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Maria Bustillos, editor with the journalist-owned Popula news site, announced Monday that she had archived an article originally published in Death and Taxes magazine onto the ethereum in full, as well as storing its hash on the IPFS protocol. As a result, the article will be preserved “for as long as the … blockchain and IPFS persist.” Maria Bustillos is founder of the blockchain supported publication, Popula. I stole the title of this post from her essay at (linked below).* Bitcoin’s value will ultimately be driven by use as a payment instrument and in commerce. Because it is a pure supply-demand instrument, Bitcoin will eventually be recognized as currency Maria Bustillos is founder of the blockchain supported publication, Popula. I stole the title of this post from her essay at (linked below).* I hope that Maria considers it a tribute rather than title-plagiarism. Her article is blocked by a pay wall, so allow me to explain a concept that confounds even a Nobel Prize winning economist Today, Maria Bustillos writes on the New Yorkers' new tech page, "Elements," that it's widely agreed Bitcoin emanated from an individual calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto. By Maria Bustillos Bitcoin is the total opposite of a ponzi scheme - Here's why. By Miguel Cuneta Bitcoin as the first anti-fragile economic entity By Erin Shir The harsh truth about cryptocurrency trading. By Miguel Cuneta Bitcoin is Dead? The blockchain didn't get the memo. By Miguel Cuneta If you don't appreciate Bitcoin, it might be your

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Pros And Cons of Bitcoin Volatility

Bitcoin Volatility is one of the top topics bitcoin enthusiasts talk about when it comes to investing in Bitcoin. The price of bitcoin has the potential to change drastically in just a short ... Predicting the price of Bitcoin use AI for 2020. There are many AI tools for predicting Bitcoin (BTC) but most of them are almost wrong. Here we will try to get the best prediction for BTC for the ... Onecoin promised the world, but only proved to be a trail of destruction. --- About ColdFusion --- ColdFusion is an Australian based online media company independently run by Dagogo Altraide since ... The Winklevoss Twins make the case for Bitcoin's future value and compare it to Gold. Interesting interview with Maria Bartiromo. This week Bitcoin went mainstream, thanks in part to a fantastic article by Maria Bustillos on the New Yorker s new Elements vertical. PandoDaily has been reporting on the phenomenon for a while ...

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