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0 and 1 are neither prime nor composite numbers but some third option. Yet they are the numbers that represent binary systems.

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In the wake of the ban wave, we are about to hit 40k members

And may I say, I am proud of you all. Posts are still entertaining and on-topic (thank you mods). Bad takes still get downvoted to the bottom of the thread, wokies and rightoids alike still get mocked and flaired.
Now if we can just take off the “non-binary” options from the next survey, that’d be great.
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Largest gain from start to close

Definitely at least one or both of these, DegenerateChild0 takes number one with DXN having an overall gain of 52.94%.

Largest loss from start to close

SPC_55 baked beans and spaghetti all over his sweater already as microcrap stock RFN loses 50% from $0.002 to $0.001.
Will he be delisted in territory untested during THE PURGE? Or will another company lose more of its shit later in the week?

Largest gain from start to any point

mcfucking still out ahead with ANL maintaining the highest any point lead at 100%, proving between this and the last line that a penny stock is closer to a binary option than a serious investment


Rank Movement Code User Friday Close Tuesday Close Gain $ Gain % ATH $ ATH % Comment
1 +4 DXN DegenerateChild0 0.017 0.026 0.009 52.94% 0.028 64.71%
2 +15 FBR nonamesleft0393 0.042 0.055 0.013 30.95% 0.056 33.33%
3 +0 CG1 GinToKiiz 0.185 0.24 0.055 29.73% 0.280 51.35%
4 -3 IBX brucehore 0.033 0.042 0.009 27.27% 0.048 45.45%
5 -3 QFE thng1501 0.645 0.82 0.175 27.13% 0.975 51.16%
6 +3 SWF Alpgh367 0.52 0.66 0.14 26.92% 0.665 27.88%
7 +11 VMT notasabretooth 0.355 0.425 0.07 19.72% 0.430 21.13%
8 +4 BNL bignikaus 0.017 0.02 0.003 17.65% 0.021 23.53%
9 -2 EOS 333Tips * 5.32 5.97 0.65 12.22% 7.300 37.22%
9 -2 EOS mechengguy93 5.32 5.97 0.65 12.22% 7.300 37.22%
10 +0 MAN banniboi 0.025 0.028 0.003 12.00% 0.031 24.00%
11 +4 HCT Grand_Steak 0.13 0.145 0.015 11.54% 0.155 19.23%
12 +2 MRQ mndeira 0.01 0.011 0.001 10.00% 0.012 20.00%
13 -9 BIT AubreyFluffington 0.1 0.11 0.01 10.00% 0.132 32.00%
13 -9 BIT Munichuck * 0.1 0.11 0.01 10.00% 0.132 32.00%
14 +31 BRN Nig_Pig * 0.105 0.115 0.01 9.52% 0.120 14.29%
14 +31 BRN dudarude 0.105 0.115 0.01 9.52% 0.120 14.29%
15 +10 RFX Otis88 0.023 0.025 0.002 8.70% 0.026 13.04%
16 +56 UCM niloony 0.24 0.26 0.02 8.33% 0.260 8.33%
17 -9 SEN Fernal2020 0.048 0.052 0.004 8.33% 0.057 18.75%
18 +6 WTC lostdory 20.54 22.15 1.61 7.84% 22.500 9.54%
19 -6 QHL Fayngilo 0.09 0.097 0.007 7.78% 0.105 16.67%
20 +37 IP1 xineirea 0.016 0.017 0.001 6.25% 0.018 12.50%
21 +19 AMZN:US LongJNUG 2,878.70 3,057.04 178.34 6.20% 3059.880 6.29%
22 +5 RXL T_Steeley 0.082 0.087 0.005 6.10% 0.090 9.76%
23 +21 DCC GenuineAndUnprepared 0.02 0.021 0.001 5.00% 0.022 10.00%
24 +53 AEF Ccalmerpoleece 6.6 6.87 0.27 4.09% 7.040 6.67%
25 +1 OSL Tullystan 0.125 0.13 0.005 4.00% 0.140 12.00%
26 +13 WAF FurcationInvolvement 0.875 0.905 0.03 3.43% 0.920 5.14%
27 -16 NVX factorblue 0.92 0.95 0.03 3.26% 1.115 21.20%
28 -8 AT1 SavEx_ 0.335 0.345 0.01 2.99% 0.380 13.43%
29 +2 SXL DeadGoddo 0.175 0.18 0.005 2.86% 0.190 8.57%
30 +19 OLL cheebaihai 0.18 0.185 0.005 2.78% 0.195 8.33%
31 -15 FXL marmikp 1.18 1.21 0.03 2.54% 1.315 11.44%
32 +23 GNX letsburn00 0.215 0.22 0.005 2.33% 0.220 2.33%
33 +0 AD8 MrMadamHoussain 5.18 5.29 0.11 2.12% 5.590 7.92%
34 -15 FYI w-j1m 0.05 0.051 0.001 2.00% 0.053 6.00%
35 +1 BBOZ archbishopofoz 8.26 8.4 0.14 1.69% 8.430 2.06%
36 +31 AEI oDesired 0.605 0.61 0.005 0.83% 0.620 2.48%
37 +1 APT miamivice85 67.5 68 0.5 0.74% 68.800 1.93% Trading halt
38 -6 Z1P MattL600 5.74 5.77 0.03 0.52% 6.170 7.49%
39 -9 OPY sticky7891 2.26 2.27 0.01 0.44% 2.440 7.96%
40 +13 AAA maximiseYourChill 50.07 50.08 0.01 0.02% 50.080 0.02%
41 +1 ANL mcfucking 0.001 0.001 0 0.00% 0.002 100.00% Intraday leader
42 -36 FTT Simping_Aint_Easy 0.004 0.004 0 0.00% 0.006 50.00%
43 +0 EN1 Sagittar0n 0.006 0.006 0 0.00% 0.008 33.33%
44 +3 MNW kendama 0.017 0.017 0 0.00% 0.018 5.88%
45 +3 DW8 RepubIique 0.018 0.018 0 0.00% 0.019 5.56%
46 +30 PDI earlyriser83 0.08 0.08 0 0.00% 0.083 3.75%
47 +13 HTG unclequavo 0.25 0.25 0 0.00% 0.255 2.00%
48 +8 GTG doctorcunts 0.006 0.006 0 0.00% 0.006 0.00%
49 +9 LPD ConstantReach 0.007 0.007 0 0.00% 0.007 0.00%
50 +11 9SP bayosTODAY 0.029 0.029 0 0.00% 0.000 -100.00% Trading halt
51 +11 FNP ChubbyVeganTravels 3.01 3.01 0 0.00% 0.000 -100.00% Trading halt
52 +11 KSS _PixelRage 0.36 0.36 0 0.00% 0.000 -100.00% Trading halt
53 +11 MTH j03l5k1 0.026 0.026 0 0.00% 0.000 -100.00% Trading halt
54 -32 WHC happiest_turtle 1.51 1.505 -0.005 -0.33% 1.580 4.64%
55 +10 XAO yesdevnull 6163.7000 6126.7000 -37 -0.60% 6192.900 0.47%
56 -28 ZNO TheWorthyAussie 3.04 3.02 -0.02 -0.66% 3.250 6.91%
57 -22 SPT nikolajxo 1.385 1.365 -0.02 -1.44% 1.475 6.50%
58 -21 BTH D0nald_Kaufman 0.84 0.825 -0.015 -1.79% 0.860 2.38%
59 +14 BBUS BantaGoat * 2.57 2.52 -0.05 -1.95% 2.560 -0.39%
59 +14 BBUS Jody8 2.57 2.52 -0.05 -1.95% 2.560 -0.39%
60 +22 GMV downfiltermaybe 0.051 0.05 -0.001 -1.96% 0.051 0.00%
61 -27 WZR Tacomaster33 0.225 0.22 -0.005 -2.22% 0.230 2.22%
62 +7 DSE KoalaOfWallStreet 0.074 0.072 -0.002 -2.70% 0.075 1.35%
63 +11 RCE 3reefs_should_do 0.7 0.68 -0.02 -2.86% 0.700 0.00% Trading halt
64 -41 IGL adembear 0.875 0.85 -0.025 -2.86% 0.925 5.71%
65 -36 PBH bletines 5.82 5.65 -0.17 -2.92% 6.230 7.04%
66 -14 KLL ricklepicklemydickle 0.165 0.16 -0.005 -3.03% 0.170 3.03%
67 +3 MAG Sloppycism 0.295 0.285 -0.01 -3.39% 0.295 0.00%
68 +3 FZO BantaGoat 0.285 0.275 -0.01 -3.51% 0.305 7.02%
69 -28 FLT oplusi 11.4 10.98 -0.42 -3.68% 11.770 3.25%
70 -2 TMR Pleasant_Dig 0.375 0.36 -0.015 -4.00% 0.380 1.33%
71 -5 QAN Dromologos 3.82 3.66 -0.16 -4.19% 3.880 1.57%
72 +7 2IN Covid19tendies * 2 1.916 -0.084 -4.20% 2.138 6.90% His penis
73 -23 VOR TheHolyDogeGod6 0.215 0.205 -0.01 -4.65% 0.225 4.65%
74 +1 RAC pominator 0.83 0.79 -0.04 -4.82% 0.845 1.81%
75 -21 AKG az-pill-equator 0.25 0.235 -0.015 -6.00% 0.250 0.00%
76 -55 TUA PM_me_ur_bingo_nos 0.95 0.885 -0.065 -6.84% 1.055 11.05%
77 -31 DRO faddishw0rm 0.13 0.12 -0.01 -7.69% 0.140 7.69%
78 +3 YOJ umop3pisdn 0.089 0.082 -0.007 -7.87% 0.090 1.12%
79 -28 PDN Chanticleer85 0.12 0.11 -0.01 -8.33% 0.125 4.17%
80 -2 PAA The_polite_debater 0.24 0.22 -0.02 -8.33% 0.245 2.08%
81 +2 AR9 Guard1anMeme 0.195 0.175 -0.02 -10.26% 0.195 0.00%
82 -2 HWK dskoh1 0.018 0.015 -0.003 -16.67% 0.020 11.11%
83 +1 OSP SlaughterRain * 0.05 0.041 -0.009 -18.00% 0.063 26.00%
83 +1 OSP superhappykid 0.05 0.041 -0.009 -18.00% 0.063 26.00%
84 +1 ATH cashew7272 0.049 0.04 -0.009 -18.37% 0.051 4.08%
85 +1 DVL whale465 0.037 0.029 -0.008 -21.62% 0.037 0.00%
86 -27 RFN SPC_55 0.002 0.001 -0.001 -50.00% 0.002 0.00%
* Asterisk denotes invalid submissions, shown here anyway for glory
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Where do Naughty Dog go from here?

