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C-Span Bitcoin hearing audio. very interesting discussions

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Quick tip for those going to watch the C-Span Bitcoin Discussion live online

If you choose to enable Closed Captions, you wont have any white borders and annoying GUI if you choose to watch it full screen. Also, you can even choose to re-disable them within the player itself!
Good luck everybody and I hope the discussion ends for the good!!!
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Quick tip for those going to watch the C-Span Bitcoin Discussion live online

If you choose to enable Closed Captions, you wont have any white borders and annoying GUI if you choose to watch it full screen. Also, you can even choose to re-disable them within the player itself!
Good luck everybody and I hope the discussion ends for the good!!!
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[VIDEO] Princeton Professor explains Bitcoins on C-SPAN

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Crytocurrency Hearing in congress today
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Watch Bitcoin senate hearing live!
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Bitcoin on C-SPAN

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Bitcoin on C-SPAN

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Bitcoin on C-SPAN

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David Wolman talks on C-SPAN about the future of Bitcoin. very lengthy but very informative.

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Oh Romania! Before there was Bitcoin... [Amazon/C-SPAN Video]

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Romania, before there was Bitcoin... [Amazon/C-SPAN Video] repost from /r/bitcoin

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collapse daily - TMI !!!!

All headline links are at loki's revenge blog

James Hansen not allowed to speak at COP23 - speaks anyway (Radio Ecoshock)
Trump’s EPA will no longer require mining companies to prove they can clean up after themselves (RT)
ABC’s fake news about Flynn & Russia causes stocks to crash (RT) | Trigger warnings
SocGen: The Good Times Are Coming To An End In 2018 (BI)
Carmageddon for Tesla (WS)
Germany removes Tesla from subsidies list as too pricey (Reuters)
The UN Is Investigating Extreme Poverty … In America (Guardian)
Controversial Study Claims ‘Smartphone Addiction’ Alters the Brain (Inverse) | Plus facebook will permanently shorten your attention span
Bitcoin loses 20% in 24 hours (Reuters)
Bitcoin: an investment mania for the fake news era (Financial Times) | FT gives good head
The US Opium Wars: China, Burma and the CIA (Counterpunch)
Apple is sharing your face with apps, and you should be worried (Sydney Morning Herald) | Aussies great at digging shit up
Pittsburgh’s Water System Is Why We Shouldn’t Run America Like a Business (Nation)
Giant West Antarctic iceberg disintegrates (PhysOrg)
Acceleration in the global mean sea level rise: 2005-2015 (SKS)
Vegetation greenness and land carbon-flux anomalies associated with climatevariations: a focus on the year 2015 (SKS) | Greenest year highest carbon growth rate
Intensified mega-ENSO has increased the proportion of intense tropical cyclones over the western Northwest Pacific since the late 1970s (SKS)
Potential large-scale forcing mechanisms driving enhanced North Atlantic tropical cyclone activity since the mid-1990s (SKS)
Winter Eurasian cooling linked with the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (SKS)
Flash droughts: a review and assessment of the challenges imposed by rapid onset droughts in the United States (SKS)
Thermodynamic Drivers of Extreme Rainfall (SKS)
Implications of differential effects between 1.5 and 2 °C global warming on temperature and precipitation extremes in China's urban agglomerations (SKS)
Potential impacts of climate warming and increased summer heat stress on the electric grid (SKS)
Transformation of Japan's energy system to attain net-zero emission by 2050 (SKS) | 100% renewable electricity production is only 20% of total energy demand
Citizen journalist jailed 7 years for reporting environmental disaster in Vietnam (Mongabay)
Land conflicts increase in Brazil (Mongabay)
Catch-all fisheries are squeezing Asia’s seahorses (Mongabay)
Forced out or killed: rare chimps go missing from Cameroon mountain forest (Mongabay)
Climate Connection: Unraveling the Surprising Ecology of Dust (
The Senate Just Opened the Door for Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge(
Global warning: Arctic melt - Greenland (
China’s carbon intensity falls four per cent in first three quarters (
Can China Look to Carbon Capture for its Climate Pledges? ( |1,000% bull?
Bill McKibben: Winning Slowly Is the Same as Losing ( | The Recipe: Scare the piss out of people, blame the right, promise the moon with renewable growth
The GOP Tax Bill Is Basically Like Throwing Gasoline On The Dumpster Fire That Is the Climate Crisis. (
Alberta oilsands waste exported by American refineries to pollution-choked India ( | Canucks keep the good shit
India buys the dregs of US oil refineries ie the toxic sludge from heavy crude & Canadian tar sands. It's cheap & burns but contains 1,380 times more sulfur than the limit for diesel ( | Get ready for it...
India can provide sustainability model to world: Sweden (
To drop CO2 emissions, look to local transportation and housing ( | No solar jets?
'Greenwashing' is the latest tourist trap (
Army engineers warn of brutal future for Ohio River region from climate change (
Two Melting Antarctic Glaciers Decide the Fate of Our Coastlines (
The Treasures of Chaco Canyon Are Threatened by Drilling (
Italian oil company wins permit to drill 'wildcat' well in Arctic (
Video of infected fish waste spewing into B.C. waters roils fish-farming issue (
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We are the Imaginaries...

