to the house, “I’ve been trying to call you all day. Are you okay?” there was a hint of a drunken slur to her voice.
“Phone’s out of battery,” I mumbled as I walked up.
“Are you okay?” she repeated her question.
I shrugged. “I think I need a hug.”
“Ah darling, come here,” Maarja said as she wrapped her arms around me. She was wearing one of Karl’s huge jackets. It wasn’t until I was embraced in its warmth that I realized how cold I was. “Want to talk about it?”
“No.” I didn’t. All I wanted was to just be blindly told everything was going to be okay. I wanted assurances that I wouldn’t feel like this forever. I needed to know that I would get over Saale. Yet Maarja just sighed.
“I know it’s hard James. When you’re ready to talk about it I’m here for you.” she sighed again, I could smell the booze on her breath, “Thank you for leaving the house when you did. Things… didn’t go very well.”
She let go. I was back in the cold. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
Maarja took a long drag of her cigarette. Her voice grew heavy, “My dad was really interested in Karl’s Bitcoin stuff and he wanted to see his computer. Me and my mom were finishing off our cigarette outside and…” Maarja’s eyes drifted towards the night sky and fluttered. She was trying not to cry.
“Maarja? What’s wrong?” I asked.
She cleared her throat and composed herself. “My mom found out about the couch and she got really pissed. She thought I burnt it after that one house party. I just didn’t want to throw away a perfectly good couch but... Yeah. We have to burn it.”
“Burn the couch!? Why?” I gasped.
“There’s some ugly history behind it,” her voice grew faint, “I don’t really want to talk about it.”
It felt like the final bit of stability in my life had crumbled away. I had to drunkenly hold myself up against a lawn chair, “When?”
Maarja shrugged. “Now is a good time as any I guess, we can just drag it out into the backyard, grab some lighter fluid and torch it. Don’t think anyone is going to mind.” She was wrong. I would mind. My fists tightened. An inarticulate rage boiled in my blood. I wanted to hit her so bad, but instead I begged.
One more night,” I said, “Just one more night with the couch. We can burn it tomorrow; it’s New Years right? What a way to end off the year. We could have a little bonfire in the evening.”
“James,” Maarja sighed, “Honey, you can stay here, at least for a couple of days. We’ll move some pillows around and you can sleep on the floor. We’ll hang out tomorrow and it’s going to be great but my mom was really insistent on the couch. I promised her I would-“
“Please, please, don’t get rid of the couch,” I begged, “Just one more night. Just one more night on the couch where I can think back to my memories of Saale. I’m desperate Maarja. While your parents were visiting I went over to Saale’s place. I got into her apartment block. I knocked on the door. I knew she was there Maarja, I could hear her walking up after I knocked. When she looked through the peephole she completely ignored me. She just stood there like I didn’t exist. I called her Maarja, I called her phone and I could hear it ringing in the other room, I called until my goddamn battery ran out, but she never picked up. I traveled half way across the continent on my last dime and she wants nothing to do with me Maarja. The love of my goddamn life won’t even answer her phone. All I have left is that couch. All I have left are those memories of that first night. Please, Maarja, one more night on the couch.”
The words came out with chest-tightening force. Each sentence made me grow weaker until I was barely able to talk. My face was streaked in tears, my nose was running all over my face; I looked like a complete mess. Maarja wrapped her arms around me just as tight as she had in the airport.
“Okay James, one more night,” Maarja said, “I am sorry you’re going through this. I wish we could help.” We stayed in the hug for what felt like an eternity. I wanted to let go, to pull back and be cool about everything. But I couldn’t. The warmth under that jacket, Maarja’s arms around me, it all just felt safer than the world outside. “We both need some sleep,” Maarja finally whispered.
Karl barely noticed us when we walked into the apartment. He was sitting on the couch stuck in deep thought. When I saw him an unexplainable pang of jealousy ran through my body. Me and that couch had something special going on. I cleared my throat. Karl jumped up in surprise.
“James! You’re back. Where were you? We were worried about you!” Karl said.
“I went to Saale’s.”
“Oh,” He dropped his eyes away from me, not knowing what to say. He looked over at Maarja, “You have told James about what happened with your dad?”
“Something happened with your dad?” I asked. The question seemed stupid and irrelevant.
Maarja stared daggers back at Karl. She spoke slowly, with a hidden force beneath her words, “I have told James that my mother was very angry about the couch. We have decided that he will sleep on the couch for one more night and then we will burn it tomorrow. Does that sound okay?”
Karl furrowed his brow. “Yes,” he finally said. He stood in the doorway of their bedroom, leaning forward, as if he was about to say something else but then Maarja cut him off.
“We should all get some sleep.”
“Yeah,” I said, sprawling out onto the couch. ‘Welcome back Tiger,’ it whispered to me ‘Did someone have a rough day?’ The voice soothed the pain in my chest, the world started to become more manageable. Karl and Maarja went off to bed without saying much. There was something up, something that they were in disagreement about but it was none of my business. The couch kept me company.
‘It’s all going to be okay, you’ll see’ The couch whispered to me in its silky voice, ‘You’ll get over her, you’ll find someone better than Saale and in a couple of months you won’t even remember her. You’ll forget all about the relationship all together. But you know who’ll remember? She’ll remember Tiger, oh yes, Saale will be thinking about what an idiot she was to let you go-‘
The light in the bedroom was off, but I could hear Maarja walking around calling out for Fritz. She peeked her head into the living room and asked me if I saw him. I told her I didn’t. She gave up and went to sleep. ‘Don’t think about the rat.’ The hole that Fritz made into the upholstery was gone; there wasn’t even any sign of scratches. The whole couch, in fact, looked to be in better shape. The stains had completely disappeared from the couch, loose threads were nowhere to be seen, the floral print had taken on a colorful shine. ‘STOP IT.’
The voice hit my mind like a blunt object. A fog covered my thoughts, everything felt so impossibly distant. But beneath that fog was a gentle tone of sweetness, ‘Come on Tiger, let’s just enjoy this night together, huh? Lay here with me and let’s just bathe in each other’s company.’ The couch gently shuddered like a tantric massage chair. I heard the groaning of fabric. The place where Fritz had been digging spread apart to reveal a hole; beyond the upholstery was stuffing, it pulsed with fleshy energy. The couch trembled with anticipation. ‘Touch me Tiger, you know you want to.’ I reached out as electricity flowed through my body. The universe turned all of its spotlights on me. The mind fog thickened into a blanket of ecstasy and wrapped me up. All other thoughts disappeared. My soul danced to the chaotic tune of life. I was trapped in a wave of orgasmic rapture.
‘Doesn’t that feel so good Tiger? Isn’t this just exhilarating? Well don’t you worry. We can do this every night. Don’t listen to anyone else. Nothing will get between us, it’s you and me Tiger, it’s you and me and no one is going to stop us. We’ll make sure of that.’
For a split second it felt as if my finger brushed against something rough. I pinched at the object. It felt like a tail. Yet then, as if the gentle stuffing of the couch were a throat, the tail got swallowed deeper into its innards. ‘I love you,’ the couch whispered.
The room smelt like floral perfume. I could hear a dog barking outside. I was covered in sweat. “I love you too,” I whispered back. I drifted off to a deep sleep.
(Next part)
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Sell used iPhones, Androids, iPads, iPods, and Macs for Bitcoin. Gazelle will pay you in Bitcoin. [link]1
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Does Bitcoin need an iPod?