I have to admit, I am a lot of a Naughty Dog fanboy. In terms of hours played, Uncharted is almost certainly my favorite franchise (although none of those games are my absolute favorite of all time).
I also love PlayStation. I work all day in front of a computer, so the very last thing I want is to play PC games. Flopping onto my sofa and firing up the PS3/PS4 is just bliss after a hard day's work. I don't necessarily hate XBox, but I was staying at my brother's house a few years ago, and the Internet went down. I thought I would play some XBox while I waited for the Internet to come back online and it literally wouldn't let me play any games without an Internet connection. I know Xbox doesn't do that these days but since I generally despise Microsoft anyway, it was enough for me to abandon their console forever.
I'm afraid this whole episode concerning TLOUII has left a very bad taste in my mouth. This includes Sony and Naughty Dog. I'm seriously considering not buying a PS5 and giving up gaming, if this is how they are going to carry on.
The false advertising, the DMCA takedowns, the obvious shilling by the legacy gaming press. It all adds up to a very bad picture.
Not to mention virtue signalling "#BlackLivesMatter" whilst buying cobalt from mines which literally use black children in near-slavery conditions in the "Democratic Republic" of the Congo . It's disgusting.
I despise the "culture war" and so much of what Sony is doing these days is just a disaster. I don't want this shit in my games. I'm not homophobic - I enjoyed TLOU DLC and I play Bioware games and like them too, to give two examples. I just don't want current-year politics in my video games.
I also want the worlds my games are set in to be logically consistent.
For example, Abby makes no sense. I work out. To get to the size I want to be, I have to spend two-three hours a day working out, eat 6,000+ calories a day, take a load of natural supplements (I don't use steroids or anything like that) and sleep for nine hours when I go to bed.
Even given the abundance of resources we enjoy in our society, doing this is extremely difficult. I can only do this for a few weeks at a time because life gets in the way and I am not a professional athlete. The idea that Abby can do this in an environment where there are no resources and every minute has to be spent foraging to survive is absolutely ridiculous.
Additionally, Sony censoring third-party games ("sexuality", but non-nudity in Anime games (cartoons, FFS) - I don't play these games and have no interest in them, but I 100% defend the right of gamers who do like these titles to experience them as the developers created them), yet allowing the extremely violent TLOUII, replete with an anal sex scene, is just ridiculous.
Many of us knew that Sony moving its HQ to California was going to end up a disaster and here we are.
I know that some people felt that Uncharted: The Last Legacy was a "woke" mess, but I don't feel that way, I genuinely thought that game was amazing. In fact, I think it's my second favorite Uncharted game, after Uncharted 2.
I really want ND to succeed and continue to bring us amazing games. However, I don't believe this is a possibility anymore. Between Druckmann and Sony, I think we are going to be saddled with woke BS going forward.
Let me be clear, I only played TLOUI because my brother wanted to play it as our shared "Christmas Game". This is where (before he got married) we would choose a game to play for the Christmas Holiday and take turns to play.
I hate zombie games, and with the exception of Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding, I'm not a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre either, unless it can offer something genuinely new, which I think those two titles did.
I did appreciate the game for the cordyceps infection - it was something in nature I knew about before and I thought it was genius to incorporate it. I also found the story to be excellent, however, TLOU is a game that I have never replayed, unlike all the Uncharted games that I have completed and Platinumed at least twice (except Last legacy).
I am not really bothered about TLOU that much. I liked it as a one-off experience, but I thought the actual gameplay was boring. I know the story, so I don't really care to play the game ever again, as I know what happens.
To be honest, PS4 has been quite a disappointment - I have spent the lockdown playing mostly PS3 games that I never played before, and have played some absolute classics - Binary Domain, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Spec Ops: The Line, Lord of the Rings: War in the North (this game is AMAZING - if you have a PS3 please look at it) and on PS4, the LA Noire remastered game, to name but a few.
What characterizes these games is that they are FUN to play. Druckmann says "we don't talk about fun". I'm sorry, then what the F- is the point? While everyone was saying how un-fun TLOUII was, I was literally laughing every five seconds playing LA Noire, which is a dark game, but is also hilarious and a heap of fun at the same time.
LA Noire PS4 has a 76 score on Metacritic. Is it truly reasonable to say that game is worse than TLOUII?
I don't think so.
Anyway, I hope you get an idea of where I am coming from in this very long preamble.
My questions for you are:
- Uncharted is likely dead - can it be revived? I would like to see a dedicated PS4 (and therefore PS5) remake of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which would remove all the Vita -specific controls and bring back dedicated treasures. Get Bluepoint to do this. Obviously, this doesn't inject any new Nathan Drake, it's canon. This would at least win back some trust among fans. Do you agree?
- Beyond that, can anything be done with Uncharted? Is it, after that, dead? Would a game with Cutter appease fans?
- TLOU - In my opinion, this franchise didn't need to be a franchise. I don't think this game needed a sequel. Joel and Ellie's tale was told, and when I first heard that TLOUII was a thing, I genuinely thought it was a terrible idea. Unless you were going to tell a different story in the world they created, it just felt like a bad idea to me. I have the same concerns regarding the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel - I just don't know if you can write a sequel as good as the first one, and maybe it should be another story from a different perspective, e.g. set in another continent.
- Are 100% linear games now dead? It seems to me that TLOUII - despite the abysmal plot and writing, could probably have redeemed itself somewhat if the player at least had agency: punishing players for "choices" they were forced into is bollocks. At least Spec Ops: The Line gave you a binary option, and even if both options were horrible, at least the game had a reason to make you live with the consequences of what you chose. Telling the player they are bad people for doing things the game MADE them do is just bad writing.
- What does ND do next? - As above, the low hanging fruit would be a remaster of Golden Abyss, which they don't even need to do themselves. But without Uncharted, and presumably with TLOU also being a dead IP, can they survive?
Do they move away from linear games into a more open world RPG-type genre (BTW, I absolutely HATE the "open world" sections in Uncharted 4 and Last Legacy - I assume TLOUII is the same - either make your games open sandbox/open world with fast travel and all the normal open world stuff, or just don't bother. The ND versions I have played are tedious and painful.
I would be very interested to hear what you have to say. This sub seems to be quite open minded and I didn't know where else to put this.
Tldr; I am a massive ND and Sony fan, but their recent behaviour has me questioning my loyalty going forward. What on Earth do Naughty Dog do going forward, given that their two major IPs from the last decade or so are now effectively dead?
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Going to a far-left/liberal arts school. How do I survive?