The reason we all hold bitcoin is because we all see some sort of potential in it. We imagine a future how Bitcoin and it's related technologies would make the world a better place. To me bitcoin is the Internet of not just money, but digital value. It's a storage and transportation system for value the way the Internet is for information. Unlike the world banking system which is trust based, Bitcoin's boundaries are only limited to where the Internet spans. Bitcoin is a push system so the value is actually moving, not a credit among trusted users. This is a profound difference making the barrier to entry so much smaller than any other bank or payment system.
I see so much potential in Bitcoin to disrupt countless industries. Once you understand the concept that digital value can flow around the Internet as easily as information, a whole new world of financial transactions become apparent. The key to this is bypassing trusted 3rd parties which just slow the flow of value and charge fees for this service. IMO, this is Bitcoin's crowning achievement.
I see a host of potential future applications that can be done with Bitcoin's ecosystem and I hope to see some of these application in the future:
These a just a few potential apps, we have millions more coming. What future apps excite you about Bitcoin?
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Idea | Tip Nano to creators

Hey guys, my name is Tolik and I'm new to Nano.
I would like to tell you a bit about myself, and then about some ideas that I would like to share with you :)
I'm a content creator form Israel, and I have about 65k subscribers over my 3 channels. I'm also the first Israeli partnered on Twitch and been doing that for 8 years now.
Had a lot of fun with it for the first few years, playing my favorite games and earning good money, and eventually burning out hating the game that got me all my following. Our (Israeli) community exploded on youtube, but to make the most of it you need to make mindless trendy content, playing trendy and pretty childish games. I did that for a while, but it was too hard for my mind and I ended up burning out hard stepping away for a long while.
Back in 2013 I first stumbled upon the world of crypto and realized the potential of the blockchain and the implementation of that technology in our world. Not enough to buy enough to get rich, but I never even considered that it could get to the volumes it got to now. In 2017 when it exploded, I realized I had some leftover coins from 2013-14 and cashed out a few thousand dollars, with the pain it could have been millions if I was a little more aware. Oh Well.
A few years ago, I got into the world of self-development and got a new perspective on life. Doing only what I love and grooming a small but good community on youtube, not caring about trends, views, and money in my pocket.
A few days ago, a colleague of mine started to promote some unknown coin to his child viewers, basically, the premise is a coin that you could mine on your phone. Immediately I had some red flags popping off my mind, especially because he promoted some shady CSGO gambling sites that I didn't even want to look into. He of course had his promotion code for registering to the gambling site, and using the mentioned crypto (downloading the app).
If you can mine it on your phone, what would stop you using an expensive setup and just dominate the market? The fact that he advertised it as a get rich scheme, and the fact that it's a referral pyramid network, does not seem safe.
After looking into it I did not see any promise, especially after I found so many altcoins with big communities that his crypto didn't have, information that did not add up, and a bunch of weird stuff going on.
Because I started researching the crypto world (after so many years not being aware of what happened to it), youtube started suggesting me videos about it, one of them was u/SonderDev 's nanoPaint (Sorry I made SpongeBobs eye red) and started doing some research on nano and the technology. For 3 days I devoured all the info I can, reading most of the posts here on reddit, and joining on Discord and TG. I again felt that butterfly feeling in my gut, the one I felt so many years ago when I found out about bitcoin (and some other rare occasions). So much potential, and I kind of feel I am already late to the party, and yet, my mind can't stop thinking about what is possible.
Now to the good stuff! Donations(tips) to streamers and content creators were always a huge part of our revenue. But we had a lot of problems with it - High fees, making small donations pretty much impossible, and the fear of someone charging you back and having you pay the fees for every donation that got charged back. I had someone give me about $2k for the span of two months with small donations, ended up charging all that money back, and having me pay $10 for each of his donations, even if they were under that amount. PayPal is pretty crazy.
Also, If you consider something like Patreon (a monthly donation for a project or a creator you like for benefits) they also charge extra for their fee, and people can still charge you back, even though they will handle it, you still give them the benefits. Twitch takes a huge cut for subscribers (user pays $4.99 and I get as little as $1.70) and youtube are getting about 30% for their cut.