I am currently messing around with cold storage and wanting to first verify the process with a couple of test runs using small amounts of bitcoin. I am downloading the blockchain (again, sigh) on a crap laptop that I don't use anymore. Not sure I really need to do this but I feel like it lessons the chances of creating a duplicate address, which I know is something akin to winning the lottery seven times in a row. Anyway, I then take my junk laptop offline, generate an address, encrypt and then back it up a few more times on some new USB drives.
As I am sitting here trying to wrap my head around how complicated this is, I have to wonder what percentage of people, true BitCoin adopters, are actually doing this? As a believer and technophile, I understand what is happening, but what a leap of technological faith it is. Sending large amounts into the ether and hoping it lands and waits, forever in the correct spot. Will it be there when I need it? What is going to make BitCoin easier to use and still give you the same amount of true cold storage protection? Is it a software platform that I haven't seen yet? Is it Armory paper wallet which crashes constantly on my Mac?
The whole process reminded me of how I felt, back in the day, before iTunes and the iPod came out. I had iMesh or Napster or what have you, then I had boat loads of MP3 sitting on my external HD. I had a Kenwood Z919, the first car stereo to play MP3 on a CD-R. Then I really got mobile with the Diamond RIO, but it only held about 25 songs so it was a constant tug of war of reconnecting and then wiping and editing. Clunky was the norm and definitely the expectation. Now I am not going to glorify the virtues of running iTunes on, and connecting my iPod to, my PC as the perfect solution for BitCoin; however, the advent of that combination brought the masses a transformative technology and I think that is where we are at right now. Are there companies working on a true cold storage stand alone small widget box, iPod like device, one we could leave in a safe deposit box without power? One that creates wallets offline and generates un-hackable keys. I saw something from BFL, but they will never see another penny from me, so I literally will not even read the specs.
People like to hold onto something physical, or at the very least a physical space they can visualize containing their property. It probably stems from some evolutionary trait that is hard to supersede. I remember opening my first savings account with my father, I was in fourth or fifth grade. There was a massive shiny vault door towering over the tellers at my bank, so I knew my paper route money was safe inside there. I had the small booklet with my balances stamped on it, which I kept in my sock drawer between uses. Our savings is something different, it is piece of mind. With the constant feed of "bitcoins stolen" being aired 24/7 on the news (since fiat or gold are never stolen anymore) I feel like the time is ripe for an iPod/iTunes like device to appear on the scene, something that can dumb down cold storage and make it truly palatable for the regular Joe Six-pack.
TL:DR Does BitCoin need an iTunes/iPod solution to bring it to the masses? We need what happened to mp3 circa 2001-2002 to happen to BitCoin in regards to cold storage.
edit: Someone mentioned Trezor, looks legit. Has anyone used it?
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[TikTokTikk - Seller] Lightning to USB Cable (3ft) for iPhones, iPads and iPods At Just $1.99+S&H, Accepts Bitcoin