Got accepted into The best art school in my state, but it’s super liberal. And it’s bad. The housing forms have a “non-binary” option when choosing your sex.
How do I not get metoo’d, make sure I play my cards right and not get labeled as racist, misogynistic, or a rapist?
I don’t usually care about people’s opinions like that, but in this case, reputation spreads fast, and in my major (Film Production), it’s hard to network with a bad reputation.
I know about ”Never talk about RAPE” (Religion, Abortion, Politics, Ethnicity) but is there anymore advice you guys would recommend?
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DISCUSSION: What do you think is the right move when it comes to opening up schools across America?

Obviously, this issue has turned into a massive political issue. Trump has done that. But I am curious what people's thoughts are on opening schools. Here a few of my thoughts below:

Argument for opening up:
Argument for closing:
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[NO SPOILERS] Is Life Is Strange 2 good? Should I play it if I liked the first one? Direct your questions here!

In an effort to curb the same topic showing up over and over, please localize all similar questions/queries/etc to here.
Full disclosure: I enjoyed LIS 2 and I would definitely consider myself a fan of it. I also much enjoyed LIS 1 and Before The Storm. In writing this I tried to keep it as unbiased as possible, but I also wanted to start potential players off on a neutral-to-positive note for LIS 2, so I trended towards the positive when I could.
The answer to all of these questions is "well, maybe."