See where I'm going with this? As proof of concept, a simple donation website/app could be made. You send the creator any amount of nano, it pops up on the screen for everyone to see. People would love the idea to impact the stream with as little money the creator allows. That would start up a conversation, people would start seeing the technology in action, how fast and feeless everything is going.
Not to mention an integrated service could be made that is similar to (allows users to do tasks for nano/fiat) in this instance, the tasks could be - follow the creator on Twitter, Instagram, like his posts and whatever else he decides, and it could be cheap, because people would be doing it to pop up on stream and help the creator, not for the actual fiat amount of the nano given. killing 3 birds with one stone. Promoting nano, allowing everybody a voice to a degree they choose, and promoting himself to his viewers.
If this works, we could either go to one of the 2 biggest platforms (StreamLabs and StreamElements (who are Israeli and I know the 2 founders personally)) and they would integrate it to their already build system, or develop something to solely promote nano. We could reach out to smaller streamers that have small dedicated communities, not many donations and revenue coming in and allow them to use our system to promote their content and interact with their viewers.
A few more ideas I have in mind for a project like that:
For the donations (tips)
• Having different donation alerts for different QR codes that you scan. Similarly to what NanoPaint accomplishes, we could have a different QR code to scan for an alert that the user chooses to show up.
• Coloring the Camera frame - similarly to NanoPaint, drawing pixels on the frame of the camera of the streamer, changing it in real-time for nano.
• Having text to speech for the alert
• Have your donation impact the streamer in AR (putting something on his face or head).
Crowd Funding
• Donation goal that will make a purchase only if it gets there - setting up an X day goal to buy a new GPU for example, and having people contribute to it, and if it's reached, it automatically makes the order from amazon or wherever (having the data safe with our service), and if it's not - fully refunding the users. It could be a daily goal for pizza or whatever they choose. It will allow integration with businesses that would work with us.
• Stream goals - if we get to X Nano this stream, 24 hour stream tomorrow! If we won't, get your nano back! Would encourage people to participate even if they are not sure the goal will be met, have the assurance that the full amount would be refunded if it did not get there.
• Challenges - starting a bounty challenge, for example, have an Ace in CSGO (kill all 5 enemies) and get X amount of nano. If you didn't, money goes back. the crowd could vote on it having more interaction and validating if the challenge is complete.
• Have people engage with polls in real-time with nano, could scan their option to vote, and even get refunded if their option did not win, encouraging them to vote for their favorite option, even if it seems unlikely to win.
User Battles
• Having people start a challenge of a game, in an app or on the web, or perhaps even something random like gambling, and having it appear on stream for everybody to witness. Maybe even challenging the streamer for a nano incentive or someone else who watches.
• Having an on-screen chat that changes the colors and design of the people who donated with nano, and linked their account. more incentive to donate.
Stream Sponsors
• Having a rotating banner on-screen at all times, allowing users to pay nano to show their banner. As an auction or a price set from the creator.
Most of these ideas occurred to me as I was writing this post, and I'm sure we could think of better ones with some effort. Some of them are already implemented on the websites that were mention above, however, having the power and speed of the nano is a game-changer IMHO.
So why am I writing this post? First, just to share with you and get to know you better, maybe spark an idea or a motivation for anyone to do something good for nano.
Second, money is tight now, moved back to my parents due to the pandemic, hard to find a decent job as we have more than %20 of the people in Israel looking for a job and as I mentioned before the content I make is not very profitable. I can't afford to invest money in this idea, and I lack the skills to do it myself. So maybe if it's good someone else could.
If, however, someone would be inclined to help make this a reality, I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, investment of time, or money in testing this out. I have a dedicated community with thousands of people that will be aware of nano if we'll do it, years of experience in this field, and not to mention that I'm in good relations with most of the other content creators and platforms here in Israel, and some international.
Discord: ToLy#2657
Feel free to DM me at any time :)
Nice to meet you, and thank you for reading.
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South African banking on Bitcoin