[TikTokTikk - Seller] Lightning to USB Cable (3ft) for iPhones, iPads and iPods At Just $1.99+S&H, Accepts Bitcoin submitted by nameless555 to DealsReddit [link] [comments] shows bitcoin wallet on iPod but not on android devicez

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[WTS] iPod touch 8gb 2nd gen, CHEAP bitcoins accepted

Offers accepted in comments :)
Here is an imgur gallery with pictures to reference. Screen is in great condition, and like most iPods the back is pretty scratched up but it blends in. Fully functional, charging as I type.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: 14 years ago Steve Jobs announced the iPod, and this is how people actually reacted... /r/technology

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Random Curiosity: Since an iPod 5G can run ipodlinux, could it run any bitcoin software?

This idea is probably way out of the view of any serious programmer, but a 5G iPod would make a handy hardware wallet. Link:iPodLinux Downfalls:iPods break easily.
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Reactions to the first iPod in 2001, not much different than reactions to 21's Bitcoin Computer...

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: 14 years ago Steve Jobs announced the iPod, and this is how people actually reacted... /r/technology

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: 14 years ago Steve Jobs announced the iPod, and this is how people actually reacted... /technology submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Finextra: NCR to offer bitcoin payments via iPOD POS; activates cash function at video ATM

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Bitcoin App on iPhone/iPod/iPad Free Until July 2nd

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34m with 35f topsy-turvy wife...