Critically, Life Is Strange 2 is sitting at a little bit under the first game (85 for LIS 1 vs ~80 for LIS 2 on Metacritic). The game has been nominated for many and won a few awards, and it's rated Very Positive on Steam. Going by a critical perspective, the answer is a very clear "yes".
From a fan perspective, however, the game is significantly more divisive. "Good" is subjective.
Technically, the game performs fine, with graphical and interface improvements over the first game. The choice system is also more nuanced and complex, especially with regard to Daniel, and there's a greater diversity of endings (4, with additional minor variations, vs the original's static 2). The choices you make through the game have a greater effect on the ending vs a simple binary option.
Subjectively, it depends. Life Is Strange 2 deals heavily with themes of racism in America, the morality of one's actions, a loss of control over one's life and livelihood, loss of family, what one will do to survive in a dire situation, and what one does with power. Some of these themes weren't present at all in LIS 1, or weren't present in the same way. How you feel about LIS 2 boils down to how you feel about these themes and how they're presented.
The writing is a different style from LIS 1, with the focus being on the relationship that Sean and Daniel have throughout the game. Their brotherhood is key to the story and development of both characters, versus the friendship-slash-romance of Max and Chloe
Proponents of the game call it matured, realistic, and sincere, with a lack of the cringey lingo that so defined LIS 1 in many people's eyes. The endings are better, the characters are realistic and deep, and the central aspect of the family element is an active contributor to the story. It presents hard topics with no shying away from them, showing the kind of trials Mexican Americans face in the US, even in the more liberal-leaning parts of the country. Daniel is a realistically-portrayed child who hammers in the loss of control theme of the game, and if guided well, he develops into a good kid who learns to trust his brother. It is a worthy sophomore effort by DONTNOD's LIS team, portraying a very different but equally compelling tale.
Detractors of the game call it corny, over the top, and boring. The characters are static and don't have enough time to develop, the lack of two girl protagonists means that the central dynamic isn't as interesting, and Sean and Daniel are at best boring and at worse actively annoying to watch. Daniel especially is a brat who doesn't ever listen or really change throughout the game, and is mostly there to drive the plot in needed directions while merely giving the player the illusion of choice and the inability to salvage certain situations. The road trip element makes it impossible to get attached to other characters or places, and Sean and Daniel just aren't appealing or relatable enough, missing the interesting relationship that made the first game so great.


That depends on what you liked about LIS 1.
LIS 2 is a road trip story. Characters pop into and out of Sean and Daniel's lives at the whims of the story, sometimes showing up for multiple episodes and sometimes showing up for less than half of one. The scenery changes multiple times per episode, and locations are never revisited at any point from episode to episode. There is no central mystery to solve, and the driving force of the plot is not trying to find someone, but trying to get somewhere and dealing with the trials that brings.
The central relationship has changed from friends-to-maybe-lovers to two brothers and the bond of family they share. It's a dynamic filled with love, as the first game, but a different kind of love, and it revolves around the troubles that such a bond must weather. Sean is a teenager himself and Daniel is 10 years old, and Sean is now responsible for the health and life of his younger brother. It's not fully a game about baby-sitting, as Daniel often proactively makes his own decisions (and there are segments and nearly a full episode where Sean and Daniel are separated for reasons), but the interactions between them focus on this kind of core identity of one brother who now has to also be a father.
If what you liked about the first game was the setting, the recurring cast of characters, the central mystery, the gameplay twists due to the time traveling aspect, or the feminist themes, LIS 2 has none of those (though I will point out that LIS 2 is certainly not anti-feminist - it's just not a focus). It has its identity and its own unique feel, and it is a different kind of game compared to LIS 1.
If what you liked about the first game was the integration of power and narrative, the tackling of serious topics, the nontraditional setting and style for an adventure game, and the strong characterization and story, then LIS 2 might be the game for you.


Well, there's a demo now, so it doesn't cost you anything to try on PC. For other consoles, you may want to watch a Let's Play or borrow it from somebody who has it.
It's not like LIS 1 in a lot of ways, and if you go into it expecting it to be, you're gonna have a bad time. LIS 2 must be approached on its own terms, with its own ideas. The player does not control the power, as it is in the hands of a traumatized 10 year old child. Control, and the loss of it, is a major theme of the game. If you can take the game for its own merits, and the themes appeal to you, you'll probably like it.
Ultimately, nobody can tell you whether or not you'll like it. You have to approach the game on your own, with as few preconceptions as possible.
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How do AVA validators sync blocks as they build blockchain?

Say AVA has 1,000 validators. And they are validating 1000 TPS. How are validators syncing and agreeing on the blocks to include to the blockchain?
The Avalanche consensus, the way I understand, is great for choosing binary options - not for multiple choices.
What are validators communicating with each other to sync on the blocks?
[edit] If you downvote, please let me know why this is not a valid question.
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Making a living on binary options on IQoption

Hi guys and gals. I've been trading forex and binary options since 2017. But since last year palang ako kumita talaga consistently after figuring out my current strategy. I'm making this post right now to share my youtube channel na where I'm gonna document my binary options progress and prove na yes you can really make money off binary and digital options. here's the link to my channel.

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Thank you and please let me know if you have questions. x
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Those who speak languages which gender differently than English, how does this factor into your trans experience?

I speak English and German. English is my native language. English already feels too gendered, though there are some workarounds, while German feels like an absolute nightmare. With German, one is often forced to pick a binary option. There is no singular ‘they’. With occupations and some other personal traits (e.g. being someone’s neighbor), you have to choose. Nouns get one of three genders, which seem quite arbitrary. It will be interesting to see how the situation evolves given that Germany now allows X marked documents, at least for intersex people, but also still has some ridiculous guidelines for picking a clearly gendered name for babies.
I get kind of jealous of languages like Finnish where there is really no such thing as a gendered pronoun. I wonder if they at all have the same kinds of discourse over there where some people wish they could be gendered more. Same goes for Mandarin, though I heard that gendering appears more in writing.
I’m not arguing that speaking any particular language changes one’s inherent predisposition to a particular viewpoint or way of thinking, as that would be getting into sketchy Sapir-Whorf territory.
It’s also so hard to really come up with any sort of mainstream alternative options, since things like pronouns are some of the slowest parts of languages to evolve on a mass scale.
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A close examination of the story. Part 8: "Katarina Rostova." The personal angle: wife, daughter, lover, friend.

Tell the story as the narrative would have it, and what we are left with is a mass of contradictions and nonsense, the best indication of a charade. Most of those come from identity. "Katarina Rostova" is one of the sources of the confusion. In part 3 I examined the mythic spy, in part 2, her curious contradiction in Rassvet, about her treasonous status, in part 1 the bizarre abduction of "Masha Rostova" from her Canadian home, in part 4, the likelihood that there was no person born as "Raymond Reddington". Part 5 examines the curious Alan Fitch, and his relationship to Red. Part 6 looks at the real question Jennifer posed of Red, and why was she satisfied with the answer about the individual chased by both the CIA and the KGB, while part 7 deals with her bizarre way of showing Liz the bones, considering she knew well where Liz lived.
In many ways, Red is like a magician, as Aram said. Going by the charade Dom accuses him of creating, "Katarina Rostova" was one of his magic tricks.
"You were the architect of this charade". "she's a figment"
But this myth had a family, friends, colleagues. And Red.
but with young Katarina, and Fakerina, who is who. Was Fakerina one the other women inhabiting the myth? How do we distinguish?
It is clear that all the others are referring to Dom's daughter, the character played by Lotte Verbeek as a young woman. BUT when it comes to Red, things are far more complicated, especially for the space where Liz, and her mother intersect.