I think many people misunderstand why Bitcoin exists.
Aside from Venezuela being a prime example, I think looking at it from a South African point of view might give some more context, since our fiat hasnt yet collapsed. Directly North of SA is Zimbabwe, where hyperinflation is in full effect. Their economic policies and government corruption has all but decimated the country and it's currency, and poverty is now country wide. The South African government are now adopting similar policies. SA's State is believed to be captured by criminals , there are ongoing court cases in this regard, some spanning over 2 decades, that have no conclusion in sight. In tge meanwhile the corrupt ANC government are looting state coffers into bankruptcy. SAs sovereign debt crisis is increasing dramatically due to corruption and ineptitude of SAs government, which, make no mistake, is being pushed onto tax payers.
The likelyhood of ever ousting SAs corrupt ruling party is very slim, and would likely be replaced by an even more corrupt government.
Unfortunately I see South African economics headed in the same direction as Zimbabwe. Due to these facts over the past few years I have been dis-investing in my SA fiat and moving my wealth into crypto and commodities, and anything linked to a stable fiat currency(of which Ill dis-invest when I see the same signs).
I believe most fiats are eventually going to be decimated due to the nature of human greed. Maybe not in my lifetime, but it's coming.
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What is yield farming in decentralized finance?

This is a pretty long but simple to understand post about the developments in the crypto space. It is meant for beginners to help them join the dots and see the larger picture of what cryptocurrency is about and its ongoing developments
What is Decentralized Finance?
Before we go into yield farming, let me first explain decentralized finance (defi) simply. Defi is considered by many to be a financial revolution that is true to the ethos of Bitcoin, which is to create a monetary system that allows the transfer of value peer to peer yet is not controlled or governed by a country or central bank.
While Bitcoin has been a great store of value as digital gold due to its decentralized nature, there is no team behind Bitcoin therefore there has been no further development in the technology. Hence the creation of Ethereum as a centralized platform that facilitates the growth of blockchain technology and projects that ultimately aims to fulfil the mission of defi.
Yield Farming
Yield farming is basically lending out your cryptocurrency onto defi lending platforms, providing liquidity for loans and being paid interest for it. Most bitcoin holders do this to squeeze extra interest out of their holdings rather than just letting their crypto sit in their wallets. On top of that, most banks today are paying only 0.1% interest for your deposits, whereas Compound is paying 2+% on USDC and USDT. While there are some additional risks introduced with defi lending, some people are comfortable with the added risks and returns.
Compound and Uniswap are the 2 largest defi lending platforms right now with the most Total Value Locked (TVL) contributing to more than 60% of the $2 billion locked in defi. What is interesting is the sudden explosion of TVL in defi contracts. TVL has doubled from $1 billion to $2 billion in less than a month, and this was largely due to Compound's huge growth in TVL from $100 million to over $600 million in a span of 1 week, 15 to 22 June. Within the week, Compound became the leader in the defi lending space.
This phenomenon was largely due to the fact that Compound is giving away its COMP tokens to its users, both depositors and borrowers, proportionally according to the amount that they have deposited or loaned. Which has never been done before, the fact that borrowers are receiving tokens for borrowing. This has led to many people borrowing their own deposits and repeating the cycle a few times to maximize the share of their COMP tokens received every day.
Brilliant and sustainable development or hype?
The key question we need to ask ourselves is if this large spike in TVL is brilliant tokenomics that has unveiled interest in defi and led to actual growth within the space, or is this a fad that will start to die off once the price of COMP tokens start falling?
My personal belief is that it is the former. This is because there has been much progress in terms of innovation within the defi space and the development of Ethereum 2.0. On top of that, new investors are buying into cryptocurrency every day. Institutional investors such as Paul Tudor Jones have about 2% of his assets in Bitcoin. His reasons for buying was that while bitcoin is extremely speculative, and ranks poorly as a store of value, having been around for 11 years only, its market price of $186 billion is a tiny fraction of the $266,917 billion stock and bonds market, which makes it an underpriced asset and a value investment.
Of course, I have a biased point of view that is pro-bitcoin and pro-defi, however, I believe that defi is the next development in the financial market that is in its early stages, and presents a huge step forward and opportunities for investors and people who are looking to grow their wealth.
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35 years old. 3.5MM net-worth (mostly from crypto). Feel like I don't deserve to FIRE.