We have had a lot of issues in the past and history tends to repeat. Basically, I’m trying to start a business plus juggling looking after our 18 month old baby and covering my wife’s ever changing needs. She’s studying to pass some exams to be a doctor in this country. We agreed to split our days so she can study then I can work on my stuff, with the proviso that I would look for work if I don’t have a viable product by June. A few months back she started trying to bully me again to immediately find work of any kind. I buy and sell on eBay a fair bit which helps cover us ok. I already have a viable product (new software / hardware invention) but she gives me insults and does her best to stop me having time to work on it. The past 2 weeks, other than today I have been stuck at home looking after the baby; somehow. 3 days back she starts cold shouldering me, swearing at me in front of the kids etc. I was angry with her yesterday as she had a morning meeting and an evening one so left me with the baby, again. She hated her car so we bought another one. It has some document issues so laid up at the moment until they’re resolved. She was furious about this as she had to take the bus which sets off her OCD etc. Me being angry plus that was her excuse to blow up. She will divorce, go back to her country etc. Common theme. Today she said she wanted a long deep talk with me. Now, instead of demanding we move to a nearby city (which I agreed to), she wants to move to Switzerland and learn German as it should be hotter than here, somehow. Pointing out this is maybe not such a good idea resulted in me being chased out of the room with a lot of swearing - she can’t stand me, doesn’t want to look at me or hear me. Fingers in ears etc. Not the first time. Cue crying baby. When she starts to go peculiar, she starts talking with one of her (30m) twin brothers (I call him evil bro). She made me sell my 20+ bitcoin holdings years ago to keep him, which he used to buy an iPod and live a fancy lifestyle; I found out later. That destroyed my credit rating for 6 years and was really unhelpful. They were relatively cheap at that time. iPod money was so he could start his own business. This guy and his newish husband have it in for me, and basically try to get rid of me all the time. A bit like a movie or the like; I had fake job offers from some guy they were trying to hook my wife up with to make me look bad etc. That blew up in their faces but all is forgotten now. The other brother is also funny with money but otherwise a great, supportive guy. When evil bro does something against me and I mention the bitcoin thing, my wife goes crazy against me. Anyway, my wife and evil bro talk in Russian to hide what they’re saying from me. He keeps sending her places to see in Switzerland etc. Other countries mentioned were France, Austria and Germany. I helped get him to Germany after he had a serious diagnosis and he speaks good German now. I think he’s pushing to get her to a German speaking country with him, with favourable terms for German speaking doctors (he’s about to graduate as a doctor in Germany).
Does anyone have any insight into what is going on here? Things would be much easier if she wasn’t half the time great and I didn’t love her or have the kids...
TL/DR spoiled brat wife occasionally goes crazy, evil scheming brother seems to encourage it, wife sometimes ok.
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How To Mine Bitcoin On I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod Touch, IOS As Well As Monero COIN PUSHER  $100 BILL + IPOD ON THE EDGE!!! Hack unlimited bitcoin Very easy How to build a Mining Rig on a Budget IPOD WRAPPED WITH $100 BILL!!  Coin Pusher On The Edge

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How To Mine Bitcoin On I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod Touch, IOS As Well As Monero

Como ganhar dinheiro com BITCOIN em 4 passos simples passo a ... E claro como ganhar bitcoin no android ou ipod não importa com esse método você vai ganhar seus bitcoins e claro isso seria ... Bitcoin Billionaire iPhone, iPad, iPod HACK/Glitch GET RICH EASY!!! - Duration: 2:18. Guy And Friend Productions 31,074 views Hack unlimited bitcoin Very easy Hack unlimited bitcoin Very easy hack, free, bitcoin (currency), bitcoin mining, free bitcoin, touch, apple, bitcoin, ipod, double ... Coin Pusher time! Today we go to Coney Island and play Aaron's coin pusher to see if we can get the IPod/mp3 player he put on the edge with $100 attached it. Today I go to the arcade with claw kicker to play his coin pusher. When we get there, he surprises me by showing be a $100 bill and an iPod wrapped together on the edge of the coin pusher! Watch ...

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