For Constantin Rostov, Katarina was the wife who loved him:

I don't really know how we got here, Raymond. I remember being an honest businessman in a happy marriage until you came along.... Seduced my wife. To her credit, Katarina broke it off, but you couldn't let go.... I came home one night and they were gone my wife, my child.
All that matters is that we had a family, and you destroyed it. We had a daughter, and you took her from us.
He describes the time when she and him met and how she seduced him, much like thrill seeker Elodie seduced Aram into a relationship with him:
When when we when we first met, there was this house near where she lived, a case study house built by this famous mid-century architect. Over dinner one night, she said she wanted to look at it. I thought she meant look from the street. But when we got there, she jumped the fence. The lights were on. People lived there. She didn't care. I stood there frozen, angry, nervous. Then I felt this rush of exhilaration. I climbed up, looked into the yard and she was just Dancing. Unafraid. Daring. Being. I'd never seen anything like it.
A woman with a joie-de-vivre
She was more alive than anyone I knew.
He never believed she killed herself, so Constantin believes she is either alive or she was murdered, and she is still convinced that she loved him.
When I heard she killed herself I didn't believe it. I still don't. You're wrong. I didn't see what she wanted me to see of her, I saw her. And despite what happened, I know she loved me.
What happened to Constantin after Katarina left? Was he on the run too? We know he changed his name to Alexander Kirk, we know he started buying energy outfits cheap in the former USSR, but he was a billionaire before:
Did he loose it all when Katarina left and he was forced to become someone else? Because he continued to operate in Russia, but under a different name. Did he have surgery? Or was the man known to the Russians as Constantin Rostov NOT him? Nobody tells him that they knew him as Constantin Rostov, when he takes the name Alexander Kirk, so that is a possibility.
Red tells her that the KGB had trained Katarina in making people believe what she wanted them to. She had wanted Constantin to believe she was a wife in a happy marriage, that they had a child, and that she loved him. The truth is that she never even let him know she was OK, that she had not committed suicide. She had not let him know that "Masha" was not his daughter. Constantin is not even mentioned by her again, or by Kate, or by Dom. He was a useful idiot in a charade.
I think Red is who gets to understand the depth of the turmoil that Katarina created in his life, when Rostov is on the roof about to jump, a turmoil that years later, he is still defined by a love of Katarina, who left him behind like yesterday's news, and the hatred of Red, who he blames for it all.
This is madness, Constantin. Because you cannot have that child, you're gonna take her forever from her mother? It's madness. Constantin, this needs to end now.
It is clear that the wife Constantin refers to is Katarina, Dom's daughter.

For Kate, Katarina was her best friend, her employer. A tragic figure who was a spy, and a loving mother.

My friend just died.... I think she was my best friend.
she made an uncalled for promise to protect Masha:
I made a promise to Elizabeth's mother to protect her girl at all costs.
she was a bit strange, advising her employer to terminate a relationship with an American, being aware that Katarina was a KGB agent:
KATE: Soviet Intelligence?
This means Kate, an American, was fine with aiding an abetting a soviet spy by caring for her daughter while she went and worked against America. And then she calls Red a traitor? Kate has to have been a Soviet sympathizer, or a sleeper spy. And since people tend to kill agents of the opposite side, it is likely Kate already knew that "Katarina Rostova" was a KGB agent. It may be that Kate used that killing to let Katarina know she knew.
There is that strange comment that Annie makes after hearing the story:
ANNIE: So what's next for you? You gonna find some more Russians to live with?
KATE: I don't know. - I can't think about it right now. Masha and her family were my whole world for so long.
as if Kate's life had been going from one Russian family to another.
Kate's life was back on track and then Annie is killed. Then she is sucked back for reasons unknown by Red, who in 1997 decides to hire her. Why? Was she starting to investigate Katarina, using the resources of Little Nikos, who could track people?
She seemed not to even give Constantin Rostov a thought. It never occurred to her to bring Liz to him. Red says Kate did not know about Dom (but she may have known about Oleander). Katarina kept many secrets from her.

For Sam, she was "Kat", obviously someone who trusted him

SAM TO KATE: I'm sorry you had to drive all this way. But I'm in no position to help here. - I told Kat -
SAM TO KATE: Did Kat happen to mention that I'm a grifter?
SAM TO KATE: I know Katarina is not coming back. She called me.
For Sam, Katarina was "Kat" or "Katarina" and she reached out to him to care for Liz, but I doubt he figured it was a permanent thing. In Rassvet he seems anxious Katarina comes back to take her kid:
SAM: Where are you? What's going on? Do you know what they're saying about Reddington?
KATARINA: Sam, I need to talk to her.
SAM: Talk to her! You can come and get her.
Sam is the second person where Red and Katarina intersect. For those who do not believe Red is RR, Sam seemed to have been trusted by all three then. What is intriguing to me is this conversation Red and Sam have in his deathbed:
Oh, my God. I've never been more scared of a woman in my life. She was thrilling in bed. What a pair of legs. I think she played field hockey in college.
Could that woman be Katarina?
It would be difficult to ascertain if both Red and Katarina knew Sam at about the same time, because we do not have a sense when Katarina met him. But we know Red told Liz
I've been friends with Sam for all of yours and most of my life.
I loved Sam, Lizzy. Taking his life was of all the difficult things that I've done that may may be the most.
I have a feeling that Sam is a longtime friend of Red, and met Katarina later, but I have nothing to back it other than the ease at which they are laughing about things, when Sam is dying, contrasting with Sam's way of talking to Katarina, seemingly indignant about what is being said about Reddington, telling her to come back for Liz.

For Dembe

It is clear Dembe has met Liz's mother, he tells Liz so:
He's right. You remind me of her, too.
This is when Liz betrays Red, and tries to hide it. Dembe calls Katarina simply "Katarina":
Raymond I'm not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina.
It is Dembe who comes back in Season 6 telling Red that the Townsend Directive has been reactivated:
The Townsend Directive. Our friend in Miami says it's in play.... He says it's very important.

For Dom, Katarina was his daughter.