TL;DR: Guy has a great job for many years. Gets big crypto windfall at the height of his career. Now feels like his job is pointless and trying to figure out life. Boo hoo feel bad for him. I'm such an idiot.
I'll keep this quick(ish) for all of us short attention span havers. I'm 35 years old, I have a career in a field where I get to be a creator (sort of a YouTuber, sort of an artist, sort of a "travel guide", sort of a filmmaker, sort of an on-camera personality, BUT I have bosses telling me the kind of stuff to make). I was obsessed with this job/industry for the better part of a decade. For many years I got lots of travel, nice hotels shooting in foreign locations, eating nice dinners and lots of admiration and respect from peers and colleagues. I watched my income grow from mid $30k to literally 10x that over the span of 7 years. And, fortunately, I never acquired a taste for expensive things (save for some industry gear). So that meant I was saving a LOT of my income yearly. Well on my way to FI/FatFI before I even knew about this philosophy of investing.
In 2014, I discovered bitcoin. Please, please. I know that many here think bitcoin in a huge speculative gamble and after riding through a major UP and DOWN, you are preaching to the choir. Regardless, I love the idea of it and fell deep down the rabbit hole– reading and watching every bit of content I could find. Over the span of a year and a half I put ALMOST everything I saved into it– figuring my earnings would set me back ahead even if it tanks. (Again, I crazy/foolish I know). Long story short, the bull run hits in 2017, and I can't fucking believe it. Over the course of 6 months, hands shaking, I cashed out (after tax) about 2.8 million. I didn't even sell at the top.
Around this time, I was trying to learn how to "live off the interest", get off that crazy rollercoaster, invest RESPONSIBLY– I discovered FIRE, and was like "holy shit" this is it! I jammed everything into a simple three fund index-based portfolio of US Equity/Foreign Equity/Bonds.
I kept working (way less) for almost 2 years after that, but everything mentally changed. Suddenly, once the monetary excitement was stripped from doing work, all the other pluses felt...dull. Like, I can get "nice hotels", "lots of travel", "good dinners" etc... without a job now.
I hit 3.5 million this year and have been taking a break completely from work for 9 months now. Traveling, contemplating, philosophizing, visiting friends, leaning into hobbies/pastimes and honestly trying to figure out what my life means to myself and others now that at a 3.8% SWR, after tax, I can SPEND/DONATE $10,000/month forever. That's my needs, wants and then some. Why would I do anything that a boss/client/manager wants me to do when...I don't have to?
I'm at the same mental place a LOT of people get to when they hit their number. The problem is two-fold, One, I used to looove my job and it was a source of lots of excitement in my life. Hard to recreate that with just money, but I also don't feel like doing the work it takes just to get the high status stuff. Two, I don't feel like I deserve this at all because I got here earlier with a lucky bet on crypto. I would have definitely gotten here, but maybe in my 40s and I would have felt I actually earned it.
Basically, it feels like I used a cheat code on my life and now I'm not sure how to make it fun again. And don't feel like I "deserve" to FIRE. This is such an unrelatable problem, but I thought this nonjudgemental community might have some insights or nuggets of wisdom.
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Idea: Different Life Eras & Generations

I find it astonishing that a player can hold a Twitter account for over a hundred years, when it’s only been around for about a decade.
At various points in a character’s life, events from the current year appear, which breaks some of the realism in a game and makes it feel surprisingly detached.
I think it would be cool if you could start your characters life anywhere between the 1920s until the 2020s, and over this hundred year span be able to play as anything from the silent generation to a baby boomer.
This could also add a lot of content to the game, both event-wise (you could conscript to fight in WW2, oversee the invention of computers and sliced bread, become an early internet or bitcoin investor) and with the generations feature, as you would be able to live out an entire family dynasty into the distant future. Social media could be unlocked around the early 2000’s and change through the years with new apps added.
As this would take a lot of time to implement the least we could get is boomers in BitLife.
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I live with my dead family, they're so happy!

*Warning: Long Post*
Living with my dead family has been quiet, but at the very least, I still have one who might talk to me.
I consider Gary a family member. If I didn't consider him family, then I wouldn't have any left. Gary said things to me, mostly hateful. I'd either ignore him, have a silent argument with him, or sometimes he would take over completely and I'd have no idea what happened, or for how long. Very rarely he would take over and let me see anything / remember anything that happened. Amnesia.
Gary's interests are different than my own. Easily figured this out by going through the Google search history when I had an amnesia episode. Some search history : "ways to manipulate people", "murder that looks like natural death", "how can an alter gain more control?", "how do I tell if I'm the only alter in DID?", "how to use Bitcoin", "taxidermy for dummies", "what is the average life span of a dog?", "human anatomy basics", "places to learn taxidermy", "how to use the dark web", "taxidermy classes", "psychopaths", "kid killers", "unsolved mysteries", and plenty more. After seeing the internet search trends over the years, none of them bothered me anymore. Some intrigued me. I even visited some of the same websites he had just to see what it was he was looking at. I should know a little bit about what my other-self does/ knows... right?
I thought a lot of it was on purpose. I think planting disturbing internet search history for me to find when I "came back" was to spark some sort of paranoia. Paranoia that maybe my body had done something terrible... something terrible while myself, Mike was having "a break" and Gary took over for a while.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) often called split or multiple personality disorder. It affects people differently, so when I talk about Gary (my alter) and Mike (myself) it doesn't mean that every person with DID has these symptoms or experiences.
I rescued a dog, named Sunshine; her coat is a dark yellow and she's some sort of mixed-breed. In a way, I rescued Grandma as well. Sunshine was getting closer to euthanasia, and Grandma couldn't live on her own anymore (Alzheimer's and dementia were getting pretty bad). It wasn't until I moved in with Grandma that I realized she was only living blood relative I had.
I felt like I rescued them at the time.
I don't have the words to describe how I feel about what I've done for them now.
Anyways, when they were still living at the house, Gary would tell me to, "... get rid of the damn things". By that he meant the other occupants. Grandma and Sunshine. He kept pressuring me to poison them...
"Mike, they're obviously using you so they have somewhere to live and someone to feed them".
"Gary that's exactly what you're doing to me".
He'd keep going though... what he said made sense, but at the same time it didn't. I loved them both unconditionally and they loved me too.
"Poison them or I'll do it for you, Mike."
"If you poison them, I'll poison myself."
It was always the suicide threats that got Gary to shut up. Gary was only lived a partial life as it was. He didn't want the little he had taken away.
Gary never liked Grandma. Grandma never had an opinion of Gary because of her Alzheimer's and dementia. She remembered me, Mike, sometimes when I talked to her though. She would say things like, "Mike, where did this darling dog come from? Can we keep her? She's a ray of Sunshine" (that's how Sunshine got her name).
The area is extremely rural. There aren't any other houses around for miles. I go grocery shopping once a month and since I'm not feeding a lot of mouths sometimes I can wait even longer. Grandma and myself don't have anyone that we see outside of the house and like I mentioned, we're the last of us. At least Grandma had Alzheimer's and dementia and lots of things seemed brand new all the time! How exciting. She handled the dementia really well. I've heard bad stories about people panicking and being very distressed, but Grandma was always so... happy and excited about everything and anything "new".
To be honest, I envied her slightly. Things changed between Gary and I. It was a slow process. I can't tell you the exact moment we got to this point, but eventually it happened -
I went to sleep on a Friday night, excited about the upcoming plans. It was going to be great. I had practiced letting Gary inside and outside for several months. We had conversations together rather than him talking / yelling AT me... we were talking to each other. Hell, when I went to sleep that Friday I would've said Gary was my best friend... maybe not now, but he's still family. We just don't keep in touch like we should.
I think when Gary was done, he was still jealous of Sunshine and Grandma. He's been giving me the cold shoulder since "I used him". I understand why he might feel that way... it's like I let him do all the dirty work (to be honest). I didn't really care about how he did it, I just gave them hugs and kisses before bed that night. I let Gary take over. I didn't care about the education or the immense amount of work that was involved with it. What I cared about was how happy Grandma and Sunshine were going to be.
Gary admitted he left some of his internet searches up on the computer to mess with me, but that he truly was a huge fan of taxidermy. After Gary spewed nothing but hatred towards 'my girls' I started thinking of alternatives. I had Sunshine and Grandma relying on me, Mike, and solely Mike to keep them alive and happy. This was actually scary when it sunk in. I had a huge responsibility.
But Gary... Gary took care of himself. Gary had his own 'distinct personality’ which wasn't so pleasant all of the time. But Gary also happened to feed himself and proved to be be extremely valuable. He was interested in something Mike was too, except Mike didn't want to put the work in and learn it - get hands on. Gary on the hand...He needed more time allowed to "come out" and needed Mike to make some purchases for his work, but it was all for the love of learning taxidermy.
It was a deal. Do this for me, and I'll give you even more time to use this body, as Gary. We can live together, in harmony, in one body. We can have meaningful conversations and get along. We would be friends. The only friend Gary could ever have after all, was me.
When I started to get nasty towards Gary once the job was done, it wasn't intentional.
I am still not holding up my end of the deal.
I spend a lot of time with them, just petting Sunshine and admiring how pretty she is... "Sunshine is the perfect name for her, Grandma. Look at the way the light her coat and just shows off that dirty blonde fur!". When you look at Grandma from the back, she's got the most beautiful gray curls.
I can't keep my eyes off of Sunshine or stop talking to Grandma. I loved to see my girls happy. And I was happy! I didn't have to worry about my mental illness causing me to do something irresponsible like forget to feed Sunshine and not fix a proper meal for Grandma. Or what if Grandma wandered outside or Sunshine ran away. I didn't have to worry about making sure they were entertained or whether or not I was adequate. I knew I was now! They're so happy.
I think Gary will come back soon. He stopped by the other day in passing and just said, "Hello Mike. I think you should take a shower, maybe spend some time to yourself". I just laughed because he used to joke that I was disgusting and stunk all the time.
Even though I can't play fetch with Sunshine anymore, I still give her big hugs and lots of pats. Grandma doesn't suffer from Alzheimer's anymore. She sits very still by the window in the morning and watches the birds with Sunshine.
They're both so happy.
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Colloquially, Shitcoin C-SPAN - YouTube BREAKING: MAINSTREAM MEDIA PUMPING BITCOIN [Stephen Colbert, CNBC, C-SPAN] Bitcoin featured on CSpan! C-SPAN SEC and CFTC virtual currencies crypto hearing LIVE