Dom always refers to her as "Katarina" or "my daughter".
TO LIZ: Yes, I knew Katarina quite well
TO LIZ: Last time I saw my daughter was in this rearview mirror nearly 30 years ago. If my Katarina was still here, she would have let me know
TO FRANKIE: I never betrayed Katarina . She betrayed me.
EXCEPT when he is talking about the charade of blowing up Fakerina in Belgrade:
And there are witnesses. It's a mess! The world was supposed to see Katarina Rostova die, and instead all we've done is confirm that she's very much alive.
It is the only concession to a charade he makes. He also seems to completely ignore Constantin Rostov, and blames Red for the charade that resulted in his losing his daughter. Yet he says that Katarina betrayed him by fanning the flames of an insurrection, the cabal's plan.
Dom uses the simple Katarina when talking to Liz:
Ah, Katarina and I, we worked in the same building for a time.
I never heard from Katarina after she left for America.
For Katarina, it wasn't so easy.
A few months after I made it to America, Katarina met me here on that sidewalk.... If my Katarina was still here, she would have let me know.
as he does to Frankie:
My daughter's. Katarina....
I never betrayed Katarina. She betrayed me.
Dom however, has a relationship with both Katarina and Fakerina. She says he asked her to help in keeping his daughter safe:
Dom promised me no one would get hurt. Said he loved his child and just wanted her to be safe.
and he betrayed her. But I find curious that he sends Ilya to ask Fakerina to deliver documents to Dom, when they set her up in Belgrade.

For Ilya, Katarina was a friend.

When we get to Ilya, we have a complex situation. Ilya is who Katarina reach out to in her hour of need, but he also has a relationship to Fakerina. He does not seem to have any real loyalty to Fakerina.
Katarina is "Katarina". He certainly knows Dom, but does not seem to like him too much, but when asked, he betrayed Fakerina. Ilya is a childhood friend of Red, and if that part of Rassvet is true, he is also a childhood friend of Katarina (which does not mean Red and Katarina knew one another as children, but does not preclude it either.)
Katarina. I thought you were dead.
It was myself, Katarina, Dr. Koehler.
Katarina calls him, not her mother, or father, according to Rassvet. But when we met him, he does not seem to be that affected by believing Katarina and someone else (Raymond? Masha?) were dead:
YOUG ILYA TO KATARINA: The world thinks you're dead.
ILYA TO SKOVIC: I thought they were dead.
A contrast to Red's suicide speech in Cape May. Red was despondent, Ilya was just working.
It is interesting to note that not once has Ilya referred to Fakerina by name, to her, or to Red:
ILYA ABOUT FAKERINA: Our friend in Paris made a series of payments to him under the alias of Constance Drucker.
ILYA ABOUT FAKERINA: I underestimated her
But unlike Dom, he cries as he remembers the Belgrade incident. His distress seems sincere. Yet he sacrificed Fakerina to comply with Dom's plan to save "his own". What is the relationship to Dom and to Katarina, that Ilya is compelled to do so, even as it causes him pain.
And like Dom, there is one time he uses the full name, and it has a strong whiff of charade:
He leaked that his daughter, that you, were staying at the inn and that you carried sensitive intel. This might be the last chance to catch the infamous Russian traitor Katarina Rostova.

For Red

When it comes to Red, that's when things get much iffier, a step up from even the CIA talking about her.
When Red talks to strangers about "Katarina Rostova" he has no issues. She was a myth, a figment, an illusion.
I may not have told you what you want, but I told you all you need. You'll never find Rostova... She's a figment of the collective imagination... Some people in this world are soul mates. Katarina Rostova and I shared one. Betraying her would be like betraying myself.
He almost always uses always the entire name, as he did during most of the trial:
You know what else is possible? That I was framed by Katarina Rostova
Have you ever heard of Katarina Rostova? ... She was a KGB officer. Would it surprise you to learn that she and I had quite a complicated history? Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll. Did I say "sex"? Sex.
But not always:
How about that Katarina hid the fact that she was a KGB agent, stole the coordinates for the submarine U.S.S. Gideon, and passed them on to her superiors?
To the people in his inner circle, Dom, Dembe and Ilya, he talks about her as "Katarina" which is normal:
RED TO DEMBE: Not when she mentioned Katarina. Now Elizabeth will stop at nothing.
RED TO DOM: You forgave Katarina..... The last time you saw Katarina was in the rearview mirror.
RED TO DOM: I was just imagining young Katarina covered in glitter.
RED TO ILYA: They're actively looking for Katarina.
As with Kate:
We shared the affection of Katarina.... Katarina was a traitor to two countries, both global superpowers. God willing, Katarina's daughter will live a private life of quiet courage.
But when it comes to Liz, he uses two ways to refer to her, one normal ("your mother")
Your mother was a Russian spy, and now they've made it look like you are, too.
When your mother was pregnant with you, it was terribly inconvenient. The Cold War was ending. Her country was falling apart.
Your mother, despite what he'd done, she wanted him back.
Lizzy, your mother is dead.
Just because he was your mother's husband doesn't make him your father.
Your mother loved that photograph. Represented everything she wanted but couldn't have. Not after she betrayed the KGB.
Your mother can't hurt you.
Your mother was not as bad as I understand why you might think she was, but she wasn't.
You remind me so much of your mother. I don't remember if I've ever told you that before, have I?

and another highly contrived ("Katarina Rostova").
I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent.
There was a time in my life when I was quite sure I knew exactly what happened to Katarina Rostova.
Katarina Rostova was the cleverest, most resourceful woman I have ever known.
Katarina Rostova was a name that had been lost to history.
Katarina Rostova committed suicide in 1990.
Even saying the name Katarina Rostova has consequences, and now you see. Now you see what that name will make others do.
He has never referred to Katarina, when talking to Liz as just "Katarina", always as "your mother" or "Katarina Rostova."
And that spells that when it comes to Liz's maternal situation there is something hidden. Put it together with the charade and the coyness of the CIA around her, and is clear. The situation is not as simple as Liz's biological mother is Dom's daughter.