Warning over Bitcoin spam texts that could steal your personal details. The text messages claim you have some of the cryptocurrency waiting in your account which you can access by following a link. Bitcoin Core is a community-driven free software project, released under the MIT license. Verify release signatures Download torrent Source code Show version history. Bitcoin Core Release Signing Keys v0.8.6 - v0.9.3 - 0.10.2 v0.11.0+ Or choose your operating system. Windows exe - zip. Brian Knight discussed the value of Bitcoin and why the value of Bitcoin has risen recently. He also talked about the argument that the Bitcoin market is a bubble. July 12, 2017 | Clip Of Monetary Policy Report This clip, title, and description were not created by C-SPAN. Buy Bitcoin. User-Created Clip July 12, 2017 2017-07-12T11:43:44-04:00 https: gives you access to C-SPAN's daily coverage of Washington and more than 200,000 hours of extensively indexed and archived C-SPAN video.

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Colloquially, Shitcoin

C-SPAN 995,922 views. 9:59. Power by Proxy: The Case for Crypto Cartels by Meltem Demirors ... And How Bitcoin Will Rise Again I Fortune - Duration: 10:20. Fortune Magazine 1,587 views. Watch Bitcoin Mentioned on Stephen Colbert's LATE NIGHT, CNBC, and C-SPAN. Like. Comment. Subscribe. Follow us on Twitter (WATCH FULL STEPHEN CLIP): At Freedom Fest this year I was interviewed by Cspan for the book I co-authored with the amazing Jason Chatfield, "Billy's Bitcoin". We discussed what blockchain tech is, why bitcoin is important ... Stephen Colbert [The Late Show] with the usual Donald Trump bashing, but in this clip, Stephen includes a fun remark about “people who knows a lot about Bitcoin”. #bitcoin #thelateshow # ... C-SPAN programs three public affairs television networks covering Capitol Hill, the White House and national politics. C-SPAN is a private, non-profit public...

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