The most intriguing thing Red has said about her is saying she is a ghost with no name:
RED TO THE TASK FORCE: She doesn't have a name. She's a ghost. Think of a name, any name, and that could be it.
And that seem to go with saying that he knew Liz's mother as "Katarina Rostova", one of her many names.
Everyone is more guarded around her. She is "our friend in Paris," "her", or "that woman":
DOM: Tell me what she said. Not your interpretation, her exact words.
RED: I'm not interpreting anything. She's coming for you, and she made it very clear she's closing in.... She knows you tried to kill her, Dom. She wants answers, but she also wants revenge. You set her up, betrayed her
It is interesting to note that not once has Ilya referred to Fakerina by name, to her, or to Red:
ILYA ABOUT FAKERINA: Our friend in Paris made a series of payments to him under the alias of Constance Drucker.
ILYA ABOUT FAKERINA: I underestimated her.
What is very interesting is what happens with Motya Morozov, who obviously knows Fakerina is not the right "Katarina" to bring:
RED: It's about the Townsend Directive. I understand it's been reactivated that you and everyone else who bought in are actively hunting for her.
MOTYA: Forget about The Directive. Forget about Katarina Rostova*. I'm not gonna help you find her. I'm gonna hunt her down, and I'm gonna kill her myself.*
RED: I guess we know who's third. I instructed you to contact me the instant you had a location on Rostova*.* ... I assume you found the lead on Katarina but, instead of calling me, attempted to bring her in yourself, hoping to relive your glory days and sell her to the highest bidder to keep you rolling in potato vodka and herring for the rest of your life. You're not the first one to underestimate that woman, which is why it was imperative that you call me.
MOTYA: There is silver lining.
RED: I can't imagine.
MOTYA: This one was with Rostova. Sold her information, but he wouldn't tell me what.
so for Motya, "Katarina Rostova" is who he is hunting, and "Rostova" is Fakerina who has information Motya wants to get to "Katarina". Red, like Motya, underestimated Fakerina. For Red "Katarina" is Dom's daughter. Even though he called Fakerina "Katarina" in Paris and when he talks to Patrick Masuda. But she was using the name Constance Drucker.
RED TO PATRICK MASUDA: What I got to do is understand why Katarina Rostova would pay to cure you of a fatal blood disease.
It comes to a boil when Liz point blank asks Red:
LIZ: Can I ask you a question? ... Was the woman from Paris my mother?
RED: A kindly woman comes into your life and takes an interest in you and your child. It's only natural for you to make that wish.
LIZ: Was it her?
RED: I know you don't want it to be true, Elizabeth, but your mother is gone.
What seems to me is that Red does not answer. Not really. Liz is asking a simple, direct question: "Was the woman from Paris my mother?.. Was it her?" The normal simple and direct answer is yes, or no. But that is not what Red answers: "your mother is gone." which is neither here, nor there. He is not denying that this woman is her mother, he is telling her that her mother is gone, and that would be simple for a simple, binary option. For most, the woman who gives birth to a child and raises the child is the mother, and the answer is binary. But if someone has more than one mother, it is not a binary question. One mother may be gone, and the other may have been one that was there. He is clearer the next time he addresses the issue:
RED: ...your desire for the woman in Paris to be your mother blinded you to the fact that she wasn't.
LIZ: It wasn't just my desire.
RED: So she told you she was Katarina?
LIZ: She did. And it's difficult for me to believe she wasn't.
RED: I was convinced my casket was authentic. It was nearly impossible for me to believe it wasn't. But it was a fake. And she was, too.
and we should ALWAYS remember the initial subterfuge when it comes to who Liz's mother started the very first time her name is mentioned.
RED: Mmmh I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent.
this HAS to mean something, because Red knows Katarina's name, her real last name, because he knows who Dom is, he knows her cover husband, the one nobody talked about, as if he did not exist. But Red does not seem to know Fakerina's real name.
And how does Fakerina refers to Dom's daughter?
On the day you learned Katarina Rostova was still alive.
At least Fakerina believes that Ilya knows Katarina, Dom's daughter, as "Katarina Rostova." Fakerina believes Ilya's real name is Ilya Koslov, and she seems to believe Red is Raymond Reddington.
Edited to correct typo
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Popularity of Binaries

Are binary options popular? I've been doing some digging, and i dont see as much excitement around them as traditional stock trading. Why is that? Are they a Scam?
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Advanced "Avoid Tolls" Options

I don't know where to send in feature requests for Tesla vehicles, so I'll just post this here and hope it gets enough upvotes or something that someone at Tesla sees it:
Rather than having "Avoid Tolls" in navigation a binary option, I would really appreciate an ability to set thresholds on time and money. For example, I don't want to pay a toll if it's only going to save me one minute.
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Gender Poll

I've been reading through comments in this subreddit for a while and noticed that the majority of people are male, especially among INTJs (me type). That might explain why I often find myself disagreeing with some of those comments, seeing as experiences between the genders most likely differ. However, this poll is open for all types, not just INTJs.
Edit: I realise I haven't included the non-binary option, which was completely accidental. I'm not able to change the poll right now but, to everyone I've offended, please consider my apologies!

View Poll
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Will Currency offer any options trading?

Since this exchange has close to every possible trading pair, stocks, bonds and commodities, will we even see binary options that we can trade?
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1xbet: Global scam, piracy, fraud and money laundering!

This may come of no surprise to some, but I'm here to discuss and expose the company (and it's plethora of aliases) known as
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Their only method of support is an email address which consists of one line replies, no agent names, and inconsistent messages.

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Delving further into this company, there is no information on staff, management or headquarters.

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How this company is able to continue to operate in this illicit manner, without regulations, accountability and absolute disregard to consumers and the law is a complete disgrace.
Please feel free to discuss this further and share any additional information!
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Weekly Wrap: This Week In Chainlink June 27 - July 5

Weekly Wrap: This Week In Chainlink June 27 - July 5
Weekly Wrap: This Week In Chainlink June 27 - July 5

Announcements and Integrations 🎉

Developers can now use Chainlink's Fast Gas/Gwei Price Reference Feed for a decentralized on-chain source of the current fast gas price on Ethereum. Referencing Chainlink's fast gas price at the point of execution ensures users don't overpay for gas.
One of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi Global is making its exchange data available to smart contracts through the Chainlink Network. Additionally, Huobi Wallet is currently running a live Chainlink Node.
Bullionix, a dApp for minting 3D gold-staked NFTs, has successfully integrated Chainlink's XAU/USD Price Reference Feed into their system. This provides Bullionix with a highly reliable & manipulation resistant gold price for tracking the gold market.
Gelato Network, a protocol for automating dApps, is live on mainnet using Chainlink's Fast Gas/Gwei Price Reference Data. Gelato applies the fast gas price at the point of contract maturity, ensuring users pay the fair market price & can control gas costs.
NFT-focused Polyient Games is integrating Chainlink VRF to assure transparency for the minting and random distribution of PGFK rewards—a membership NFT that provides lifetime rewards & perks to holders within the Polyient Games Ecosystem.
Cargo.Build, the all-in-one NFT platform for developers, artists, and collectors, is integrating Chainlink VRF to offer highly scalable white-labeled NFT minting services to enterprise game companies.

Featured Videos & Educational Pieces 🎥

Join the Bancor team and Chainlink for a video Q&A with Nate Hindman (Head of Growth), Asaf Shachaf (Head of Product) of Bancor. The discussion will be centered on Bancor's integration with Chainlink and a deep-dive into Bancor V2.

In our first DeFi series article, we take a deeper look into automated market maker (AMM) based decentralized exchanges (DEX) and how Chainlink oracles are used in @Bancor's V2 release to help resolve the problem of impermanent loss for volatile assets.

Ecosystem & Community Celebrations 👏

Upcoming Events 📅

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By finding binary options experts who know the push and have themselves made a profit, you can confidently endorse on advice from them even if knowing that they will not directly in addition to from your gains or losses.

When looking for binary options experts, come happening by now the money for a appreciative admission period to research their records and check into any credentials they may have. But be ware, because of the popularity of the binary options trading make public, there are people out there who are claiming to be experts even even though they really aren't. Following their advise could cause you to profit into financial insult.

Another important note is that even experts who have been trading binary options successfully for years are human and can yet make mistakes. Plus, they may have a pleasurable bargain of the market, but the apportion facilitate to is always changing which means there's no extension for anybody to predict following 100% accuracy which meting out the push will tilt.

Develop Your Own Strategy

By staying informed a propos current way of creature trends and learning altogether you can from binary options experts and third-party websites, you can begin to produce your own strategy for trading binary options. Although at the coming on it may be more beneficial to you to closely follow the government of various industry experts, as you learn and grow in your abilities, it's important that you become more confident in your trading skills and begin to trust your instincts more.

When developing your own strategy, recall that you yearning to fabricate a strategy that is easy, easy-to-put going on as soon as, and bendable to any concern. While many broker websites may lay out profound strategies for you to follow, the best strategies are easy and in the before now-door to to use. Overly complicating strategies can actually gain to bad decisions in the past trading binary options is fairly possible.

It is also important to be determined that your strategy is busy, for that excuse that you can fine-tune it as the calm changes and make adjustments as needed to colossal it for you. Remember that the heavens can be volatile, as a consequences even the best strategy is going to lose now and later. What is more important is that you locate one that allows you to win consistently.


When learning binary options and maddening to figure out the best mannerism for you to make child support, make unmodified that you don't add to yourself too skinny. When it comes to binary options, there are a number of unorthodox trades that you can make depending about speaking expiry time and what you are trading whether it's commodities, currency pairs, assets, or stocks. Find something that works for you and attach behind than it. Different expiry grow pass and options require interchange strategies, so it's best to choose just a few things and discharge loyalty when those.

One of the reasons to commentator following a mortify number of trading options is that you can more easily make a attainment of research on that marginal and watch it more to the side of. Effective binary options traders usually focus unaccompanied upon one or two assets and they along in addition to to know them in fact gone ease.

In cumulative, by focusing upon a single asset it is much easier to follow news stories and recommend relevant to the asset, Eventually you'll learn to use current events and changes in the global economy to predict where your particular asset is headed.

Choosing a strong source for your binary options trading advice is the first and, arguably, the most important step in beast expertly-to-take effect behind it comes to binary options trading.
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Is binary options a scam?

I've read nothing but people saying that binary options you only lose money but im seeing people making 2-3k a day with binary options. How do you guys feel about BO? Do you have any experience with it?
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Actual My Next Life as a Villainess gender poll!

Someone made one but didn't include a non-binary option, so here's a poll that includes ALL Bakarina fans instead of just some!
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binary options trading

The vfxAlert software provides a full range of analytical tools online, a convenient interface for working in the broker’s trading platform. In one working window, we show the most necessary data in order to correctly assess the situation on the market. The vfxAlert software includes direct binary signals, online charts, trend indicator, market news, the ability to work with any broker. Also for our subscribers, we offer services for sending signals to telegram messenger and additional analytical and statistical information. You can use binary options signals online, in a browser window, without downloading the vfxAlert application.
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Binary Options Trading for Beginners - Simple Step by Step Binary Options Tutorial BEST BINARY OPTIONS STRATEGY IN 2020  MORE THAN 1 BEST STRATEGIES? Beginners Can Become Sultan !This Way -100% Real Stratgy  Awesome Oscillator  Binary options 2020 BEST 1 MINUTE STRATEGY FOR BINARY OPTIONS IN 2020? Best Binary Options Trading Strategy - Risk Free - Very Profitable

Binoption - Learn Binary Options Trading - Trade Binary Options Online - Be Successful Trader Why Binoption is a recommended binary options trading site for all binary traders? It is heartwarming to mention that we always encourage our binary options traders to succeed in trading by spending more time to learn and acquire adequate knowledge. Hi Friends !sharing with you their trade statistics according to the strategy "Scalping About" Binary Options for 20.06 on Wednesday, I started trading after lunch using two currency pairs EUR-USD and GBP-USD timeframe 5M trading time from 13.00 to 18: 00 time zone +7 UTC for analysis today, GBP-USD pair worked particularly well in less than 4 hours of trading... The current bid and offer are $74.00 and $80.00, respectively. If you think the index will be above $3,784 at 11 a.m., you buy the binary option at $80, or place a bid at a lower price and hope Binary options are a form of financial trading that involves a fixed amount of pay-off or nothing. That’s why it is called binary options anyway. It is either a 1/0 or Yes/No. There is no other option between. The trading is normally carried out online. The online trade is enabled by binary options traders. Statistics are available for 6 working timeframes and for options with a validity period of 1, 5, 15 minutes. This tool works great when there is a certain trend in the market. In conditions when the market is in the process of change, the new data will replace the old ones, but for medium-term options, it will take only a few days.

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Binary Options Trading for Beginners - Simple Step by Step Binary Options Tutorial

EASY 1 MINUTE STRATEGY PART 2 BEST 1 MINUTE STRATEGY FOR BINARY OPTIONS 2020 - Duration: 10:56. BLW Online Trading 2,776 views. 10:56. FOREX VS BINARY OPTIONS 2020! - Duration: 17:31. Binary Options Strategy 2020 100% WIN GUARANTEED - Deposit $10 Whitdraw $1,530.79 -Trading in Real ... HOW TO GET THE FXXTOOL PRO 1.4.0 SIGNALS FOR FREE - REVIEW SUCCESS TRADING 90% ACCURATE ... Binary Options Trading for Beginners - Simple Step by Step Binary Options Tutorial ... The cost of a binary would be between $0 and $100, and also only like in different markets, there's no are a ... how to trade binary options most profitable binary options trading strategy+binary option trading system+how to trade binary option+binary options review+binary options tutorials+binary options ... This video shows how to formulate relational/logical constraints using binary or 0-1 integer variables: **Mutually Exclusive **Multiple Choice **Contingent or Conditional **Co-requisite **k out of ...

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